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Best Kodi Wizards That Work Without Buffering – {January 2023}

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Kodi Wizard is a great way to stream your favorite episodes, movies, and live TV on Kodi. Kodi is the most popular streaming software because it offers top Kodi builds and add-ons to stream videos of one’s choice.

Though there are Kodi alternatives like Plex and Stremio, Kodi has no substitute. To make streaming more entertaining on Kodi, you can install some famous Kodi wizards.

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What Does Kodi Wizard Mean?

A Kodi wizard is an all-purpose, multifunctional wizard that contains a variety of Builds, add-ons, and plugins. In addition, users can stream new content and change the Kodi layout using a Kodi wizard.

Users can even manage Kodi addons to use them one by one. Another critical point is that most Kodi wizards have a maintenance program to remove the dead add-ons. As a result, users can run Kodi smoothly.

So, here we have the list of the top 10 Kodi wizards to enrich your Kodi experience.

Best Kodi Wizards

We’ve compiled a list of the top Kodi wizards for Firestick, Roku, Chromecast, Windows, Linux, iOS, tvOS, etc. Please take a look at them and let us know in the comments. Which Kodi wizards do you think are the best?

Doomzday Wizard

Doomzday is the lightweight Kodi 19 wizard with Live TV, Movies, Sports, and TV Shows content. Also, the Wizard contains a well-designed theme, a smooth interface, and plenty of Builds.

Some of the top Build are Nova TV, Seren, Sports 101, Flix-MX, and, Kodeine. Doomzday wizard is from the Doomzday repository and is regularly updated.

Wizard Path: https://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday

The Crew Wizard

The Crew is the popular Kodi Wizard which belongs to The Crew Repository. There are multiple streaming options related to Kids, Movies, IPTV, Sports, Comedy, TV Shows, and, Live TV.

In addition, the Wizard contains many Builds to explore, like Green Monster, Skeleton Crew, CrewNique, Franks, CrewTV, and Reel Flix. Most of the Crew wizard builds support Kodi 20 Nexus.

Wizard Path: https://team-crew.github.io/

Chains Matrix Wizard

Chains Matrix Wizard is the wizard that occupies minimum space and contains multiple Builds. This wizard is a good option to stream the latest Movies and TV Shows without buffering.

Flix, Cosmic One, Nature Man, and Franks, are some of the Kodi Builds from the Chains Matrix Wizard. Also, the Wizard offers many add-ons like Chains, The Boys, and Marvel.

Wizard Path: https://team-crew.github.io

Warehouse Wizard

Warehouse Kodi Wizard is the all-in-one wizard that belongs to the unofficial Warehouse Repository. It contains top Builds like Loonatics, Loonatics IPTV, and TheWareHouse Build.

The dashboard of the Wizard is designed in a very attractive manner to find out the favorite content quickly. Also, you don’t need to install the addon separately on the Wizard.

Wizard Path: https://warehousecrates.github.io/TheWareHouse/

Supreme Build Kodi Wizard

Because of its fantastic features, Supreme Build is on our list of top wizards for Kodi. It’s also one of the oldest Kodi wizards and is still active in 2023.

Supreme builds Kodi wizard includes Builds, Add-ons, Installer, Maintenance Tools, YouTube Videos, Kodi Errors Log Viewer, and other features.

Titanium, CELL X4, CELL X5, Juggernaut, Supremium, and Hooligans are available for downloading and installation through the Supreme wizard.

Wizard Path: https://www.supremebuilds.com/repo/

Man Cave Wizard

Man Cave Wizard is one of Kodi’s best wizards for plenty of valuable features to users. It’s a wizard with many features, Builds, and tools.

Kodi users call Man cave wizard Kodi’s maintenance guy. The reason for referring to it as Kodi’s maintenance guy is that it is pretty helpful in deleting cache and thumbnails and preparing backups.

Wizard Path: https://ftp.acc.umu.se/mirror/addons.superrepo.org/v7/addons/plugin.program.mancavewizard/

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No Limits Wizard

If you seek the greatest Kodi wizards in 2023, you won’t be disappointed with the No Limits wizard. No Limits Magic Wizard has a user-friendly interface. In addition, all of the wizards that come with it are updated and free from malware.

No Limits wizard contains sections for everyone and anything, encompassing movies, television programs, and even adult entertainment material online.

Wizard Pathhttps://www.nolimitswiz.appboxes.co/

Stream Digital Wizard

Stream Digital is a well-maintained Kodi wizard and offers a stunning, glossy interface. Also, Stream Digital wizard has a Facebook Support Group where users can obtain updates, the updated version, and community support.

Stream Digital wizard contains some popular Kodi builds, viz. Duffman Reloaded, DuffMax, DuffLight, Echelon, VooDoo Mojo, Sabotage Nox, Meltdown, Shinx, Norse, Lucid, BK Sports, BK Nox, DoomzDay, Infusion2, CDTV, Dominus, RockStar, etc.

Note:- Stream Digital Wizard is not working currently.

