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CMaN Wizard Kodi Builds: How to Install on Firestick/Android TV

In this guide, we will learn how to install cMaN Wizard Kodi Builds and frequently asked related questions and answers. We have taken the example of Mando 19 Build for installation on Kodi.

Some popular cMaN Wizard Builds are Mad Dragon, The Lite, Kingdom, Mando, Fallout, Apex, Nitro, etc. You can find cMaN Wizard Builds on cMaN, EzzerMacs, and Narcasist Wizard Repositories.

Besides that, cMaN Wizard also offers many top Kodi add-ons like The CrewThe Magic DragonAsgard, Shadow, Fen, Torque, and, Rogue One. Other popular add-ons include Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, 4K, Alvin, Wolf Pack, Insomnia, Crazy Canucks, Asgard, No One, The Promise, Magic Dragon, etc.

The popular alternatives of Mando 19 Kodi Build are Aspire Build, Grindhouse, Diggz Xenon, Luxray, Hardnox, Smokin, and Doomzday Builds.

Let us install the Mando 19 Kodi Build from cMan Wizard.

Installation Steps

Select “Settings” from the Kodi screen.

Choose Settings

Go to the “System” option at the bottom corner of the window.

Go to the System

Inside it, click on the “Add-ons” tab and switch on the “Unknown sources” slider button.

On Unknown sources switch

After enabling the button, a warning message appears; press “Yes” to proceed.

Click Yes

Add Media Source and Repository

Go to the Home page and click on the “File manager” icon.

Open File manager

Choose the “Add source” label to add the cMaN repository source.

Add cMaN repo source

Click “<None>” to enter the media source URL.

Select None

Type the cMaN URL “http://cmanbuilds.com/repo” and press the “OK”.

Type cMaN's repo URL

Just like the above-mentioned text box, enter the media source name “cman”. After that, click on “OK”.

Add cMaN's source

Verify the URL and source name carefully and hit the “OK” button.

Press OK

Install from Zip File

Go to the Settings screen and select the “Add-ons” option.

Pick Add-ons icon

The window displays the list of options; choose the “Install from zip file” tab.

Tap on Install from zip file

The Add-on browser page displays a warning window; select “Yes” to continue the process.

Hit Yes

Next, point the cursor to the “cman” folder; click “OK“.

Choose cman

Select the repository.cMaNWizard-x.x.x.zip file.

Select cMaN's zip file

After a few moments, the “cMaN’s Wizard Repository” installation confirmation appears on the screen. Just wait for it.

Wait for cMaN's repo installation

Install from Repository

Now, choose another option, “Install from Repository”, just after the My Add-ons tab.

Select Install from repository

Click on the “cMaN’s Wizard Repository” as shown on the page.

Pick cMaN's Wizard Repo

Install cMaN Wizard

Thereafter, select the “Program add-ons”.

Choose Program add-ons

Open the “cMaN Wizard 19”.

Select cMaN's Wizard

Press the “Install” key.

Hit Install

Wait for the installation notification of “cMaN Wizard 19”.

Wait for cMaN Wizard installation

When the cMaN Wizard is installed successfully, a cMaN Wizard popup box will appear with a list of tools; choose whatever you want and click “Continue”. Here, I did not choose any of them.

Select Continue

As you hit the Continue button, another popup shows where you should select the “Close” key.

Tap Close

Install Mando 19 Kodi Build

Press the escape key to go to the main screen and select the “Add-ons” tab from the left, where you will see the “cMaN Wizard 19” icon. Click on it.

Choose cMaN Wizard 19

The cMaN Wizard window is ready to open. Choose the “Builds” option from there.

Choose Build

Select any of the Kodi Build. Here, I will choose the “Mando 19” Kodi Build.

Select Mando 19

Click the “Fresh Install” button.

Tap Fresh Install

A popup message states, “Click -Yes – To erase your current build, then fresh install Mando 19“; Click “Yes” to continue.

Press Yes

Wait till the Mando 19 Kodi addon gets installed.

Wait for loading bar completion

At last, Mando 19 Build installation completes, and a popup box says you now need to close Kodi to save changes. Press the “OK” button. Restart the Kodi and enjoy streaming.

Click OK

cMaN Wizard Questions

Unable to Install cMaN Wizard on Kodi

You may face problems installing the cMaN wizard on Kodi because your Kodi version might be older. So update the Kodi to the latest version. The second option you can try is to uninstall and re-install Kodi on your device.

How to solve the “Kodi is unable to connect to a source” problem?

We have discussed the “Unable to connect to a source” Kodi problem in detail. In brief, this problem occurs due to an invalid URL, No internet connectivity, or the repository might have been removed from the source.

Wrapping up

In this article, we have installed the cMaN Wizard, and from there, Mando 19 Build. Drop us a comment if you face any problems during installation or using the cMaN wizard.

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  1. I’m using firestick 4K max I have tried for days to get http://Cmanbuilds.com/repo to load with no luck on two firesticks however I did load my previous build that is Diggs so I am assuming kodi version 20.1 will not load the cman I am putting 19 back in Ted

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