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Best Kodi Builds (December 2022): Working Without Buffering

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This article will discuss the best Kodi Builds in December 2022 that are working with Firestick (4K, Lite), Android, PC, iOS, tvOS, macOS, Raspberry Pi, IPTV, Xbox One, and other Kodi-compatible devices. The list contains the latest Builds that work on Kodi 19.4 Matrix and Kodi 18.1 – 18.9 Leia.

We have prepared an updated list of Kodi 20 Builds, and Kodi 19 Matrix Builds that work without any buffering on Kodi.

Know Kodi Builds Essentials

Kodi Build combines the best Kodi add-ons you can install simultaneously without a separate add-on.

In this guide, I have included topics like “Best Kodi Builds for Firestick“, “Updated list of best Kodi Builds in 2022“, and “How to use Kodi Builds?“.

We have a list of the Kodi Builds containing popular Kodi addons that work perfectly. The benefit of using a Kodi Build over an add-on is that Kodi Builds occupy a small space, and a single Build contains multiple Kodi add-ons. Therefore, you only need to download the Build and install it on your device.

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“Kodi Builds” allows users to stream unlimited movies, TV shows, Live TV, Web Series, News, and Sports channels.

Furthermore, you have many options and settings to personalize Kodi per your streaming needs.

Finding the best Kodi addons is time-consuming because you must research a lot. Therefore, Kodi Builds takes over the job and solve this Kodi problem.

Installing a Kodi Build on Firestick is a simple solution to instantly download and stream online content.

35+ Best Kodi Builds (Updated in December 2022)

Each Kodi Build mentioned below is better than another Build in some way. So, it is your choice which one you like the most. But please do tell us which one you liked the most.

Finally, here is the list of the best Kodi Builds for Firestick (4K & Lite), Nvidia Shield TV Pro, Amazon Fire TV Cube, Google Chromecast, Xbox One X, MINIX NEO U9-H Raspberry Pi, Turewell T9, Mecool MK9 Pro, and other Kodi supported devices.

The following list of Kodi Builds is based on their features, performance, and popularity. I am sure you will have a better streaming experience with these Builds.


Aspire is the best Kodi Build that belongs to the Doomzday Repository. Here, you can find content genres like Movie Hub, Net free, All-Stars, TV Guide, Kidz, TV Room, and Sports. Moreover, this Kodi Build works with top add-ons like DejaVu, Numbers, Chains Sinisters, Rising Tides, and Asgard.

Aspire Kodi Build

How to Install Aspire Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – 19.4
Repository URLhttps://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday/

Diggz Xenon

The Diggz Xenon Build is a new Kodi Build perfect for users who want to install Kodi on Firestick, Roku, Raspberry Pi, Android TV boxes, Mobile, or Windows. Xenon Build works exceptionally well on all devices. In addition, Diggz Xenon has a user-friendly interface like other popular Kodi Builds.

Currently, Xenon is one of the most popular Kodi Builds in 2022. If I talk more, Diggz Xenon is among the top 10 Kodi Builds. It’s the best because it has many features – Easy to use, a user-friendly interface, and moderate size. So these features make this Build an excellent choice for all your streaming devices.

The Build has an easy layout with the main menu and sub-menu panels on the main screen. The main menu offers various streaming categories like Movies, TV Shows, Kids Zone, Sports, Music, etc.

Diggz Xenon Build features popular video add-ons to get streaming sources like Asgard4KRising TidesMagic Dragon, Falcon, Homelander, Aerial, Pluto TV, The CrewTempTVSTIRRTubiTV, Youtube, etc. You can see all Diggz add-ons by clicking on the movies tab from the menu.

Diggz Xenon is one of the famous Kodi Builds to work on any streaming device, including the Amazon Firestick.

Diggz Xenon Kodi Build

How to Install Diggz Xenon Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 18.9 Leia
Repository URLhttp://grumpeh.aion.feralhosting.com/repo/

Nova TV

Nova TV Kodi Build belongs to one of the popular Kodi repositories, i.e., the Doomzday repository. Like other popular Kodi Builds, Nova TV Build works well on Firestick (Lite + 4K), mac, iOS, Kodi Boxes, and other supported devices.

