Kodi 19 Matrix Builds: 100% Working on Any Kodi Device

Most of the Kodi builds are not working on Kodi 19 Matrix. This may take some time for developers to update the code. Till Kodi 18.9 Leia, most of the builds are working fine. We have shortlisted the best Kodi builds that are working on Kodi 19 Matrix.

Best Kodi 19 Matrix Builds

1. Fallout

Fallout is the new build for Kodi 19 Matrix. The creator of this build is the cMaN. Just like other Kodi popular builds, it also has many categories like TV Shows, Movies, Power, System, Favorites, and many more. The build is bundled with Alvin, YouTube, Shadow video addons.

How to Install Fallout Kodi Build

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2. Diggz Xenon Matrix

Diggz Xenon is the most popular Kodi build that is working with Kodi 19 Matrix. The build Diggz Xenon contains builds like Pluto TV, Red Bull TV, Popcornflix, YouTube. Seren, The Oath, etc. It works fine on almost all Kodi-installed devices.


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3. Matrix

Matrix build is Another Build that is working with Kodi 19 Matrix. The build belongs to the Ghetto Astronaut repo. The build is easy to install. Here is the guide.

How to Install Matrix Kodi Build

4. Doomzday BK19 Kodi Build

The Doomzday BK19 Kodi build is working fine with Kodi 19. As we all know that this build belongs to the popular Doomzday Repo. The build has various categories like Revolution, Addons, Settings, Favorites, and many more. Most of all, it is among the popular builds that are working with Kodi 19.

How to Install Doomzday BK19 Kodi Build

5. Zilt Build

Zilt build is the fresh build for Kodi 19 Matrix. Unlike other builds, it also has many categories like Live TV, Family, Settings, Movies, Power, TV Shows, and many more.

How to Install Zilt Kodi Build

6. Daemon Kodi Build

The Daemon Kodi Build belongs to the G-Man repository. Internally, this build uses Seren and The Oath addons for streaming the content. Moreover, on any device, you can use this build that has the Kodi 19 Matrix installed.

7. Element Kodi Build

Element is the Kodi build that belongs to the cMan repository and works find with Kodi 19 Matrix. Also, you can integrate Real-Debrid and Trakt.

8. Alienware

Belonging to the cMaN repository, Alienware is among the Best Kodi 19 Matrix builds. We all know there are only a few builds that support Kodi 19. Alienware is compatible with the Kodi 19 Matrix. Therefore you can install Alienware Kodi build on any Kodi 19 supported operating system/device.

Alienware has various categories like Favs, Family, NonRD, Apps, Sports, Movies, TV Shows, etc. Additionally, Alienware has SportHD, Free, Black Lightening, Oath addons.

9. Neuromancer

Newly introduced, Neuromancer Kodi Build belongs to the Ghetto Astronaut repository. The build is getting popular day by day due to its huge video collections. The build has various categories viz. Music, System, Favs, Superflix, Kids, Butterfinders, etc.

10. Atomic Matrix

Another build that works perfectly with Kodi 19 Matrix is Atomic Matrix from Misfit Mods Repository. Atomic Matrix is a powerful build that has many categories like Power, Real-Debrid, Videos, TV Shows, Movies, etc.

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