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Best Kodi 20 Builds in June 2024

This article will discuss the best Kodi Nexus Builds that are working in June 2024. Most of the Builds mentioned here also support the Kodi 19 Matrix.

All Kodi 20.5 Builds mentioned here have different addons, layouts, repositories, themes, and sizes. Moreover, you can easily download the Build with a single click from the repository URL.

Why Specific Builds for Kodi 20?

Online search results are flooded by thousands of Kodi Builds for Kodii 20. Unfortunately, 1% of them are working. Even the bigger websites like VPNMentor.com and Troypoint.com have mentioned outdated Builds, still, they mention that they are the best Kodi Builds.

I have taken the time and personally tested hundreds of Builds and here I have mentioned the only Builds that are practically working with Kodi 20. You should know which Builds work with Kodi 20 otherwise, you will try to install a Build and finally end up with an installation error or log error. So, here is the list.

Diggz Chef Wizard Builds

The Diggz Chef Wizard Builds allow users to watch the Latest Movies, Episodes, Popular Series, Live Sports, Channels, Replays and more.

In addition, the Build has a pre-configured setup that includes a collection of add-ons, skins, themes, settings, and customizations. Besides that, the Build contains top add-ons like The Promise, Magic Dragon, The Crew, Homelander, etc.

Repository Name: Diggz Wizard Repository
Repository URL: https://diggz1.me/diggzrepo/


Superman is a new Kodi Build where you can find many options like TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Live, Settings, Power, and Addons.

Superman Build offers both VoD and Live content with easy-to-use options. Some of the working add-ons of Superman Build are Shadow, Fen, Asgard, Mad Titan, and Ghost.

Estuary Switch

The Estuary Switch Build is a Kodi build based on the Estuary skin, which is the default skin for Kodi. It offers a user-friendly and visually appealing interface by modifying and customizing the Estuary skin.

Additionally, the Build offers a variety of add-ons for streaming movies and TV shows, accessing live TV channels, listening to music, and more. Some of the best add-ons are The Loop, The Crew, Mad Titan Sports, and, Sport HD.

How to Install Estuary Switch Kodi Build

Repository Name: 7o9 Repository
Repository URL: https://zaxxon709.github.io/repo

Green Monster

Green Monster is a popular Kodi 20 Nexus Build of The Crew Wizard that contains a large collection of Movies and TV Series. You can install this Build on Firestick (Lite, 4K, 4K Max), iOS, macOS, tvOS, Android and Windows devices.

The positive side of the Build is that cord-cutters can personalize it by selecting different backgrounds, changing colors, and adjusting various settings according to their choice.

It also includes useful features like maintenance tools, weather widgets, and program shortcuts.

How to Install Green Monster Kodi Build

Repository Name: The Crew Wizard Repository
Repository URL: https://team-crew.github.io

Red Wizard

Red Wizard offers several lightweight Kodi 20 Builds that are light in size. These Builds offer Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Sports. Like other Builds, Red Wizard Builds contains a smooth user interface that makes navigation simple.

Moreover, Red Wizard Builds work well with all Kodi-supported devices including, Amazon Firestick (Lite, 4K, Max), Android TV box, Roku, Google Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, etc.

How to Install Red Wizard Kodi Builds

Repository Name: OneAlliance Reborn Repository
Repository URL: https://repo.1ar.cc


Serenity is also the latest Build of the 7o9 Repository that supports the Kodi 20 Nexus version. Using it, you can stream Movies and TV Shows from popular streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, etc.

Also, the Build enables you to filter the content according to genres, trending, keywords, most watched, and most played. Moreover, you can integrate the Serenity Build easily into Real Debrid, and Premiumize for a HD streaming experience.

How to Install Serenity Kodi Build

Repository Name: 7o9 Repository
Repository URL: https://zaxxon709.github.io/repo


Franks is a working Build in the list of best Nexus Builds to stream Movies, TV Series, and Live TV. Apart from that it also covers many sports categories like NBA, NHL, NFL, Cricket, MLB, WWE, UFC/MMA, and Boxing.

Here, you can watch all streaming content freely in high HD quality. Also, the Build includes various preloaded addons for download, i.e., Seren, Homelander, Umbrella, SportHD, Fen, Ghost, and Mad Titan.

