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Grindhouse Kodi Builds: How to Install on FireStick

In this guide, we will learn how to install Grindhouse Kodi builds on Firestick 4K Max, Lite, Android Box, Kodi Box, Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Shield Pro, or any Kodi-supported device.

Also, we have installed the Blue Lite Kodi build to give you more clarity. Grindhouse builds are simply great and have the best Kodi addons and builds.

Besides, Grindhouse offers many streaming options like Videos, TV Shows, Movies, Games, and more. Once you install the build, I am sure you will start loving it.

Grindhouse has a huge collection of top Kodi builds wrapped in it. Most of the Grindhouse builds work with Kodi Matrix and Leia. Moreover, Grindhouse builds have a user-friendly interface and an easy navigation process.

Installation of Grindhouse Kodi Build

Let us start the installation of the Grindhouse builds without any delay.

1. Open Kodi settings by clicking on the gear icon.

Grindhouse settings

2. After that, click on System.


3. On the left pane, choose the option Add-ons.


4. Click on the radio button mentioned against Unknown sources.

Unknown Sources

5. Once you click the radio button, a warning popup appears.


6. Click on the Yes button.

Grindhouse Radio Button

7. Click on File Manager to continue the Grindhouse Kodi build installation.

File Grindhouse Manager

Add Grindhouse Installation Source

8. Then click on the Add source menu.

Source Adding Grindhouse

9. Hover over to the <None> option and click on it.

File Source

10. A text box appears, asking to enter the paths or browse for the media locations.

Media Location

11. Enter the path as http://grindhousekodi.us/repo/ (Earlier it was .tk).

Path for Media Location

12. The media source text field default has a value repo.

grindhousekodi.tv repository

13. Delete the media source name and enter the new name as grindhouse for easy recognition.


14. After entering the grindhouse media source name, click OK.

Add Source

15. After that, click on the Add-ons icon under the System option.

Grindhouse Addons

Install Grindhouse From Repository

16. Then select the option “Install from zip file“.

Install grindhouse zip

17. A warning popup appears with a grindhouse zip warning. The warning states that you must manually update the grindhouse zip once any update is released. Click Yes.

warning grindhouse

18. Now, select Grindhouse from the list; this is the same name we defined earlier—Double-click on Grindhouse.

grindhouse error

19. You will find a zip file as repository.grindhousekodi-x.x.zip, either double-click on it or select and click the OK button.

zip file

20. Wait for some time, and you will get a message “Grindhouse Repository Add-on installed” in the top-right corner.

repository grindhouse

21. Click Install from the repository to move toward the grindhouse installation.

Install from Grindhouse repo

22. You will find the Groundhouse Repository option; click on it.

GH Repo

23. This may take some time, so wait.

Loading Grindhouse Kodi build

24. Click on the Program add-ons option.

Grindhouse Program addons

25. Then, click on MF’in Grindhouse 19 Wizard.

MFIN Grindhouse 19 Wizard

26. An MF’in Grindhouse 19 Wizard window opens; click on the Install button on the bottom right.

Install Grindhouse Wizard

27. Click OK on the additional add-ons popup.

Grindhouse Additional Addons

28. After some time, a message appears in the top-right corner: “MF’in Grindhouse 19 Wizard Add-on installed“.

Program addons wizard

29. Click on Continue.


30. After that, click on Build Menu.

Grindhouse Build Menu

31. You will find many matrix builds to choose from and install from the list.

List of Grindhouse Matrix Builds

32. Here, you have a list of Kodi Leia Builds to install. So we have installed the Grindhouse Kodi build. You may choose and install any build from the list. Now, we have taken an example to install the Blue Lite build.

List of Grindhouse Leia Builds

33. Go to the Kodi home screen and click “Add-ons“.

Grindhouse Main Icon

34. On the right side, you will find “MF’in Grindhouse 19 Wizard“.


35. Click on GrindhouseWizard Builds.

Grindhouse Wizard Builds

36. Now, from the Matrix Builds option, select Blue Lite 19(vX.X). In my case, it is version 1.0.

Blue Lite

37. after that, click on GrindhouseWizard Install.

Grindhouse Wizard Install

38. A message states, “Would you like to Download and Install: Blue LIte 19v1.0?“. Click on “Yes, Install“.


39. BlueLite installation starts.

Installation Progress

40. Wait till installation is complete.

Errors, Installing

41. A message appears “MFinGrindhouse19 omc.org successfully force checked“.

Successfully Installed Message

42. Again, a message appears: “To save changes, you now need to force close Kodi; Press OK to force close Kodi.” Click OK. After that, launch Kodi.

Force Stop Kodi

That’s all, you have installed Grindhouse, and then Blue Lite Build on Kodi. Enjoy the streaming.

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