The Bad news is that Nova TV Build does not work with Kodi 19.4 Matrix. When you try to install this Build, you will get the error “Invalid zip URL”. However, it works on Kodi 18 Leia perfectly. For getting HD links, you may integrate Real-Debrid on Kodi.

Nova TV Kodi Build

How to install Nova TV Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 19 Matrix
Repository URLhttps://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday/

No Limits Magic Build

No limits magic Build is the most useful Kodi Build. Most Kodi users put this Build on top of the Kodi Builds list. In addition, the survey says No Limits Magic Build is the most downloaded Kodi Build after Diggz Xenon.

Leading in the top Builds, No Limits Magic Build is easy to use and has many working Kodi add-ons, making it popular and on top of our best Kodi Builds list. It is essential to mention that No Limits Build has been one of the working Kodi Builds for a long time.

No Limits Magic Build offers many high-quality video add-ons such as The Magic DragonExodus Redux, cCloud TV, Champion Sports, Covenant, DC Sports, Death Streams, SportsDevil, UK Turk Playlists, etc. Another good news is that No Limits works well even without Real-Debrid.

After thorough research, I found that no limits magic Build has active developers team behind it who always keep it updated with new and working addons for PC/Android/Raspberry Pi devices.

No Limits Magic Build

How to install No Limits Magic Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 18.9 Leia
Repository URLhttps://www.nolimitswiz.appboxes.co


Luxray is the new Kodi Build that belongs to the Stream Digital Wizard. Users can easily integrate Real-Debrid with Luxray Build. However, users can stream without Real-Debrid, but they won’t have HD links. In addition, the Build has an attractive font, color, background, layout, and the latest features.

Luxray Build offers various streaming genres like TV Shows, Movies, Kids, Docs, and Sports. Moreover, some popular working addons of the Build are Mad Titan Sports and, The Crew.

Luxray Kodi Build

How to install Luxray Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 19
Repository URLhttp://sdwteam.com/wiz

Green Monster

Green Monster Kodi Build is gaining popularity day by day. It is an attractive Build from the Narcacist Repository. The Build has ultimate features like a beautiful interface, popular Kodi addons, etc.

Another critical point is that Green Monster gets integrated with Real-Debrid perfectly and offers Full HD high-quality links, which amplifies the streaming experience on Kodi.

Like other popular Kodi Builds, Green Monster has many categories like TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Power, Debrid, System, Variety, Kids, etc.

Green Monster Build has the best Kodi addons like NumbersThe CrewSeren, Shadow, SkyNet, Asgard, Ghost, FEN, etc.

As per Virustotal and Any.run, the Green Monster repository is safe to use as there is no malware inside the repository. But to protect your privacy, I strongly recommend using a VPN that is extremely fast and secure.

Green Monster Kodi build

How to install Green Monster Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 19.3 – 19.4 (Matrix)
Repository URLhttps://team-crew.github.io

Attention, Cord-cutters!

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No worries, there is a foolproof way.

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Misfit Mods

Misfit Mods is the top Kodi Build for Firestick in 2022 and the most attractive Build for Kodi users. This Kodi Build offers free streaming Music, TV Shows, Sports, Live TV, On-demand Movies, Audio, and Kids’ Shows.

It delivers content with high-speed quality without any delay.  Also, this Build has excellent add-ons like The Magic DragonDeathStarTheCrew, SportsDevil, TempTV, Scrubs, Rising Tides, etc.

It has an elegant and well-organized, user-friendly interface. This Build is designed using light graphics, making it perform tremendously and compatible with Android devices. It is a perfect Build for users looking for a lightweight Build for low-spec media devices, including Firestick.

The menu bar and submenu bar are tied to the top corner; however, the bottom section of the Build is occupied with the add-ons. It is well-maintained and regularly updated by the developers.

I have not seen anything going wrong with the Build. Finally, it is clear why the top Kodi Builds family owns this Build.

Misfit Mods Kodi Build

How to Install Misfit Mods Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 19 Matrix
Repository URLhttp://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo/


Grindhouse Wizard offers a new and impressive library full of content and categories. It is suitable for both Kodi 19 and Kodi 18 Leia.

It consists of many popular Kodi video add-ons, including Exodus Redux, The Magic Dragon, Aeon Nox, etc. The add-ons may vary from Build to Build but provide a decent streaming experience.

