Kodi 19 Matrix Builds: 100% Working on Any Kodi Device

This article has a list of Kodi Builds that work with Kodi 19 Matrix. Unfortunately, many Kodi Builds have stopped working due to a Python version upgrade on Kodi 19 Matrix.

However, Kodi Builds and Addons’ developers are on the job and are upgrading the code. Soon, most of the Builds will start working with the Kodi matrix.

In this article, we have shortlisted the best Kodi Builds working on Kodi 19 Matrix.

Best Kodi 19 Matrix Builds

1. Fallout

Fallout is the new Build for Kodi 19 Matrix. The Fallout Build belongs to one of the best Kodi repositories, i.e., the cMaN repository. Like other popular Kodi Builds, it also has many categories like TV Shows, Movies, Power, System, Favorites, etc. The good news is that the Fallout Build contains powerful add-ons, viz. Alvin, YouTube, and Shadow.

How to Install Fallout Kodi Build

Repository Name: cMaN’s Wizard Repo
Repository URL: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo

2. Diggz Xenon Matrix

Diggz Xenon is the most popular Kodi Build working with Kodi 19 Matrix. This Build contains Builds like Pluto TV, Red Bull TV, Popcornflix, YouTube, Seren, TheOath, etc. It works fine on almost all Kodi-installed devices, viz—Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, Android Box, Nvidia Shield, Kodi Box, Roku, etc.

How to Install Diggz Xenon Matrix Build

Repository Name: Diggz Matrix Repository
Repository URL: https://grumpeh.aion.feralhosting.com/repo/


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3. Doomzday BK19 Kodi Build

The Doomzday BK19 Kodi Build works with Kodi 19, as we all know that this Build belongs to the popular Doomzday Repo. The Build has various categories like Revolution, Addons, Settings, Favorites, etc. But, most of all, it is among the popular Builds working with Kodi 19.

How to Install Doomzday BK19 Kodi Build

Repository Name: Doomzday Repository
Repository URL: https://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday

4. Chameleon

Chameleon Kodi’s Build belongs to the Dabutcher Build family. However, the Chameleon Build does not belong to Kodi’s official repository but works with Kodi 19 matrix perfectly.

You can stream Videos, Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Web Series, and more categories on Chameleon Kodi Build. You can install the Chameleon Build on any Kodi-supported device, viz—Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, Android Box, Chromecast, Roku, etc.

How to Install Chameleon Kodi Build

Repository Name: Dabutcher Repository
Repository URL: http://dabutcher.org/repo

5. Hardnox Ultra

HardNox Ultra Kodi matrix Build belongs to the Misfit Mods Repository. The Build is a user-friendly Kodi Build with easy navigation and attractive UI. Even Kodi beginners can quickly start streaming on Hardnox Ultra Build.

HardNox Kodi Build is best for streaming Movies and TV Shows. Moreover, Hardnox is a lightweight Kodi Build that you can easily integrate with Real Debrid.

How to Install Hardnox Ultra Kodi Build

Repository Name: Misfit Mods Repository
Repository URL: http://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo/

6. Matrix

Matrix Build is another Build that works with Kodi 19 Matrix. The Matrix Kodi Build is easy to install and belongs to the Ghetto Astronaut wizard.

If you want to stream Ultra-High-Definition movies, you can easily integrate Real-debrid, All-Debrid, or Link Snappy with Matrix Build. You get many categories and streaming options like Movies, TV Shows, Sports, etc., on matrix Build. Here is the guide.

How to Install Matrix Kodi Build

Repository Name: Ghetto Astronaut Repository
Repository URL: http://famdamnlyman.one/Matrix/Repo

7. Element Kodi Build

Element is the Kodi Build that belongs to the cMan repository and works fine with Kodi 19 Matrix. Also, you can integrate Real-Debrid and Trakt with Element Kodi Build. Users can use the Element Kodi Build with Firestick, Android TV box, FireTV, Roku, Chromecast, iPad, etc.

Element Kodi is super easy to navigate and has an attractive user interface. Unlike other Kodi Builds, you can stream Movies and TV shows related to Sports and Entertainment.

Repository Name: cMaN’s Wizard Repo
Repository URL:  http://cmanbuilds.com/repo

8. Neuromancer

Neuromancer Kodi Build belongs to the Ghetto Astronaut repository. The Build is getting more popular day by day due to its massive video collection. The Build has various content categories—Music, Favs, Superflix, Kids, Butterfinders, etc.

