What is Real Debrid and How to Use on Kodi

You will have heard of the term Real-Debrid if you use Kodi regularly. Many users ask Kodi is legal software or not. No doubt, Kodi is completely legal and popular streaming software.

But, in this tutorial, we will learn what Real-Debrid is, how Real Debrid work, and how to use Real-Debrid on Kodi. Apart from Real Debrid, we have Trakt that keeps track of our video watch history. I assume you all know what Trakt is.

Real-Debrid plays a vital role in streaming on Kodi. Everyone agrees to that, but what does Real-Debrid do exactly. So, Real-Debrid is integrated with top Kodi builds and addons to provide buffering-free high-quality streaming links.


Your following information is visible to everyone:-

IP Address:-
Location:- Virginia US
ISP:- AS14618 Amazon.com, Inc.

ISPs, Governments, and Application/Addon Developers can monitor and steal your online activity data. Hence, I suggest using the most secure and fastest VPN for Kodi, i.e., ExpressVPN, because ExpressVPN enables buffering-free streaming on Kodi, hides your IP address, Location, and Bypass geo-restrictions and bandwidth throttling.

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As we move ahead, we will also see how to integrate Real-Debrid with Kodi addons and builds.


What is Real-Debrid?

Real Debrid is an online service that provides file hosters. You may subscribe to any plan from the official website of the Real-Debrid. However, you may use the free version, but you can use Real-Debrid for free during non-peak hours only.

Mainly Real-Debrid provides high-definition quality video links. However, you should ensure that you do not stream copyrighted content without having proper rights to the content.

In other words, using the Real-Debrid service, you can download HD quality videos instantly. Moreover, there is very little chance of getting a broken link from the Real-Debrid. Hence, Real-Debrid offers a rich video streaming experience.

Once you integrate Real-Debrid with the Kodi add-on or build, you get additional links. Therefore, to have a buffering-free streaming experience on Kodi, using a Real-Debrid is imperative.

To solve Kodi’s buffering problem, you should integrate the Real-Debrid with the Kodi addon or build.

Real-Debrid Features

Real-Debrid has the following features:

Economic:- Real-Debrid price is meager compared to the other file hosters.

Speed:- Undoubtedly, Real-Debrid offers a buffering-free streaming experience on Kodi. Moreover, there is no downloading restriction.

Many Hosters:- Real-Debrid has many hosters so that you never get any downtime. Even you can have unlimited downloads irrespective of your location.

Real-Debrid Offers

The following is the Real-Debrid subscription price:-

  • Approx $3.5 for 15 Days Subscription
  • $4.5 for 30 Days Subscription
  • $10.80 for 90 Days Subscription
  • $19.00 for 180 Days Subscription

A real-Debrid premium subscription is purely legal. There may be some copyrighted content that you are not supposed to stream without the owner’s consent, which may be illegal.

Is Real-Debrid Safe to Use?

Yes, Real-Debrid is safe to use. However, always use a Kodi VPN for streaming on Kodi.

Is Real-Debrid Compatible With IPTV?

No, Real-Debrid is not compatible with IPTV.

Which is the best VPN for Real-Debrid?

ExpressVPN is the best working VPN with Real-Debrid.

What is the Official Website of Real-Debrid?

The Official website of Real-Debrid is https://real-debrid.com/.

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