Grindhouse contains a few lightweight Kodi Builds for Firestick that will work without buffering even in 2023. However, the Grindhouse is most suitable if you are looking for a Build with many features.

Because of its several collections of quality Kodi Builds, It works great on iOS, macOS, tvOS, Android, and Raspberry Pi.

The Grindhouse Wizard collection includes several unique Builds and exciting interfaces for Kodi 18.9 Leia. In addition, there are lots of Builds for you to explore and test.

Grindhouse Kodi Build

How to Install Grindhouse Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 19 Matrix
Repository URLhttp://grindhousekodi.tk/repo


The DaButcher has a great collection of quality Kodi Builds for Kodi 18 and above versions. It provides lightweight and feature-rich Builds, including all kinds of light-loaded Kodi Build. This lightweight Build has a unique and fresh-looking interface and offers an entirely new Kodi experience.

Grindhouse Build works on almost every device, including Firestick, PC, Raspberry Pi, Roku, iOS, Mac, tvOS, etc. Further, no options like movies or sports let you start broadcasting directly from the main screen.

Dabutcher Kodi Build

How to Install DaButcher Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 18.9 Leia
Repository URLhttp://dabutcher.org/repo


DoomzDay Kodi Build has the best video quality streaming Kodi add-ons for Movies, Shows, Live TV, Sports, Kids, Documentaries, etc.

This wizard works on all kinds of Kodi-compatible devices, including Firestick and Android TV Boxes.

Doomzday Wizard contains tons of Builds for Kodi 18.1 to 18.9 Leia. Some of the top Builds are Endura, Kev’s Angels, Simplex, and Easy Rider.

These Builds have been optimized for Windows, Android, and TV devices such as Firestick. In addition, it has a dynamic team of developers who regularly update new Builds to the collection.

Overall, Doomzday is a great Kodi Build, constantly updated and well-maintained, and you must use it once.

Doomzday Kodi Build

How to Install Doomzday Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 18.9 Leia
Repository URLhttps://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday

Hard Nox

The Hard Nox Build arises from the Misfit Mods Repository. This Build provides the best streaming Kodi add-ons that are pre-loaded within it.

There are a lot of add-ons in the Misfit Mods Wizard; some of the more popular add-ons available are The Magic DragonFEN, Apocalypse 720, etc.

Movies, TV FanFavs, Music, Fitness, 24/7 Content, Popular Content, TV Shows, Kids, and Horror are the streaming categories you can easily access from the home screen. The unique thing about Hard Nox Build is its attractive look.

All in all, Hard Nox Build is one of the attractive Builds that works great on all streaming devices of Kodi, including a low-spec device such as Amazon Firestick.

Hard Nox Kodi Build

How to Install Hard Nox Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 18.9 Leia
Repository URLhttp://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo/

Atomic Matrix

It is the latest Kodi Build from the Misfit Mods repository. This repository has other popular Kodi Builds like Hard Nox and Misfit Mods Lite. It has many genres to stream, including TV series and movies. In addition, some of the quality add-ons of the Build are Asgard, The Boys, Alvin, and, TheOath.

Atomic Matrix Kodi Build

How to install Atomic Matrix Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 19 Matrix
Repository URLhttp://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo/

The Fallout 

The Fallout is another top Kodi Build from the cMan repository. Fallout contains popular Kodi add-ons like Shadow, TheOath, Alvin, and Youtube Kodi add-ons. Streaming genres in the Fallout Kodi Build include TV shows, movies, favorites, etc. Fallout Build installs add-ons from the cMaN’s wizard repository.

Fall Out Kodi Build

How to Install Fallout Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 19 Matrix
Repository URLhttp://cmanbuilds.com/repo


Smokin is a good Kodi Build from the Dabutcher repository because it has proper navigation and an easy-to-use UI. Some of its top add-ons are TheCrew and TheOath.

These video addons are Maverick TV, Yoda, Supremacy, and Exodus Redux. There are different sections, viz.1-Clicks, Favorites, TV, Movies, and Sports.

Smokin Kodi Build

How to install Smokin Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 19
Repository URLhttp://dabutcher.org/repo


GlooM is another Kodi Build within the Funstersplace Wizard that allows you to watch high-quality VOD content, including 4K and FHD. Besides that, its top genres are Sports/Live, TV Shows, Add-ons, Movies, and Search.