Repository Name: Ghetto Astronaut Repository
Repository URL: http://famdamnlyman.one/Matrix/Repo

9. Atomic Matrix

Atomic Matrix is another Build that works perfectly with Kodi 19 Matrix. Atomic Matrix Build belongs to the Misfit Mods Repository. Atomic Matrix is a robust Build with many categories like Videos, TV Shows, Movies, etc.

The Build has an option to connect the Real-Debrid account. Moreover, the Build has an attractive layout and easy navigation, suitable for Kodi beginners.

Atomic matrix Build consists of add-ons—Alvin, TheOath, Asgard, etc. Moreover, like other Kodi 19.4 matrix Builds, the Atomic matrix also has many categories, TV Shows, Movies, Music, Library, Series, System, etc.

When looking for HD Kodi matrix Builds, you should integrate the Real-Debrid for HD streaming. However, other alternatives to Real-Debrid are Link Snappy, All debrid, and Premiumize.

As per my personal experience, Atomic Matrix Build works perfectly fine on any platform viz—Windows, Android, Mac, Nvidia Shield, Raspberry Pi, Firestick, Kodi box, etc.

Repository Name: Misfit Mods Repository
Repository URL: http://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo

10. Cosmic One

Cosmic One belongs to the TheCrew repository; another Kodi Build that works perfectly on Firestick, Android TV Box, Kodi Box, Firestick 4K, Firestick Lite, and many Kodi-Supported devices.

Like other Kodi 19.4 Builds, Cosmic one also has many TV Shows, Movies, The Hub, Trakt, etc. In addition, the Cosmic One Build is composed of popular Kodi addons, viz. Seren and TheOath.

Moreover, each category has sub-categories like Trending, Top-rated, Airing, etc.

Additionally, you can integrate your Real-Debrid account for HD Streaming. Comparatively, Cosmic One is a new Kodi Build that works with Kodi 19.4.

Repository Name: TheCrew Repo
Repository URL: https://team-crew.github.io

11. Aurora

Aurora is the Kodi 19 matrix Build that belongs to the Ghetto Astronaut repository. It has an attractive background and a well-navigated home menu layout. In addition, Aurora has many genres to stream like TV Shows, Movies, Kids, Sports, etc. You can find additional options, viz. Systems, Free, and, Settings. 

One of the best points is that it supports free and premium Debrid links to stream HD videos. In addition, it supports top addons like The Boys, Free, and, DejaVu. Besides that, it is compatible with devices like Fire TV, Firestick, Firestick Lite, Mac, Android, iOS, Android Boxes, and Android TV.

Repository Name: Ghetto Astronaut Matrix Repo
Repository URL: http://famdamnlyman.one/Matrix/Repo

12. Franks

Franks is the Kodi matrix Build that belongs to the TheCrew and Chains repositories. It has many sections like Movies, Live TV, Docs, News, System, etc. Also, it comes up with third-party addons like The Boys and Chains. 

Like other Kodi Builds, Franks also uses free and Debrid links for streaming TV Shows and Movies. The Debrid links include many services like Premiumize, Real-Debrid, All Debrid, and Link Snappy. Besides that, it works well on Fire TV, Firestick, Android TV, Android Boxes, and Mac.

Repository Name: The Crew and Chain Repo 
Repository URL: http://thechains24.com/ChainsRepo

13. The Lite Build

The Lite Build is the latest Kodi Build that uses one of the best Kodi Skins, Aeon Nox Silvo Skin. That’s why users have many options to customize the layout and theme.

It has many streaming genres, viz. Movies, Kids, Sports, TV Shows, Wizards, and Add-ons. In addition, you can also search for international Sports with sections like Football, MMA Live, Boxing, and, Wrestling.

Although, one of the benefits of Lite Build is that it supports both Trakt for logs and Real Debrid for HD streaming. Besides that, this Build contains other addons like Asgard, YouTube, The black Lightning, Shadow, and Tempest

Repository Name: cMaN’s Wizard Repo
Repository URL: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo

14. Nature Man 

Nature Man is the best Kodi Matrix Build that offers video content for all age groups, from kids to adults. This Kodi Build has many genres like TV shows, Movies. Also, there are many options, viz. Apps, Favorites, Systems, and Add-ons. In addition, Nature Man Build offers videos in High Definition starting from 480 pixels to 4K pixels.

The Build has a simple UI and attractive Kodi skin, i.e., Aeon Nox Silvo Skin. Moreover, the Build has add-ons, such as Nemesis AIO and Pluto.TV, Entertain Me, Crackle, XXX-O-DUS, TheOath, 4K, and, Fen.