How to Install Franks Kodi Build

Repository Name: Funstersplace Repository
Repository URL: https://funstersplace.net/funs


Decades is another best Kodi 20 Nexus Builds that you can download from the Grindhouse Wizard. Here, you can find a large library of streaming content related to Kids, Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Sports, Documentaries, Music, and Stand-up Comedy.

Another great point is that you can integrate Trakt with Decades Kodi Build to personalize your streaming experience. Some of the Decades alternatives are F19, Spaced Out, and, Cityscapes.

Repository Name: Grindhouse Repository
Repository URL: http://grindhousekodi.us/repo/


Nemorosum is another lightweight Kodi Nexus Build where you can stream videos from categories such as Movies, Sports, TV Series, Music, and Documentaries.

Also, this Build offers a lot of streaming links for streaming Movies, TV Shows, Sports, and Documentaries. It is a great Kodi Build for Firestick (4K, Max, Lite) and FireTV Cube.

How to install Nemorosum Kodi Build

Repository Name: Funstersplace Repository
Repository URL: https://funstersplace.net/funs

Diggz Xenon

Diggz Xenon is an attractive Kodi Build that contains some exceptional Builds and addons for streaming Movies and TV shows. With the Build, you can stream almost all content categories, including Movies, Kids, Sports, Music, TV Shows, Web Series, and, Anime.

The good news is that you can install Diggz Xenon on both Kodi Nexus and Kodi Matrix. Diggz Xenon is a huge Build and contains a lot of popular add-ons like Scrubs, Asgard4KRising TidesMagic Dragon, Falcon, Homelander, Aerial, Pluto TV, The CrewTempTVSTIRRTubiTV, etc. 

How to install Diggz Xenon Build

Repository Name: Diggz Matrix Repository
Repository URL: http://diggz1.me/diggzrepo

The Blaze

The Blaze is the best Kodi 20.5 Nexus Build due to its attractive interface and well-organized content. It has many content genres to stream, like Movies, Sports, Live TV Shows, Cartoons, and Kids’ Shows.

In addition, the Build has many popular Kodi add-ons like Asgard, The Crew, Shadow, and Odin.

The Blaze Build works on Kodi installed on Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and Linux-based devices.

How to install The Blaze Kodi Build

Repository Name: Blazing Streams Repository
Repository URL: http://blazinstreams.com/wiz


OneFlix is the popular Build where you can stream unlimited Movies and TV Shows. Also, the Build contains various subcategories to sort the content according to Popular, Trending, and, Year wise.

You can find OneFlix Build on 7o9Wizard which has other quality Builds like Xlite, Xlite Plus, Klix, Klix Free, Infinity, and, Serenity.

How to install OneFlix Kodi Build

Repository Name: 7o9Wizard Repository
Repository URL: https://zaxxon709.github.io/repo

Planet Diggz Build

Planet Diggz is the latest Kodi 20.5 Nexus Build that works on all Firestick versions. This Kodi Build is free to use and you can integrate premium services like Real-Debrid and All Debrid for fetching HD video links.

In addition, the Home page of the Build offers different categories like Trakt, TV Shows, EPG, Movies, Music, Sports, and, Kodi Library. Moreover, the Build also enables users to stream Live TV content.

How to install Planet Diggz Kodi Build

Repository Name: Diggz Repository
Repository URL: https://diggz1.me/diggzrepo 


Doomzday Wizard Builds offers various streaming categories like Action, Adventure, Animation, Anime, Biography, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Horror, Music, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, Sports, Thriller, and Western.

In addition, the theme of the Build is designed in a unique way that gives you a good Kodi experience. Moreover, the Build contains many top add-ons like Rising Tides, The Crew, Asgard, Homelander, Apex Sports, Centry Sports, Fights On Demand, and, Mad Titan Sports.

How to install Doomzday Kodi Build

Repository Name: Doomzday Wizard Repository
Repository URL: https://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday

Grindhouse Wizard Builds

Grindhouse Wizard has good Builds that work on both Kodi 20.5 Nexus and Kodi 19 Matrix. Also, Grindhouse Wizard Builds have various quality addons to install like Patriot, Black Lightning, Asgard, and, The Crew.