Gloom Kodi Build

How to install GlooM Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 18.9 & Kodi 19
Repository URLhttps://funstersplace.net/funs/

Spaced Out

Spaced Out is the best Kodi Build accessed through the Grindhouse Repo. Generally, this Repo works with the Grindhouse Build.

But, you can go for other add-ons like Mad Titan, The Magic Dragon, Kratos Reborn, Numbers, and Enigma.

Some of its top genres are TV Shows, Sports, Films, Discover, Kidzone, Music, and Tools.

Spacedout Kodi Build

How to install Spaced Out Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 18.9 & Kodi 19
Repository URLhttp://grindhousekodi.tk/repo


Kryptikz is a lightweight Kodi Build that offers fast streaming services to users. Although, this Build comes with a simple UI and attractive layout to make search easy.

It includes many top genres like TV Guide, Sports, Kids Zone, Music, Fav, and Arcade. Besides that, you can go for other add-ons like Venom, 7 of 9, The Magic Dragon, and, Rising Tides.

Kryptikz kodi build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 18.9
Repository URLhttps://www.lostkodi.appboxes.co/


Widgetry is the fantastic Kodi Build from the cMan Repository that offers the latest streaming content. The Build has an attractive UI, and users can customize it.

Widgetry has different sections for streaming movies, TV Shows, Sports, and News. Users can integrate Real-Debrid and Trakt with this Build. Also, it doesn’t contain ads in the middle of the streaming. The Build works well on Kodi installed on Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac.

Widgetry kodi Build

How to install Widgetry Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 18.9
Repository URLhttp://cmanbuilds.com/repo

Route 66

Route 66 is a lightweight, fast Kodi Build offering comparatively greater performance. The Build belongs to the Arc Wizard and works perfectly on Firestick. However, you may sometimes feel performance issues because of its heavy content and graphics.

The good news is that it has an optimized “themeless” mode for watching Movies, TV Shows, and listening to music. As a result, you can use this Build on Firestick Lite without buffering. Magic Dragon and DeathStar are the popular add-ons available in Route 66 Build.

Users can change the skin and layout to get a customized feel. Moreover, you can start streaming quickly by leveraging the properly organized content categories.

Route 66 Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 18.9 Leia
Repository URLhttp://myatom.one/arc

Innovation Colors

Innovation Colors Build is from the Kepler repository. There are two versions of Innovation Colors Build, i.e., Innovation Colors Family and Adult. Users can stream movies, documentaries, and live TV shows from the well-organized categories.

Magic Dragon and Numbers are two popular Kodi add-ons from the Innovation Colors Build. The Build does not occupy much space and has a user-friendly layout. Moreover, it offers many categories and menus to choose videos from.

Innovation Colors Kodi Build

How to install Innovation Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 18.9 Leia
Repository URLhttps://kepler-22.github.io/

Envision MQ7

Envision MQ7 Build belongs to the EzzerMacs Wizard repository and works on Kodi 18 only. You can stream Films, Live TV, Sports Events, Animes, and Documentaries hassle-free on this Build.

Envision MQ7 Build is relatively slow because there are many add-ons on this Build. So, you may remove some add-ons and keep the best add-ons only. Noteworthy to mention that Envision MQ7 has attractive and beautiful Kodi Skin.

Envision MG 7 Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 18.8 Leia
Repository URLhttp://ezzer-mac.com/repo/


Silvo Build has high-quality popular video addons that help you stream videos of your choice. This Build consists of popular addons like The Magic Dragon, DeathStar, Exodus Redux, Numbers, and other best Kodi addons.

These add-ons help you stream free Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Live TV, Music, Sports, and everything you want to find out.

Silvo Kodi Build is lightweight and works great with all popular streaming devices, including the Amazon Firesticks. In addition, this Build comes with a neat and well-organized interface that lets you access all you want.

The Silvo Kodi Build is established within the MultiBuild Wizard; therefore, experienced Kodi users and beginners quickly become familiar with it. Silvo Build works with both the versions of Kodi 18.1 to 18.9(Leia) and 17 Krypton.

It was a large Kodi Build, but now it is reduced to half the earlier size. In addition, Silvo Build offers a stable performance on Kodi.

