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How to Install Aspire Kodi Build on Kodi 20 Nexus

Aspire Kodi Build

Aspire is a popular Kodi Build that works with Kodi 20 Nexus and Kodi 19 Matrix platforms. The Build belongs to the Doomzday wizard with lots of streaming content. The content categories include Music, Sports, Movies, Live TV, and TV Shows.

Also, Aspire Build offers high-definition video quality, including 720px and 1080px resolution. In addition, you can apply different filters to search the streaming content like the year, genres, decade, new movies, popular IMDb user list, movies most, and my movies.

Aspire Kodi Build can leverage premium services like Real-DebridAll Debrid, Linksnappy, and Premiumize. Other popular Builds like Grindhouse, Diggz Xenon, Luxray, Hardnox, Smokin, and Doomzday Builds are giving a tough fight to Aspire Build.

Some of its best working add-ons and Builds are The Oath, Fen, Ghost, Revolution, Magic Dragon, Chains, Schwifty, Homelander, Odin, Base 19, Asgard, and The EndZone.

The Aspire Build works on almost all streaming devices, including Android TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Android Boxes, Amazon Firestick, and iOS. Even you can stream on Roku devices using the mirroring method. Here, we will discuss the steps to install Aspire Kodi Build on your device with proper screenshots. So, let’s start it.

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Installation Steps

Launch the Kodi on your device and point the cursor to the “Settings” icon.

Tap on Settings

Here, you will find the “System” tab; click on it.

Open System tab

Scroll down to the “Add-ons” tab and turn on the “Unknown sources” option.

Enable Unknown sources toggle

Press “Yes” to access Unknown sources in your Kodi app.

Hit Yes
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Add Media Source/ Repository

Go to the previous screen and select the “File Manager” option.

Click on File manager

Below the screen, double-tap on the “Add source” option.

Add Aspire Build source

Select the <None> tab that appears in the popup box.

Select None

Write the source URL for Aspire Kodi Build as “https://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday/” and select “OK”.

Enter repo URL

Enter the media source name as “doomzday” and hit “OK” again.

Type the name

Check the URL and source name properly and click the “OK” button.

Click OK

Install from Zip File

Go to the System icon and choose the “Add-ons” option.

Choose Add-ons icon

Select the “Install from zip file” option.

Install Aspire from zip file

Click the “Yes” button shown on the warning message box.

Tap Yes

From the list of all media sources and folders, choose the “doomzday” source.

Choose doomzday

Select the repository.doomzday-x.x.x.zip file (here, x.x.x denotes the zip file version).

Select repository.doomzday.x.x.x.zip file

Your Doomzday repository starts downloading and, after some time, displays a Doomzday Repo successful installation message.

Wait for Doomzday Repo installation

Install from Repository

In the next step, click on the “Install from repository” option.

Select Install from Doomzday repository

Choose the second option, “Doomzday Repo”.

Open Doomzday Repo

Install Doomzday Wizard

Click on the “Program add-ons” tab from the screen.

Select Program add-ons

Inside it, select the “Doomzday 19 Wizard” option.

Open Doomzday Wizard

Press the “Install” icon from the right side of the window.

Press Install to Doomzday Wizard

Hit the “OK” button shown on the popup box.

additional doomzday wizard addons

Wait until the successful Doomzday Wizard installation notification appears on the page.

Doomzday 19 wizard installation message.

After that, a popup box will appear where you must press the “Continue” button.

Press Continue

Again, a popup window will appear; tap on the “Dismiss” button.

Click Dismiss

Install Aspire Kodi Build

Go to the Kodi Home page and open the recently downloaded “Doomzday 10 wizard”.

Select Doomzday Wizard

Choose the “(Doomzday Wizard) Builds” option and press enter.

Open Doomzday Wizard Builds

Here, you will see the list of all Builds that belong to the Doomzday repository; click on the “[x.x] Doomzday- Aspire Build”.

Select Doomzday Aspire Build

Tap on the “(Doomzday Wizard) Install” option shown on the screen.

Choose Install option

A warning box will appear; click the “Yes, Install” button.

Hit Yes, Install

Again, a popup box will appear with the message “Do you wish to erase all data before installing,” where you have to select the “Fresh install” option.

Click Fresh Install

After downloading the Build, it will show a popup box to close the Kodi; click on the “OK” button.

Hit OK

The Kodi application will close. Re-launch the Kodi on your device and start streaming on Aspire Kodi Build.

Open the Aspire Build

Aspire Kodi Build Questions

What is Aspire Kodi Build?

Aspire Build is a streaming platform that provides different content genres to users, including Sports, Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Live TV, and Kid Shows.

Is it free to use Aspire Kodi Build?

Yes, you can use the Aspire Kodi Build without any subscription plan. Before using Aspire Kodi Build, I only suggest having a high-bandwidth internet plan.

Can I install Aspire Kodi Build on my Android and Firestick Device?

Yes, you can install Aspire on any device, viz. Android, Firestick, Raspberry Pi, and iOS devices.

What is the Aspire Kodi Build size?

Aspire Kodi Build size is around 352MB.

Is Aspire Kodi Build legal?

It is hard to determine the legality of the Aspire Build because we are not sure whether it offers solely copyright-free content.

Is it safe to Install and Use Aspire Build?

Installing the Aspire Build on any device is safe. However, using a VPN for more security and privacy is always advisable.

What are the Exciting Features of Aspire Kodi Build?

The main features of Aspire Kodi Build are:

Simple Interface
Resume option to Play Stopped Videos
Well Organized Content
Attractive Layout

What are the Alternatives to Aspire Build?

Franks, Decades, Green Monster, Iconic, CrewNique, and Misfit Mods Lite are a few alternatives to Aspire Build.

What are Other Builds in Doomzday Wizard?

Doomzday Wizard contains various Builds to explore, like Smokin, USA Adults, Endura, Max, USA, Fabulous, Nova, Sports, etc.

What Sections does Aspire Offer?

Aspire contains various menu sections, including TV Room, All-Stars, Sports, TV Guide, Movie Hub, Add-ons, Music, Weather, Net free, Kids, System, and Wizard.

Wrap Up

After reading the article, we hope you understand the installation process of Aspire Build, from adding a source to installing the Aspire Build. Your suggestions or error messages are welcome in the comment section below.

Before you start streaming on Kodi, I would like to warn you once again that we do not know the source of Kodi Repositories, Wizards, Builds, and Addons and from where they fetch the streams.

The content you stream on Kodi may be copyrighted and may land you in legal trouble because ISPs, Government, and authorized companies may monitor your online activities like streaming copyrighted movies, videos, TV shows, live shows, animes, etc.

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