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How to Install Seren Kodi Addon on Firestick 2023

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This tutorial will show how to install the Seren add-on on Kodi 20 Nexus. The first thing to spot is that the installation method is the same for all devices, be it FireTVStick, FireTVStick 4K, Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Seren is one of the popular Kodi add-ons for movies and TV shows and came into life in 2018. The add-on focuses on user-friendliness in particular and gives all the basic features. Another critical point is that the Seren add-on gives high-quality streaming links.

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Most importantly, it would help if you took a premium subscription of Premiumize or Real-debrid for streaming on Seren. After a subscription, you must integrate the add-on with Premiumize or Real-debrid account. On the negative side, the Seren does not work without a premium subscription from Real-debrid or Premiumize.

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Another key point is that the add-on also supports Trakt integration so that you can watch videos and movies of your choice. In addition, you can configure “Smart Play Settings” when integrating the Trakt account with Seren.

The add-on even supports torrents. Hence, using a VPN becomes very much necessary. I strongly recommend using PrivateInternetAccess VPN, which has unbreakable military-grade encryption and is an award-winning VPN.

Finally, if you need an add-on that works without buffering, Seren is the best choice.

Seren Kodi Addon Installation Steps

Turn on Unknown Sources

  1. Launch the Kodi app, and go to Settings.
Kodi Settings

2. Turn on the “Unknown sources” option to install the Seren add-on.

Enable Unknown Sources

3. A popup warns that “personal data stored on this devices will be given access“, to install the Seren add-on, you have to click on Yes. Usually, Seren works without an error, however, sometimes, you may find the Seren add-on not working, but that might be due to some reasons we discussed in this article.

Unknown Sources Warning

Add Seren Addon Sources

4. Again, click on the “gear” icon.


5. Select the “File manager” option.

Kodi File Manager

6. Click on the “Add source” option on the right pane.

Add Source

7. A popup appears, asking to add a file source. Click on <None>.

Add File Source

8. A blank text field appears.

Enter Media Location

9. Enter the path for the Seren add-on repository, i.e., https://nixgates.github.io/packages. After that, click OK.

Media Location Path for Seren Addon

10. Below the repository path, enter a name for the media source. I entered it as “packages“. Click OK.

Media Source Name

11. Go to “Add-ons”.

Addons Option in Kodi

Install Seren from Zip File

12. Click on “Install from zip file“.

Install Seren Addon from zip file

13. Select “packages“.

Seren addon packages

14. Choose nixgates.repository.zip, and click OK.

Seren addon repository

15. Wait for some time while the Nixgates Repo gets installed.

Seren addon installed

Install Seren from Repository

16. Click on “Install from repository“.

Install Seren from Repository

17. Select “Nixgates Repo“.

Nixgates Repo

18. Click on “Video add-ons”.

Video Addons

19. Select “Seren“. I have Nixgates – 1.6.19; your version might be different than this.

Seren addon

20. Click on the “Install” button at the bottom-right corner.

Install Seren Addon

21. A popup asks to install additional Seren add-ons; click OK.

Seren Additional Addons

22. Wait for some time, and a message stating “Seren Add-on installed” appears. Finally, the Seren add-on installation is complete.

Seren addon installation

How to Use Seren Addon

23. After that, go to “Add-ons“, on the right pane, a Seren Addon icon appears.

Installed Addons

24. Click on the “Seren” add-on icon.

Open Seren Addon

25. A list of options like Discover Movies, Discover TV Shows, Search…, Tools appears. Click on “Discover Movies” to view movies.

Discover Movies

26. A list of categories appears, viz. Most Popular, Trending, Most Played, Most Watched, Most Collected, Most Anticipated, Box Office Top 10, Recently Updated, Genres, Years, By Actor, etc.

Most Watched Movies

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