Silvo Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 18.9 Leia
Repository URLhttp://multibuild.info/mbwiz

Alienware Build

Alienware Build is the best Kodi Build within the cMaN Repository, using top Builds like Element and Fallout. In addition, it has many genres like TV shows, movies, live news, and sports.

Other Alienware similar Builds are SportHD, Black Lightning, Free, and TheOath. Additionally, Alienware Build automatically deletes the site content data when tools are not used.

Alienware Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 19 Matrix
Repository URLhttp://cmanbuilds.com/repo


Franks is the best Kodi Build that is available on the Slamious Repository. It has many genres, like Movies, TV Shows, and All in 1. In addition, the Build has many video addons like Magic Dragon, The Crew, FEN, Seren, Ghost, and, Marauder.

Franks Kodi Build

How to Install Franks Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 18
Repository URLhttps://team-crew.github.io


Madflix is the excellent Kodi Build from the TheCrew Repository. It is a top Kodi Build with genres like Films, TV Shows, Toonz, Music, and Sports. Moreover, there are other valuable options viz—Debrid, Power, Apps, etc.

In addition, it works on top add-ons like Numbers, Seren, Ghost, Marauder, and Shadow.

Madflix Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 18.1 – Kodi 18.9
Repository URLhttps://team-crew.github.io

Breezz Lite

Breezz Lite is another top Build for Android, Firestick, and Xbox one from the Breezz repository. By default, this Build has Reddish skin; however, you can change the theme to the color of your choice if you want to.

Like other Firestick Builds, you get a user-friendly interface, properly arranged menus, and decent color-changing options. It is a good choice as a Firestick Build for Kodi because Breez Lite works seamlessly without buffering.

Breezz Lite Build

Works With: Kodi 19 & 18
Repository URL: http://breezz1.com/repo/


CrewNique is another top Kodi Builds for firestick even in 2022 because of its top streaming categories like Movies, Kids, TV Shows, Sports, Ghosts, etc. These streaming categories contain top-class high-quality content.

CrewNique is worth mentioning build in this list. You can get this build from the TheCrew repository using the URL https://team-crew.github.io. Most of all, this Build supports Real Debrid, a premium streaming service.

Crewnique Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 19 & 18
Repository URL: https://team-crew.github.io


BMC(Badazz Media Center) is a well-known Kodi build with an attractive user interface and working add-ons. It has different sections to explore, like TV Shows, Sports, Movies, Kids Club, Sports Zone, TV Guide, Wolf Fam, The Sounds, and Cool Stuff. You can find this Build on Where The Monster’s Live Repository.

Here, you can find various Kodi add-ons like Wolfpack, FEN, ClickSville, Kingdom, Rising Tides, The Loop, Venom, Magic Dragon, Catch Up TV, Seren, Sportowa TV, etc. Moreover, you can install the Kodi Build on Android TV, Firestick, and Mac platforms. 

BMC Kodi Build

How to Install BMC Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 19 & 18
Repository URL: https://www.midian.appboxes.co/repo/


Plutonium is the lightweight Kodi Build that works on many platforms, including Android TV Box, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, and Amazon Firestick.

Moreover, it hardly takes space of around 140 MB for installation. So, you can enjoy almost all categories of Movies, Sports, and Live TV Shows in high HD quality.

In addition, the Build belongs to the unofficial EzzerMacs Repository. Besides that, the supportable addons of Plutonium are Asgard, Magic Dragon, Shadow, Black Lightning, and Patriot.

Plutonium Kodi Build

Works With: Kodi 19
Repository URL: http://ezzer-mac.com/repo

Ezzar Macs

Ezzar Macs Wizard supports multiple Builds within Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix. This Build lies on the Ezzar Macs Wizard Repository. Here, you can look for various streaming genres like TV Shows, Kids’ Shows, Movies, and Music.

It is good to install the Build if you want a lightweight platform consisting of various add-ons. These add-ons are The Crew, Mad Titan Sports, Asgard, Odin, and Magic Dragon.

Ezzar Macs Build

Works With: Kodi 19 & 18
Repository URL: http://ezzer-mac.com/repo


If you are searching for HD streaming links with quality add-ons like Asgard and The Loop, you can go for Simplex Kodi Build. It offers various streaming options like Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Docs, and Sports. Also, the Build belongs to well known cMaN Wizard Repository.