Wizard PathStream Digital Wizard

Tantrum APK Kodi Wizard

Tantrum APK wizard is one of the most reliable and entertaining android wizards. It includes everything you need for streaming, including sports, movies, and exercise.

So, the most notable feature of this wizard is that its developers update it regularly. That is the most crucial feature to have while using Kodi. Because after some time, most of the Kodi wizards do not work.

Tantrum wizard allows you to download and install your favorite android application because it has many android app collections. And it is, without a doubt, one of the greatest Kodi setup wizards available.

Note:- Currently, Tantrum Wizard is not working.

Wizard PathTantrum Wizard

EzzerMacs Wizard

One of the largest Kodi Build collections, including both lightweight and feature-rich versions for Kodi Matrix and Leia, is owned by Ezzer Macs at the present moment. SG Wizard creators Wullie Mac and Ezzerman developed this wizard.

EzzerMacs Builds, Community Builds, Nymeria Builds, Narcacist Builds, cMan Builds, Funsters Builds, Mercury Builds, Vodka Builds, Dystopia Builds, Breezz Builds, DoomsDay Builds, SG Builds are among the most popular build categories in this wizard.

Wizard Pathhttp://ezzer-mac.com/repo

Genie Wizard

Another wizard that belongs to the top Kodi wizards is Genie TV wizard. The wizard has been around for a while and includes many valuable add-ons, games, and apps for Android smartphones.

Despite the present condition of third-party add-ons crackdown, Genie wizard is one of the working Kodi wizards, so it is a reliable wizard.

Wizard Pathhttp://srp.nu/

Community Portal

The community portal is a fantastic programming extension that contains most of the most popular add-ons. Most importantly, the Community portal wizard allows users to customize their streaming for Kodi.

Moreover, Community wizard contains a helpful maintenance section and even some tutorials for android users worldwide.

Wizard Pathhttp://srp.nu/

Brettus Wizard

Brettus Wizard is a famous Kodi wizard, and Kodi streamers use this wizard repeatedly. But, most of all, it is a reliable Kodi wizard because it offers a broad collection of add-ons for users of all ages.

Note:- Currently, Brettus Wizard is down and not working. We will update here once it is up.

Wizard Path: Brettus Wizard

DaButcher Wizard

DaButcher Wizard is another elegant Kodi wizard. When DaButcher created the wizard, he introduced light and heavy Builds for Kodi. DaX17, DaX18, DaxPlus, DaBs Simple Build, Bullet, Phenomenal Blue, and DaBs Phenom Build are available.

Wizard Pathhttp://dabutcher.org/repo/

cMan Build Wizard

cMan is the third-party wizard that offers a vast library of Kodi addons and Builds. In addition, it has lots of features like an attractive layout, top streaming, simple UI, and quality add-ons. Also, cMan enables users to watch the latest movies and TV shows before TV time.

Generally, you can use this wizard free of cost, but upgrading to a RealDebrid account is a great option for better streaming quality and VoD content. Moreover, you can install this wizard using cMan’s Repo. Besides that, Continuum and Asgard are the top add-ons of the cMan Build.

Wizard Pathhttp://cmanbuilds.com/repo

Ghetto Astronut Kodi Wizard

Ghetto Astronut is a well-known Kodi Wizard that offers the latest plugins and quality video add-ons. It provides a great streaming experience for Movies, TV Shows, Docs, Sports, and IPTV Shows.

Moreover, Ghetto has many tools for maintenance, support, installation, APK integration, backup, and recovery of the Builds and add-ons. Some of its top add-ons are The Crew, ClickSville, Asgard, Black Lightning, and Chains.

Wizard Pathhttp://famdamnlyman.one/Matrix/Repo

Grindhouse Kodi Builds Wizard

Grindhouse supports top Builds of Kodi 17 Krypton, 18 Leia, and 19 Matrix. In addition, it comes up with great features and lightweight add-ons that smoothen the installation process.

Some of them are Arcade, Decades, Blue Lite, and Buffy. Also, it has many streaming sections like Movies, Anime, Games, Cartoons, Videos, and TV Shows. Moreover, you can find this wizard on the Grindhouse Repo.

Wizard Path: http://grindhousekodi.tk/repo

Misfit Wizard

Misfit is the lightweight Kodi Build wizard that belongs to the official Misfit Repo. It comes in different skins, shapes, and sizes per the user’s need.

In addition, it supports more than 25+ add-ons, including The Crew, TempTV, The Magic Dragon, and, DejaVu. Besides that, this wizard works well with Fire TV, Amazon Firestick, and Android TV Boxes.

Wizard Pathhttp://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo

Funsterplace Kodi Builds Wizard

Funsterplace is the best Kodi Wizard supporting both Kodi 18 and Kodi 19 platforms. Here, you can stream content genres like Movies, IPTV, Cartoons, TV Shows, and Sports.

This wizard is readily available on Funstersplace, The Crew, Chains, and EzzerMacs Repo. However, Seren, The Crew, The Mad Titan, and Athena are some of its best-working add-ons. 

