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How to Use Real Debrid on Kodi/Firestick

You must have heard the term Real-Debrid if you use Kodi regularly. In this tutorial, we will learn what Real-Debrid is, how Real Debrid works, and how to use Real-Debrid on Kodi.

Real-Debrid plays an important role while streaming on Kodi because it provides HD links to stream videos, movies, sports, or TV shows. Real-Debrid is integrated with top Kodi builds and add-ons and provides buffering-free high-quality streaming links.

As we move ahead, we will also see how to integrate Real-Debrid with Kodi addons and builds.

What is Real-Debrid?

Real Debrid is an online service that provides file hosters. You may subscribe to any plan from the official website of the Real-Debrid. You may use the Real Debrid free version during non-peak hours.

Mainly Real-Debrid provides high-definition quality video links. In other words, using the Real-Debrid service, you can download HD-quality videos instantly.

Generally, on Kodi, you find a lot of broken links, Real Debrid solves this problem and there is about NIL chance of getting a broken link from the Real-Debrid.

Once you integrate Real-Debrid with the Kodi add-on or build, you get additional links. Therefore, to have a buffering-free streaming experience on Kodi, using a Real-Debrid is imperative.

You should integrate the Real-Debrid with the Kodi addon or build to solve Kodi’s buffering problem.

Real-Debrid Features

Real-Debrid has the following features:

  • Economic:- Price is meager compared to the other file hosters.
  • Speed:- Offers a buffering-free streaming experience on Kodi. Moreover, there is no downloading restriction.
  • Many Hosters:- Real-Debrid has many hosters, so you never get any downtime. Even you can have unlimited downloads irrespective of your location.

A Real-Debrid premium subscription is purely legal. However, there may be some copyrighted content you are not supposed to stream without the owner’s consent, which may be illegal.

Is Real-Debrid Safe to Use?

Yes, Real-Debrid is safe to use. However, using a Kodi VPN for streaming is always recommended.

Is Real-Debrid Compatible With IPTV?

No, Real-Debrid is not compatible with IPTV.

Which is the best VPN for Real-Debrid?

To be honest, in my personal opinion, you don’t need a VPN for Real-Debrid because Real-Debrid offers high-quality links without a VPN. However, if you still want to use a VPN for privacy or geo-restrictions, you may use IPVanish VPN.

What is the Official Website of Real-Debrid?

The Official website of Real-Debrid is https://real-debrid.com.

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