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Best Kodi 20 Nexus Addons: Working in January 2023

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Kodi 20 Addons

This post will illustrate the list of the best Kodi 20 Nexus addons with installation repository URLs.

You can safely download and install these addons on Firestick, Android, Windows, Fire TV, Android TV Box, Mac, iOS, Raspberry Pi, Google Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, Smart TV, and Linux platforms.

Kodi 20 Nexus is all set to release in the mid of 2023. But its Alpha 1, Alpha 2, and Alpha 3 versions are already released online.

So, are you excited know which addons are available to install on the Kodi Nexus platform? So, let’s see the best Kodi 20 Nexus addons list one by one.

Kodi 20 Nexus addons


Seren is one of the best Kodi 20 Nexus addons that support the latest Kodi 20 Nexus version. With the addon, you can stream different content, viz. Live TV, Movies, Sports, and TV Shows categories. Also, the add-on contains a simple navigation theme to access the streaming content quickly.

Apart from that, you can download the addon using the Nixgate Repository. However, Seren is not the original addon of Nixgate. But, it is the fork of the previously shutdown Covenant addon.

Repository URL: https://nixgates.github.io/packages

The Boys

The Boys is another addon of Kodi 20 Nexus with a huge library of streaming content. The addon contains various streaming genres like TV Shows, Movies, Anime, Sports, and Web Series in high resolution.

You can easily find the addon on the well-known The Crew Wizard Repository. Also, it offers more than 2,000 channels to stream VOD and premium content.

Repository URL: https://team-crew.github.io

Fido K19

Fido K19 is the great Kodi addon of the unofficial Fido Addon Repository. It includes various sections like Kids Area, Classic TV Shows, Fitness, Movies, Stands Up Comedy, Music TV, TV BoxSets, and 24X7 Shows.

In addition, all categories have a wide range of subcategories to access various content. For example, Live TV contains Stirr TV, Distro TV, Plex, Pluto TV, Fluxus TV, and Kids PBS-TV.

Repository URL: http://fantazyrepo.uk/repo/


Genocide is the latest third-party addon to watch content in 1080px and 4K video quality. Here, you can look for many content genres like Movies, Documentaries, Concerts, Comedies, and TV Shows. In addition, all genres have subgenres to browse for your favorite content.

Although, most of the content of the add-on is available for free. But, to gain a high-quality experience, you can integrate the Real Debrid on Kodi. Besides that, this addon belongs to The Crew Repository.

Repository URL: https://team-crew.github.io


Homelander addon is the successor of the previous video addon, Exodus and The Oath. It has many sections to navigate, i.e., My Movies, Movies, My TV Shows, TV Shows, New Episodes, Tools, Search, and New Movies.

Homelander addon is also available on The Crew Wizard Repository. Apart from that, it is a free streaming addon that does not host its content.

Repository URL: https://team-crew.github.io

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is a great video addon on The Crew Wizard Repository. Here, you can stream almost all content related to Music, Kids, Documentaries, WWE Universe, Latest Movies, and Web Shows.

Moreover, the add-on has a neat and clean UI with an attractive layout that makes your search easy.

Repository URL: https://team-crew.github.io


If you like to watch cartoons and animes, then WatchNixtoons2 is best for you. It is the advanced version of the old WatchNixtoon addon. In 2022, Doko(the developer of CTOON) released the addon.

It has many streaming genres to watch, including Dubbed Anime, Subbed Anime, OVA Series, Latest Movies, Cartoons, Latest Releases, and, Popular & Ongoing Series. Additionally, you can download the WatchNixtoons2 addon using The Crew Repository.

Repository URL: https://team-crew.github.io

The Promise

The Promise is also the best Kodi 20 Nexus addon that offers top streaming Movies and TV Shows.

In addition, it has a separate section for Documentaries, Live TV, IPTV, Cartoons, Comedy, and Sports. Also, the addon has a friendly interface to access many streaming links.

Moreover, it is the fork of the offline addon, The Oath. You can install the addon simply through the Warehouse Repository.

Repository URL: https://warehousecrates.github.io/TheWareHouse/


Alfa(known as Alpha) is the Spanish addon to stream the latest Movies and TV Shows. It is good for those who want to watch content in the Spanish language.

Here, the content is organized into categories like Anime, Documentaries, Horror, Kids, and 4K Movies.

In addition, the addon has many sections like Channels, Downloads, Global Search, Favorite, My Links, Settings, and Video Library. Besides that, the Alfa addon belongs to the Alpha Addon Repository.

Repository URL: https://alfa-addon.com/alfa/

Butter Fingers Movies

As the name shows, the Butter Fingers Movies addon belongs to the Butter Fingers Repository. It has various sections to watch Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Music, and, Documentaries with high streaming links.

Also, it has different filters, like Animated, Featured, Comedy, Classics, Horror, etc. Therefore, Butter Finger is a good option for watching content with no buffering.

Repository URL: http://j1wizard.net/butter/

Diy Fix

Diy Fix is another video addon of the Butter Fingers Repository. It is the appliance repair addon for home activities.

It has many sections, such as Gardening, Lawnmower Repair, Automotive Repair, Pets’ Info, Tips, Small Appliance Repair, Home Repair, and Fix Musical instruments. These sections help to learn tips for fixing and handling home things.

Repository URL: http://j1wizard.net/butter


Why does some Build not support Kodi 20 Nexus?

The Kodi 20 Nexus has yet to be fully released originally. However, it is currently working on its Alpha version. Therefore, some add-ons do not support the Kodi 20 Nexus.

Are the add-ons legal to use?

No, all the add-ons are not 100% legal to use. Because various sources contain malware and virus that may affect your device. So, I recommend using premium quality VPNs like ExpressVPN to avoid such issues.

Can I use the add-ones for free?

Yes, you can use all listed Kodi 20 Nexus add-ons for free without creating a user account.

Final Words

Finally, the article has discussed all the best Kodi 20 Nexus add-ons. We will update the article if we find any additional addon of Kodi 20 Nexus. Share your feedback after installing the add-ons on your device.

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