Best Kodi Anime Addons: Working With Kodi 19 & 18

Kodi Anime Add-ons

In this article, we will learn about popular Kodi anime add-ons. In other words, we call anime cartoons. However, both anime and cartoons are different; there is a slight difference.

Here we have listed different Kodi anime add-ons best for anime streaming. When we want to watch anime movies, TV shows, web series, etc., on Kodi, we need to install Kodi anime add-ons.

Best Kodi Anime Addons

So, there are various Kodi anime add-ons available online. We used anime add-ons one by one and prepared the list of best anime add-ons. So, here is the list of popular Kodi anime add-ons:

  • Gogoanime
  • FANime
  • Hummingbird
  • Funimation NOW
  • WSBeta
  • Animepache
  • Youtube
  • Kaito
  • KissAnime
  • Crunchy roll 
  • WatchNixtoons2
  • Ani-Mate
  • Big Toons
  • Q Continuum
  • Exodus Redux
  • C GoTo
  • Cypher 9
  • 7 of 9
  • Anime On Demand
  • Chocolate Salty Balls
  • Ares Anime
  • Soggy Sandwich
  • Cartoons Online
  • 9anime
  • Masterani
  • AnimeFTW.TV
  • Polaris
  • AnimeGO
  • AnimeHere


Gogoanime is a popular Kodi anime add-on with many categories like the latest anime, genre, popular anime, rating, upcoming, recent search, year, etc. It is a new anime add-on that offers HD-quality streams. Gogoanime website is a popular website to watch anime online, with an Alexa rank of 872.

The active developers’ team develops Gogoanime’s website, and it has many browsing options like anime list, new season, movies, popular, etc. Moreover, you can search for the anime of your choice.

Website URL:


FANime is an older anime add-on that supports the latest version of Kodi 19 Matrix. This website is slightly different from other add-ons because you need to use the PIN to access the content precisely.

After entering your PIN successfully, you can enjoy the streaming for at least four hours. Fanime add-on has options to access the content like A to Z anime, latest movies, ongoing series, previous search, latest anime, etc.

Website URL:


Hummingbird is the anime add-on that offers content from all across the globe. It is the replacement of the Masternail anime add-on, which is currently not working.

It provides the content services of different sources like FanartTV, AniList, Kitsu, MyNimeList, etc. In addition, the Hummingbird Kodi add-on has many categories like recent movies, different anime genres, seasons, top-rated series, mostly watching anime, etc. 

Website URL:

Funimation NOW

Funimation NOW is a well-known anime add-on to watch different cartoons and anime-related content on Kodi. It contains different streaming genres such as dubbed anime, subbed anime, most viewed, latest, popular anime, etc.

Funimation is a popular website to watch anime online in the USA. In addition, the website is quite popular in UK and Ireland too. In addition, Funimation NOW add-on links with Crunchyroll, so you will also enjoy its content on the Crunchyroll site.

Website URL:


WSBeta is a Kodi 18 anime add-on developed by Doko. It is a fast and lightweight alternative to the Wonderfulsubs add-on linked to the website

Compared to Wonderfulsubs, WSBeta comes up with a more concise categorization, including the latest episodes, popular anime, random movies, A-Z series, etc.

In addition, this site is easy to use and user-friendly. One of the notable points is that you need to sign up on the website before navigating to the home screen.  

Website URL:


Animepache is the first choice of users to watch upcoming and popular anime in high HD quality. This Kodi add-on is also an alternative to mastering a website. It contains 3000+ animes from with high qualified content.

Here, you can watch content related to drama, comedy, horror, romance, etc. Similar sources on this site are Wikipedia, Funimation, Crunchyroll, Kodansha Comics, etc.

Website URL:


The commonly known YouTube platform is suitable for watching anime and other streaming categories. Here, you can find everything from music to movies and TV shows to sports.

However, if you are not familiar with watching anime on Kodi, Youtube is the best place to start your trial. For that, you have to install a youtube add-on on the Kodi platform with the help of the official Kodi repository.