Simplex Build

Works With: Kodi 19
Repository URL: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo


Transcendent Kodi Build is available on the cMaN Wizard Repository. It has various streaming genres, including Movies, Kids, TV Shows, Sports, and, Live TV. You can also use it with other devices like Firestick, Android TV Box, and Fire TV.

Transcendent Build

Works With: Kodi 19
Repository URL: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo

Mad Dragon

Mad Dragon is the latest Build with a collection of top Kodi addons. In addition, it has various navigating options like Dungeon, Duel, Cave, Settings, Wizard, Dwelling, and Lair.

Like the Transcendent Build, Mad Dragon is available on the cMaN Wizard Repository. In addition, you can install the Build on different platforms like Android TV Box, Firestick, FireTV, and Nvidia Shield.

Mad Dragon

Works With: Kodi 19
Repository URL: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo/


WTFractual is the another Kodi Build inside the Doomzday Repository. Here, you can stream a variety of categories like TV Shows, Movies, Music, Sports, and Live TV. Besides that, it has a long list of popular add-ons: The Promise, Chains, Asgard, and Nightwing.

WTFractual Build

Works With: Kodi 19
Repository URL: https://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday


Astruary is also the newest Build that belongs to the Ghetto Astronaut Repository. You can install the Build on Android and Firestick devices safely. Some of its top categories are Kids Zone, TV Shows, Movies, Favourites, Sports, Search, Addons, and, Wizard.

Astruary Build

Works With: Kodi 19
Repository URL: http://famdamnlyman.one/Matrix/Repo

How to Stay Safe on Kodi

To stay safe on Kodi, you should adhere to the following points:

Use a Good VPN

The first and foremost point to staying safe on Kodi is to use the best Kodi VPN before streaming on Kodi because ISP can easily track your browsing activities and location.

Moreover, any third party or hacker may steal your personal information by launching a MITM attack.

Therefore, when you use a VPN with Kodi, all your traffic goes through the encrypted tunnel, making it impossible for anyone to access it.

Scan your device

Scanning the device before and after downloading a Kodi Build with good Antivirus software is a good habit.

The antivirus will prevent the Kodi Build from carrying out malicious activity on your device. Scanning your device with an antivirus will quarantine the malicious file that a Kodi Build may contain.

Clean Up Kodi Periodically

Periodically, you must clean the Kodi cache and unwanted files that an uninstalled Build or Addon might leave in Kodi. Such unwanted files slow down the Kodi and may contain malware.

Always go for a Fresh Install

Whenever you install a Kodi Build or Addon, you should install a fresh copy because files may conflict, which may prevent the Kodi from functioning properly. Moreover, resetting the Kodi before installing any Kodi Build frees the space on your device, and Kodi works smoothly.


What is Kodi Build?

In simple words, Kodi Build is a package of Kodi addons. In a Build, developers bind many add-ons to amplify your streaming experience. Also, developers add new features to make the Kodi Build best for you.

Which is the Best Kodi Build for Firestick?

Currently, the Aspire Build is the Best Kodi Build. Recently, the Build has gained massive popularity. Parallelly, Diggz Xenon Build is the most downloaded Kodi Build.

Aspire, and Diggz Xenon Build contains popular Kodi add-ons that amplify the streaming experience.

Are Kodi Builds Illegal?

No, Kodi Builds are not illegal. However, streaming copyrighted content using a Kodi Build without consent or subscription is illegal. Hence, we always advise using a VPN for streaming on Kodi that protects your privacy.

How can I use Kodi?

You can use Kodi on different devices/platforms like Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, tvOS, Firestick, Raspberry Pi, etc. Installing and using Kodi is very simple. We have written a detailed guide on using Kodi; you may refer to that.

What is the risk of using a Kodi Build?

Some Kodi Builds may contain adware or spyware that may harm your device or steal your personal information. Hence, Always scan the Build repository using a trusted online scanner like virustotal.com.

Should I install the additional add-ons while installing a Kodi Build?

Additional add-ons contain the required compulsory features to run the Kodi Build smoothly. Therefore, you should install the additional add-ons.

How should I use Kodi Builds?

Kodi Builds are a great source of streaming content. Moreover, you can find movies, TV shows, and Sports Videos from the streaming categories.

Are Kodi Builds safe to use?