Repository Name: Doomzday Repo
Repository URL: https://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday

15. Apex

Apex is the new Kodi Build compatible with Android, Firestick, Mac, and Tablets. Here, you can find many genres like 4K, Movies, Kids, Shows, Setting, Trakt, Power, Sports, Wizard, and add-ons. One good thing is that you can search the addons and stream TV shows and Movies from the massive hub of videos.

With Apex, you can integrate Trakt and Real Debrid accounts to enhance the streaming quality. Some of the top add-ons of Apex Build are GoTo, Fen, TheCrew, Rogue One, and Asgard.

Repository Name: cMaN’s Wizard Repo
Repository URL: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo 

16. Decades

Decades is the Kodi 19 matrix Build that has the old movies collection from the 50s to 90s. Here, you can find many streaming genres like TV Shows, Music, Films, Anime, Kids, Soap, Sports, and, Docs.

Also, it works on addons like Torque Lite, BewsandBeer, Replay Me, Rising Tides, Maverick, Cumination, The Endzone 19, and Revolution. Besides that, it supports devices like Android, iOS, Mac, Smartphones, and, Firestick.

Repository Name: Grindhouse Repo
Repository URL: http://grindhousekodi.tk/repo

17. Aeon Flux 

Aeon Flux is a lightweight Kodi matrix Build for Firestick (4K, Lite), Roku, Raspberry Pi, Android, and Mac devices. This Build belongs to the Chains Matrix Wizard repository. In addition, there are many genres in the Build like Movies, Music, Sports, News, Web Shows, etc.

The Build uses many top addons such as Chains, The Boys, and, Black tears.

Repository Name: Chains Repo
Repository URL: http://thechains24.com/ChainsRepo

18. Iconic 19

Iconic 19 is the updated Kodi Build that belongs to Funstersplace wizard. Many Build genres like TV, Films, Addons, Settings, Power, Docs, Music, Power, and Web shows.

The Build has many top addons like Odin, Venom, The Endzone 19, Loop Repository, and Asgard. Another good point is that it works with many hardware devices like Fire TV, Amazon Firestick, Mac, Android & iOS, Android Boxes, and Android TV.

Repository Name: Funstersplace 19 Repo
Repository URL: https://funstersplace.net/funs/

19. Vertical Flix

Vertical Flix is the top matrix Build for watching different movies and TV series genres. Apart from movies and TV shows, you can watch Web shows, News, Sports channels, Music, and Docs.

The Build has many addons like CoCoDab, Don’t Bink, DaBscope, and Shadow addon. Moreover, it works well with Android Boxes, Android TV, Mac, and Firestick devices.

Repository Name: Magnetic Repo
Repository URL: http://magnetic.website/repo/

20. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters is the Kodi 19.4 matrix Build that provides most streaming content free of cost. The Build has fresh content, which is updated regularly. This content has many genres such as TV Shows, Films, Kids, Sports, Free, and One-Click.

However, it uses many top addons like Venom, Asgard, Loop, Odin, and, The Endzone 19.

Repository Name: cMaN’s Wizard Repo
Repository URL: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo

21. 2192

2192 is the fantastic Kodi Build with simple UI and supports both Kodi 19.4 Matrix and 18.9 Leia. The Build belongs to one of the popular Kodi repositories, i.e., TheCrew. This Build has all types of genres, viz. AIO, Films, Live TV, Sports, TV Shows, Horror, and Music. 

In addition, you can install it on Android, Firestick, Firestick Lite, Firestick 4K, Windows, iOS, and Smartphones.

Repository Name: The Crew Repo
Repository URL: https://team-crew.github.io/

22. Metropolis

Metropolis is the Kodi Build with a massive library of HD videos. In addition, the Build has many genres, viz. TV Shows, Movies, Live Sports, One-click sections, etc.

The Build contains the popular Kodi addons viz. Apex, Asgard, Black Lightning, and, Fen. Moreover, you can integrate a Trakt account to keep track of your watched movies and TV shows. In addition, for High-Definition streaming links, you can connect to the Real-Debrid account.

Repository Name: cMaN’s Wizard Repo
Repository URL: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo

Final Thoughts

This article has discussed the Kodi Builds that work with the Kodi matrix. In other words, you can install these Builds from Kodi version 19.1 to 19.4. Moreover, stay tuned here because we regularly update the list of Kodi matrix Builds here.

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  1. Diggz Xenon is now useless.
    The only 2 build options in the Chef wizard are , Mali , and some debrid thing.
    Whatever happened to Xenon Plus, Xenon free ?
    The Mali interface is hard, confusing and useless .
    Bring back Xenon Plus , or Xenon free.
    I’m loading and unloading all the other Kodi builds,, no joy yet for a replacement.

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