Website URL:


Kaito is the latest anime add-on based on the source of WonderfulSubs (DxCx) and Seren (Nixgates). It contains many handy features such as source selection, next-up dialog, skip-intro dialog using AniList/Kitsu/MyAnimeList, airing anime calendar, item browsing, splash screen, etc. The benefit of this add-on is that it is compatible with both Kodi 18 and Kodi 19 versions.

Website URL:


KissAnime Kodi add-on contains more than 130 pages of anime series with  6,000+ titles. Here, you can find popular animes like Attack on Titans, Death Note, Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, etc.

The best part about this site is that all subbed and dubbed are available in one place. In addition, this site is user-friendly and easy to use. Some of the best alternatives to Kissanime are Crunchyroll, Anime Freak, 9Anime, Animelab, etc.

Website URL:


CTOON Kodi add-on provides one of the vast collections of anime and cartoons series in high quality. Moreover, it contains various categories of high rated, upcoming episodes, popular anime of the week, year-wise movies, genres-wise, etc.

Each category is sorted alphabetically with multiple functionalities to navigate from one page to another. It also gives you a free service to access the content of its video library.

Website URL:

Crunchy roll 

Crunchy roll, founded in 2006, has been a popular website among users for a decade. It includes different streaming genres like music, drama, anime, cartoons, manga, etc.

Generally, it contains more than 15,000 hours of officially licensed-based content, but all of its content is not free. So if you want to get a better experience, then the premium version is a good option. 

Website URL:


WatchNixtoons2 is the top Kodi anime add-on that boosts your cartoon streaming experience online. It has many cartoon content categories, viz. latest movies, dubbed anime, ongoing series, etc.

Users may install the WatchNixtoons2 add-on from the source of the TheCrew repository. Alternatively, users may use the repository link for the WatchNixtoons2 installation.



J1 developers developed the Ani-mate add-on, enabling users to stream Videos on Demand (VoD) and live anime content. In addition, Ani-mate offers many video categories, viz. mixed, action, toddlers, comedy, etc. Finally, it is essential to mention that the Ani-mate add-on belongs to the Ani-mate Butter Fingers Repository.


Big Toons

Big Toon’s add-on has an extensive collection of anime and cartoon content that belongs to the Diamond Wizard Repository. Apart from anime and cartoons, it offers various streaming categories, including Youtube videos and dubbed movies.


Q Continuum

Q Continuum is another good anime add-on that provides streaming services. Besides that, It contains a different section for movies, TV shows, sports, music, kids’ show, etc. Q Continuum’s website belongs to the Narcacist’s Wizard Repository.

Repository URL:

Exodus Redux

If you work on the Kodi platform, you know the term Redux. It is a Kodi fork add-on used to watch movies and TV shows. Here, you can search for past to latest, trending, and classic anime. Besides that, you can watch top movies as

  • Howl
  • Moving Castle
  • Akira

Repository Name: Exodus Redux Repository

Repository Link:

C GoTo

C GoTo is also a Kodi anime add-on that looks like Exodus Redux. One of the best points is that all the streaming content belongs to many sections. Although, it has a vast choice of high-quality anime content, such as

  • Dubbed Anime
  • Cartoons
  • Anime Movies
  • Anime Shows

Repository Name: Androidaba Repository

Repository Link:

Cypher 9

Cypher 9 is one of the best Kodi Anime Add-ons for Japanese content. It has top genres like movies, cartoons, docs, and web shows. Here, you can use the desired content and work with interface settings. Also, some of the genres are

  • Recent Shows
  • Latest Shows
  • Top Shows
  • Dubbed Shows
  • Subbed Shows

Repository Name: Cypher Media Repository

Repository Link:

7 of 9

7 of 9 is another ultimate Kodi Anime Addon to watch anime and cartoons shows. Here, you can use the official link of the add-on and pair them with the trakt platform. Also, you can use genres like

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Kids’ Shows
  • Music
  • Fitness
  • Sports
  • My Trakt
  • Docs

Repository Name: Diamond Repository

Repository Link:

Anime On Demand

If you want to watch on-demand anime content, you are right. It is a German-based site, which is not free of cost. Although, it works in the genres like

  • Upcoming Anime Shows
  • Most Recent Anime
  • Dubbed Anime
  • Trending Anime
  • Most Popular Anime of the Season
  • English-Dubbed Anime

Repository Name: Androidaba Repository

Repository Link:

Chocolate Salty Balls

Chocolate Salty Balls offers American Content to watch cartoon shows. Here, you can find both dubbed and subbed versions per users’ choices. Besides cartoons, you can also watch movies and TV shows. Some of the genres it follows are

  • Web Shows
  • Docs
  • Kids Anime
  • Action Shows

Repository Name: Kodil Repository

Repository Link:

Ares Anime

As the name implies, it lets you watch anime content. This add-on belongs to the Ares Wizard. But you can also find it on Kodil Repo. Generally, it has a lot of genres, like

  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Docs

Repository Name: Ares Wizard Repository

Repository Link:

Soggy Sandwich

Soggy Sandwich is a free Kodi anime add-on that lets you watch Asian drama shows. The genres of the add-on are well for searching the Content. Here, you can go for genres, like

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Anime
  • Cartoons
  • News
  • Sports

Repository Name: PTOM Repository

Repository Link:

Cartoons online

Cartoons Online is a video add-on with many streaming anime without any buffering. These genres are such as

  • Trending Shows
  • Cartoon Lists
  • Popular and Ongoing Shows
  • Old Shows
  • Latest Releases
  • Dubbed Shows
  • Subbed Shows

Repository Name: Super Repository

Repository Link:


9anime is a Kodi anime add-on with both English dubbing and subtitles. One of the site’s pros is that you don’t need to create an account before using it. In addition, it has genres, like

  • Drama
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Music
  • Thriller

Repository Name: Cypher Locker and Lazy Kodi Repository

Repository Link:


Masterani is a Kodi Anime Addons that uses the latest anime content in HD quality. Generally, it is free of cost but doesn’t work for a small range of users. Here, you can go for 6,000 anime titles on this site. Although some of the top animes are

  • The 1988 film Akira
  • Akame Ga Kill
  • Angel Beats

Repository Name: Magicality Repository

Repository Link: is the first choice of anime fans across the world. However, it is not found free of cost. But, you can watch at least two trial shows free of charge. Then, you have to pay if you want to watch more shows. Like other sites, it also allows you to watch anime with subtitles. Apart from that, it also offers many genres like

  • Subbed Anime
  • Dubbed Anime
  • Anime Cartoons
  • Latest Anime
  • Old Anime

Website Link:


Polaris is not a top Kodi Anime Addon, but it exists due to its video playlists. Also, it has a lot of YouTube videos with a proper section. The site is working on it and will soon access it in many countries. Some of the most common animes of the add-on are

  • Money-saving
  • Life Hacks
  • A Blast from the Past
  • Car Addicts
  • Karaoke Fever

Repository Name: Grindhouse Repository

Repository Link:


AnimeGO is an all-in-one video add-on for anime fans. It comes up with good performance and an easy navigation theme. Although, it has a list of 500+ anime genres. One of the best points is that installing the tools takes the least loading time. Besides that, you can go for sort options as per genres like

  • Most Recent Shows
  • Most Watched
  • Favorite Shows
  • Trending Shows

Repository Name: Viking’s Repository

Repository Link:


AnimeHere is another anime add-on that DKnight founds. It has a vast collection of the library with an OK structure. Although, it has many genres to watch shows in many languages. These genres are as follows:

  • Movies
  • Web Shows
  • Docs
  • Kids
  • Sports
  • Music

Also, this genre has lots of subcategories of anime and comics. The site’s pros are that it tells you the list of the shows you watched till now with subtitles.

Repository Name: XBMC Repository

Final Thoughts

So, here we have discussed all the popular Kodi anime add-ons with their features and alternatives. We hope that this article will be helpful for you while you are working with any of the Kodi anime add-ons. At last, thanks for reading and sharing this article with your friends.

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