Install Netflix Add-on on Kodi 19 Matrix {May 2022}

Netflix Kodi Add-on

This article will guide you on installing Netflix on Kodi 19 matrix. You can perform these steps to install the Netflix Kodi addon on any device, including Firestick, Android box, Nvidia Shield Pro, PCs, etc.

Watching Netflix on Kodi is an excellent experience. We know Netflix is a US-based popular streaming service worldwide, including in USA, UK & Canada. You can stream almost every kind of content on Netflix, including TV shows, Movies, Web series, etc.


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Installing Netflix on Kodi amplifies your streaming experience by leveraging customized features like watch status sync and high-resolution playback. Moreover, you have a library integration option.

Installing the Netflix addon on Kodi is a little tricky because the Netflix addon is not an official Kodi addon. Netflix Kodi addon belongs to the CastagnaIT repository. Before starting this guide, I assume you know how to install Kodi and use Kodi on any supported device.

Installation Steps

Follow these steps to install the Netflix addon on Kodi 19 matrix.

1. First, go to the Settings on the Kodi home page.


2. After that, click on System.


3. There will be an option named Add-ons; click on it on the left side.


4. Enable the radio button with the caption Unknown sources.

Unknown Sources

5. Then, a warning message appears stating, “Addons will be given access to personal data stored on this device. By allowing, you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of data, unwanted behavior, or damage to your device. Proceed?”. Just ignore this message and click on Yes.


6. Once you click on the Yes button, the dialogue box will close.

Enable Unknown Source

7. After that, hover over to the File Manager option and click on it.

Netflix File Manager

8. Click on Add source option.

Add Netflix Addon Source

9. Move the pointer to the <None> option and click on it.

Netflix <None>

10. A text box appears asking to enter the paths or browse for the media locations to add the source for Netflix.

Netflix Kodi Addon Media Location

11. Enter the media location path as

12. Click the OK button.


13. Now, go to the text box that asks to enter a name for the Netflix media source.

Netflix Media Location

14. Click on the text box; the media source name as the repository.castagnait.

Netflix Media Source

15. Edit the media source name path as Castagnait and click OK.

Castagnait Repository

16. Go back.

Add Source

17. After that, click on the Add-ons option.


Install Netflix Add-on From Zip File

18. Click on Install from zip file.

Install Netflix From Zip File

19. A warning popup appears stating, “Note that addons installed from zip (excluding served repositories) will not auto-update and must be manually updated. Would you like to proceed?”. Put another way; you have to update the repository or addon manually. So, click on the Yes button.

Netflix Addon Warning

20. From the list, select the option castagnait.


21. Then, there will be three options. Click on the file.

22. Wait for some time, and you will get a message on the top-right corner “CastagnaIT Repository for Kodi 19 Matrix Add-on installed“.

Castagnait Repository Addons

23. Click on the Install from repository option.

Install From Repository

24. You will have three options: all repositories, CastagnaIT Repository for Kodi 19.x (MATRIX), and Kodi Add-on repository. Click on CastagnaIT Repository for Kodi 19.x (MATRIX).

Castagnait Repository For Kodi

25. Then, choose Video addons.

Video Addons

26. Great, you have your favorite addon here; click on Netflix.


27. Another window will appear with many options like Run, Configure, Dependencies, Enable, Versions, and Install.


28. On the bottom-right corner, click on the Install button.

Install Netflix Button

29. A message appears to install the additional addons, InputStream Helper. Agree and click the OK button.

InputStream Helper

30. After some time, you will have a message “Netflix Add-on installed” on the top-right corner. The Netflix addon is installed on Kodi and is ready to use.

Netflix Add-on Installed

Use Netflix on Kodi

31. To start using the Netflix addon, go to the Video addons and click on the Netflix addon option.

Netflix Icon on Kodi

32. When you option the Netflix addon, you may get a Netflix Add-on Error message stating, “The background services may not yet be available if you just started Kodi/the addon. In this case, try again in a moment”. Click the OK button.

Netflix Add-on Error

33. Next, click on the Video addons button.

Video add-ons

34. Then, click on the Netflix option.


35. Now, to start using Netflix on Kodi, you have two ways either using an E-Mail/Password or an Authentication key.

Email to Authenticate Netflix

36. If you have taken the Netflix subscription, enter your subscription E-mail.


37. Then, enter the Password.


38. After authentication, you can start streaming Netflix videos on Kodi.

Loading Netflix

39. Another way to use Netflix on Kodi is using the Authentication key.

Authentication Key

40. locate the Netflix key on your device.

NFAuthentication Key

41. Then, click OK. After authentication, start streaming on Netflix.

Search NFAuthentication Key

FInal Netflix Installation Words

So, in this guide, we learned how to install Netflix on Kodi and how to use Netflix to stream videos, TV shows, and web series. Do let us know if you need any additional information.

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