Wizard Pathhttps://funstersplace.net/funs

No One Kodi Wizard

No One is the latest Kodi wizard that belongs to the No One Wizard Repo and Narcacist Wizard Repo. It has top content genres like Single Click Movies, Trakt List, Live News, Trending Shows, 4K Movies, and Last Played Movies.

Like other wizards, No One has free and paid user links. It also works well with Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows OS.

Wizard Pathhttps://no-onerepo.github.io

Raccoon City Wizard

Raccoon City Wizard is compatible with Kodi Leia 18.1 to 18.9 platforms. The wizard has many categories like Sports, Kids Shows, Movies, and Live Shows. Users can customize the skin and enable the desired add-on as per their choice. Some of Raccoon City’s top add-ons are BoomBox, Supernova, Cyborgs 18, Pirates K18, and Star Trek.

Wizard Path: http://racooncity.gq/repo

Durex Wizard

Durex Wizard is a lightweight wizard that belongs to many hardware platforms. It includes various genres like music, family, movies, etc. One of the best things about Durex Wizard is that it offers some pre-loaded add-ons. These add-ons are Neptune Rising, Placenta, and Uranus.

Wizard Pathhttp://www.drxbld.com/wiz

SG Wizard

SG Wizard is one of the alternatives to EzzerMac Wizard. Unfortunately, it is available now only on Kodi Leia 18. But, it is the user’s first choice due to its simple interface and attractive looking. The popular add-ons of the wizard are FLUX DUO, SPK, Fire It Up, CLIPZ, NoXoS, ZILT, SPARTAN, and, NotFlix.

Wizard Pathhttp://www.ezzer-mac.com/sgwizard

Lost Builds Wizard

Lost Builds is the most fantastic wizard offering many graphics tools and entertainment options to enjoy the streaming. It offers many categories like live TV, sports, TV shows, music, movies, and apps. Although, it installs small size of add-ons sized under 100 MBs. Some of its top Builds are Mach 1 Lite, Mammoth, Nefarious, Kryptikz, Underverse, and Maze.

Wizard Path: http://tinyurl.com/lostkodi

InnovatiON Kodi Builds Wizard

InnovatiON Kodi Builds also contains a tiny wizard that supports the Kodi Leia and Matrix. In addition, this platform includes two builds named Colors Adult and Colors Family. However, some of its genres are TV Shows, movies, Live TV, Kids, Sports, and Comedy.

Wizard Pathhttps://kepler-22.github.io

Diggz Xenon Matrix Builds Wizard

Diggz Xenon Matrix is an all-in-one wizard that includes many tools and features to watch streaming. Generally, it offers many genres like Music, TV Guide, Kids Zone, and Arcade.

Although, you can access this wizard using Diggz Xenon Matrix Build. That is working well with Kodi 19 Matrix. Besides, there are various similar add-ons like Venom, Nole Cinema, TheCrew, and Loki.

Wizard Pathhttp://diggzrepo.ddns.net

Diamond Wizard Build 

This Kodi wizard is a solid build that contains various streaming categories. These categories include TV Shows, IPTV, Movies, Sports, Kids, and Favorites. It is available on Kodi 19 Matrix with a quick installation process. Also, it works with many add-ons like Grease Lightning and The Magic Dragon

Wizard Path: http://repo.rubyjewelwizard.com

How to Install a Kodi Wizard on Kodi 19 Matrix

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to install Kodi Wizard on Kodi 19 Matrix?
To install Kodi Wizard on your device, follow the steps given below:

  1. Launch the Kodi App.

  2. Hover over the Settings option.

  3. Select the System Tab.

  4. Choose the Addon option and slide right to the Unknown sources button.

  5. Tap Yes to continue.

  6. Go back to the screen and choose File Manager.

  7. Open the Add source option.

  8. Add a new media URL and source name of your Repository.

  9. Move back to the Kodi Settings and choose the Add-ons option.

  10. Click on Install from the zip file.

  11. Select your recently added source.

  12. Choose the zip file URL.

  13. The Repository starts downloading; wait for its completion.

  14. Now, choose the next option, Install from Repository.

  15. Here, you will see your recent downloading repository. Click on it.

  16. Choose Program Addons.

  17. Select the Wizard you want to install.

  18. Hit Install.

  19. Your selected Wizard starts installing; wait till the end.

  20. Now, open the Wizard and install your favorite Build.


Is it dangerous to use Kodi Wizard?

Sometimes malware or worms may enter your device and interrupt your online streaming. So, always use a VPN with antivirus to stay safe from malware.

Are Kodi Wizards Safe?

Yes, it is safe to install the Kodi wizard, but a wizard contains various Build and add-ons. At that time, if you stream any copyrighted or proxy content, the virus may affect your device. So, you should always use a VPN to stay safe and protected.

What are the popular Builds of SG Wizard?

SG Wizard contains various famous Builds, including Faze, Flow, SG TV, SGTV Dark, Siflix, Metalique, and, Metamorphic.

What is the actual size of Grindhouse Kodi Build Wizard?

The size of Grindhouse Kodi Build Wizard lies in the range of 130MB to 150MB.

Useful Guides:

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