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Spaced Out Kodi 20.5 Nexus Build Installation Guide

Spaced Out Kodi Build is one of the well-known Builds from the Grindhouse Kodi Builds Repository. This Build has a simple UI, an attractive layout, and easy navigation features. Moreover, you can easily search for the streaming links of your choice.

Spaced out Build works on almost all Kodi devices installed with Kodi. As other top Kodi builds like Aspire Build, Diggz Xenon, Luxray, Hardnox, Smokin, and Doomzday Builds, Spaced out Build also has many streaming categories like Live TV, TV Shows, Music, Fitness, Movies, Sports, and, Kids.

This Build is safe for everyone because it does not offer adult content. We have different guides for adult Kodi add-ons, Kodi sports add-ons, anime add-ons, and Live TV add-ons.

Some great working add-ons of the Spaced Out Build are Mad Titan, Kratos Reborn, Enigma, The Magic Dragon, and Numbers.

Let us discuss the Spaced Out Build installation process and install it step by step.

Installation Method

Firstly, open the Kodi app from the Start menu and choose the “Settings” icon.

Tap Kodi Settings

Scroll down the cursor towards the “System” icon and press enter.

Select System

Now, you will see the “Add-ons” option; click on it and enable the “Unknown sources” tab.

Enable Unknown sources

Choose the “Yes” button that appears on the popup window.

Hit Yes

Add Media Source and Repository

Go back to the “Settings” page and hit the cursor on the “File Manager” icon.

Open File manager

Select the “Add source” tab from the left of the window.

Add GrindHouse source

After that, click on the “<None>” option.

Tap None

Enter the appropriate source URL “http://grindhousekodi.us/repo/” for the Spaced Out Kodi Build and press the “OK” button.

Enter source URL http://grindhousekodi.tk/repo

In the next step, you can see a name by default, ”repo”; click on it.

Change the source

Change it to ”grind” and press “OK”.

Type grind

Double-check the media location before proceeding, and tap on the “OK” button.

Press OK

Install from Zip File

Press the escape or back key and select the “Add-ons” icon.

Select Add-ons

Scroll down the cursor and point to the “Install from zip file” option.

Choose Install from zip file

A warning popup box appears in the window where you must press the “Yes” button.

Tap Yes

Click on the media source “grind”.

Open grind

After that, select the “repository.grindhousekodi-x.x.zip” and hit the enter key.

Select repository.grindhousekodi-x.x.zip file

Wait for the successful installation of the Grindhouse Repository on the window.

Wait for Grindhouse repository installation

Install Spaced Out from Repository

Move to the next step and click on the “Install from repository” option.

Select Install from grindhouse repository

Choose the “Grindhouse Repository”.

Tap Grindhouse Repository

Install the GrindHouse Wizard

Select the “Program add-ons” from the list of options.

Select Program add-ons

In this window, search for the “Install” icon of the GrindHouse Wizard and press enter key.

Tap Install

Once you click on the install button, you will see a popup window stating, “The following additional add-ons will be installed,” i.e., script.kodi.android.update and Speed Tester; click on the “OK” button.

Hit OK

A message on the top-right corner appears stating, “MF’in Grindhouse 19 Wizard Add-on installed“.

Wait for the installation

Install the Spaced Out Kodi Build

Open the Mf’in GrindHouse 19 Wizard from the window.

Open the Wizard

Select the “Open” tab from the left side of the GrindHouse window.

Click on Open buttton

Choose the “Builds” tab from the list of all tabs over the screen.

Select Builds

Find the “Spaced Out 19 (x.x) Build” and enter.

Tap Spaced Out Build

You will be redirected to the Spaced Out screen; click on the “(Grindhouse Wizard) Install” option.

Select Grindhouse Wizard Install

After that, it will show a popup window of “MFinGirndhouse19”; click on the “Yes, Install” button.

Hit Yes, Install

Stay on the screen till the Build installation message appears.

Wait for installation

After the installation, a window box will appear with the message “To save changes, you now need to force close Kodi; Press OK to force close Kodi” where you have to hit the “OK” button.

MFinGrindhouse 19 wizard repository

Start the Kodi; you will find the Kodi default skin changed to the “Spaced Out Build” skin.

Open the Spaced Out Build


What is the difference between Kodi Build and Addon?

Kodi Build is a collection of Kodi add-ons with beautiful skins and customized streaming options on Kodi. On the other hand, the Kodi add-on is a small plugin that fetches streaming links from different sources.

Can I Install multiple Kodi Builds on Firestick?

Yes, you can install more than one Kodi Build on Firestick. But for that, you must install a Kodi fork on your Firestick.

Final Statement

So, in this guide, we have discussed Spaced Out installation method along with screenshots. I hope this works for you. Comment below for any error during Spaced Out installation process.

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