Yes, most of the popular Kodi Builds are safe to use. However, it would be best if you always scan the Build repository before installing it on your Kodi device viz. Firestick, Android TV Box, Raspberry Pi, etc.

How to watch movies on Kodi Build?

After installing the Kodi Build, you can go to categories and start streaming by selecting the content of your choice.

Does a Kodi Build work on all Kodi devices?

Yes, Kodi Builds work on almost all Kodi devices like Firestick, Google Chromecast, IPTV, Android TV Boxes, PC, Phones, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Which is the best version of Kodi for Firestick?

Currently, Kodi 18 Leia is the most stable Kodi version from the user’s point of view because most of the Kodi Builds support Kodi 18. However, 95% of the Builds work with Kodi 19 Matrix as developers have upgraded the Python code.

How can I download a Kodi Build?

To download a Kodi Build, you should know the repository path of that Build and follow the process of installing a Build/Addon.

What are the best Builds for streaming in the UK?

Aspire, No Limits Magic Build, and Diggz Xenon, are some of the top Builds that are extremely popular in the UK because these Builds offer high-quality videos without buffering. While using these Builds, you should use a good Kodi Build VPN for safe and secure streaming.

Will installing a new Kodi Build delete all existing add-ons?

Yes, sometimes all your Kodi addons might get deleted when you install any new Kodi Build on your device.

Although, developers provide the settings to keep the Addons safe. But not every Build contains these settings. So, a backup before installing the Kodi Build is a good option.

Is there any way to speed up Kodi Build?

There are ways to speed up the Kodi Build, use updated tools, work on static dependency versions, convert images into WebP format, work with library modules, don’t compile unnecessary resources, and use static Build values to debug the Build.

Which is the best Build that supports Kodi 20 Nexus?

Diggz Xenon is the Build that supports the latest Kodi 20 Nexus version.

What is the size of Nova TV Build?

Nova TV Build consumes a space of more than 200MB.

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How to Install a Kodi Build Easily in Minutes

Time needed: 2 minutes.

To install a Kodi Build quickly, we can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. First, open the Kodi and click on the Settings icon.

  2. From there, find and click on the option “File Manager”.

  3. After that, click on the “Add Source” option and enter the path of the Build’s repository that you want to install.

  4. Then, click on the “Addons” option on Kodi’s home screen.

  5. Click on the “addon browser” option (An open box option).

  6. On the right pane, click “Install from zip file”.

  7. After that, click on the “Yes” button.

  8. Select the Build you want to install from the list, and click “OK” to begin the Build repository installation.

  9. A pop-up on the top right side of the screen will appear with a successful installation message.

  10. Now, using the option “Install from repository”, you can install any Kodi Build from the Build repository.

VPNs for Kodi Builds

I analyzed many VPNs in-depth using different testing tools and scripts. Finally, I found the best VPNs for Kodi Builds after thorough research.

Listed VPNs offer AES/DES 256-bit encryption (impossible to break), no logging of personal information, the fastest connection speed, and kill-switch features. Unblocking Geo-restrictions and bandwidth throttling are the basic features of the below-mentioned Kodi Build VPNs.

1. ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN for Kodi

ExpressVPN Best for Kodi
  • 3,000+ Servers worldwide
  • Available in 94 countries
  • 160+ VPN Server Location
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • All-time live chat support
  • Website:- ExpressVPN.com

ExpressVPN Latest Limited Offer December 2022:– get three months extra + 49% discount with a 12-month ExpressVPN Subscription.

2. PrivateInternetAccess – Pocket-Friendly VPN for Kodi

Best VPN for Android/Windows
  • 35430+ Servers
  • Servers in 78 Countries
  • Use on 10 devices with one subscription
  • 30-day money-back policy
  • Website:- PrivateInternetAccess.com

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Final Words

So, we have listed the top Kodi Builds working with Kodi 18.9 and earlier versions. We have written a separate article for Kodi matrix Builds working with Kodi 19. Most of the Builds are not supporting Kodi 19 because there is a change in the python version, i.e., python 2 to python 3.

So, addon developers have to move the code of their addons and Build to python 3, which may take some time. Once any new Kodi Build gets released, we update here about that latest Build.

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Finally, as a privacy advocate, I strongly recommend using ExpressVPN always while streaming online.

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