How to install Grindhouse Build

Repository Name: Grindhouse Wizard Repository
Repository URL: http://grindhousekodi.us/repo/

The Crew Wizard Build

The Crew Wizard Build is next on the list of Best Kodi 20.5 Nexus Builds that offer a wide collection of add-ons. Some of the best add-ons are The Magic Dragon, Chains Reaction Lite, Galifrey, etc.

In addition, the Build has various categories like Sports, Movies, Kids, TV Shows, IPTV, Addons, etc. Moreover, inside The Crew Wizard, you can also find other Builds like CrewMinent, Crewzion, Green Monster, and, Crews Odyssey.

How to install TheCrew Wizard

Repository Name: The Crew Wizard Repository
Repository URL: https://team-crew.github.io

Aspire Build

Aspire is a great Kodi 20.5 Build which is sized around 200MB. On its dashboard, you can find different sections like Add-ons, Apps, Fav, Movies, System, TV Shows, and, Wizard.

Additionally, the interface of the Build is easy to navigate and the layout also looks good. Apart from that, some of the working add-ons of the Build are Chains, Magic Dragon, Base 19, Asgard, Schwifty, HomelanderGhost, The EndZone, Odin, and Centry Sports.

How to install Aspire Kodi Build

Repository Name: Doomzday Wizard Repository
Repository URL: https://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday

Plutonium Build

Plutonium is another Kodi 20.5 Build of EzzarMacs Wizard where you can find various streaming categories like Sports, Movies, Live TV, etc.

It has many popular add-ons like Asgard, Patriot, Shadow, Magic Dragon, and, Black Lightning. It is a small size Build with a size of 150MB.

How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build

Repository Name: Ezzar Macs Wizard Repository
Repository URL: http://ezzer-mac.com/repo

Chains Wizard Kodi Builds

Chains Wizard has a lot of great Kodi Nexus Builds that have an attractive interface and layout. Its main page has various options including TV Shows, Crew, Movies, Chains, and, Genocide.

Moreover, the Wizard has various inbuilt add-ons like Chains Reaction Lite, and, The Crew. In addition, you can install the Build on almost all platforms including Firestick, Smartphones, Windows, iOS, Android, etc.

How to install Chains Wizard

Repository Name: The Crew Wizard Repository
Repository URL: https://team-crew.github.io

CMan Wizard Build

CMan Wizard is a great option to use because it has many Nexus Builds like Simplex, Edge, Resurrection, Nitro, and, Mad Dragon.

Some of the best streaming categories of the Build are TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Kids, and, Music. Popular add-ons of the Build are Homelander, Odin, KodiVerse, and, Shadow.

How to install cMan Wizard Builds

Repository Name: cMan Wizard
Repository URL: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo


What are Kodi 20.5 builds?

Kodi 20.5 builds are the Kodi packages that are pre-configured with add-ons and skins. There you can stream sports, movies, TV shows, Live TV, music, anime, etc.

Are Kodi 20.5 builds legal?

Yes, Kodi 20.5 builds are legal but a few Builds might not be. So, you should ensure that the source of the Kodi Build is trusted. You can do so by scanning the repository URL at www.virustotal.com. Also, users must ensure that the add-on they stream should be legal in their region.

How can I install Kodi 20.5 builds?

The process to install Kodi 20.5 Builds is pretty simple. First, add the source, install the repository, and then from the repository install the Build. Our website is full of installation guides for every popular Kodi Build.

Are Kodi 20.5 Builds safe?

Kodi 20.5 Builds are generally safe, but users must use a good antivirus and a good VPN before streaming on Kodi Builds.

What are some popular Kodi 20.5 Builds?

Some popular Kodi 20.5 Builds include No Limits Magic, Aspire, Green Monster, and Diggz Xenon Build.

Can I customize Kodi 20.5 Builds?

Yes, most Kodi 20.5 Builds allow for customization, including changing the skin, adding or removing add-ons, and adjusting settings.

Final Words

We have listed above the best Kodi 20.5 Nexus Builds with multiple content categories, attractive layouts, and pre-loaded add-ons. So, try to install these Builds on your device and share your experience in the comment section.

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