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Best Kodi Live TV Addons: Updated December 2023

Are you looking for the best Kodi Live TV add-ons for Firestick? This guide explains the Kodi live TV Addons and how to watch Live TV on Kodi. Kodi has many add-ons and builds to watch Live TV and movies.

If you stream live TV on Kodi, you will certainly cut the cable cost. However, for HD links and a better experience, you may subscribe to premium services like Real-Debrid, All Debrid, Premiumize, Linksnappy, Trakt, etc.

Generally, people think that Kodi is only for movies and TV shows. But by using Kodi Live TV add-ons, you can stream thousands of live channels.

Attention! Before You Move Ahead.

I want to warn you that whatever you stream online is visible to the Government, ISPs, and Third Parties. Personally, I dislike someone snooping on my online activities.

Currently, your IP address is visible to everyone.

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Note:- Streaming copyrighted content without a license is illegal and may land you in legal trouble. VPNHacks.com does not encourage piracy in any way.

Top Kodi Live TV Addons

Let us discuss the best Live TV Kodi add-ons available for various categories like Live TV, anime, sports, news, entertainment, movies, cartoons, kids, adults, etc.

You can install Live TV addons on Kodi on any device, viz. Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV Cube, Android devices, Nvidia Shield Pro, Windows & Mac PCs, etc. Here, we have installed and tested the following Live TV Kodi add-ons.

Fluxux IPTV

Fluxux IPTV is a great add-on to stream live TV channels on different kinds of devices. To stream channels, it uses M3U playlists that offer 4000+ channels and on-demand content. In addition, the channels are in different categories, like sports, international, news, music, etc.

Moreover, the addon doesn’t require user registration and provides a user-friendly interface. The only drawback of the addon is that it shows many ads while streaming.

Repository Name: cMaN’s Wizard Repository
Source URL: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo

The TV App

The TV App is the top live TV addon of the G-Live Repository, where you can stream content from different genres like entertainment, sports, news, cooking, kids, music, etc.

This addon mainly provides sports content, including the NBA, NHL, Live TV, MLB, and NFL. Additionally, the addon provides an easy interface, and all content is subdivided into categories for easy browsing.

Repository Name: G-Live Repository
Source URL: https://mrgsi.github.io/glive

Daddy Live

Daddy Live is the best Kodi addon of the well-known The Crew Repository. It has a very smooth and clean interface that offers live sports and TV channels in different categories. In the sports sections, you can find sports like baseball, cycling, table Table Tennis, WWE, etc.

While TV Show contains a wide collection of old and new TV shows. Overall, it is a great Kodi addon to stream a variety of live sports and TV content.

Repository Name: The Crew Repo
Source URL: https://team-crew.github.io

Plex Live

Plex Live is another live TV Kodi addon that provides more than 200+ live channels. These channels are from different regions, i.e., Germany, Canada, and Mexico, mostly offering English and American content.

Here, you can find different categories, including news, lifestyle, entertainment, gaming, sports, etc. The addon belongs to the well-known Slyguy repository and has a simple home page design that has sections, like Bookmarks, Search, Live TV, and Settings.

Repository Name: SlyGuy Repository
Source URL: https://slyguy.uk

PBS Live

PBS Live is the official Kodi addon, containing over 1000 live-streaming channels from all over the world. You can find this addon on the popular Slyguy Kodi Repository.

Also, the interface and layout design of the addon are simple, which makes your search navigation easy. The popular categories of the addon are sports, arts, entertainment, news, etc.

Repository Name: SlyGuy Repository
Source URL: https://slyguy.uk


Json IPTV is the latest Kodi addon in the list of best live TV addons, which is available on the G-Live repository. Here, you can stream live content of different genres, i.e., entertainment and sports. Also, the add-ons offer many international channels for live streaming.

Additionally, the home page of the Json IPTV is well designed with different navigating sections, including IPTV Channels, IPTV providers, and Rdio Providers. Moreover, the add-ons easily work on other devices like FireSticks, Fire TVs, and, Android.

Repository Name: G-Live Repository
Source URL: https://mrgsi.github.io/glive


Mega IPTV is also the best live TV addon that offers a wide collection of live-streaming content. It offers many international sports and local news channels that enhance your streaming experience. Currently, it contains 1000+ live TV channels of more than 180 countries around the World.

On its Homepage, you can find various menus i.e., Samsung TV, Flexus Channels English, IPTV-Org Channels by Country, Recently Played, Search, and, Settings.

So, if you like to watch sports, anime, news, comedy shows, kids’ shows, or games, you can easily go for Mega IPTV addon.

Repository Name: G-Live Repository
Source URL: https://mrgsi.github.io/glive


IPTV NZ is a third-party Kodi addon that offers various Live TV channels in the New Zealand region. It means the addons provide geo-restricted content in the New Zealand region only.

Moreover, the IPTV NZ addon belongs to the Slyguy Repository and supports all devices including Android, Nvidia Sheild, and, Firestick.

Repository Name: SlyGuy Repository
Source URL: https://slyguy.uk


According to the name, IPTVA AU is a live TV addon of the Australian region. Within the addon, you can find 30+ live TV channels i.e., ABC, 10 Bold, Redbull TV, Fuel TV, Al Jazeera, etc.

Here, all content is available in 240px to 1080px video quality with minimum buffering. However, the add-ons work only in Australia country but by using a VPN service you can stream live TV content globally.

Repository Name: SlyGuy Repository
Source URL: https://slyguy.uk

Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus is a free international Kodi addon that provides live-streaming services in countries like the USA, the UK, and, Canada.

To stream the content here you don’t need to sign up, choose your channel and content category and stream it anywhere. Some of the popular categories of the addon are documentary, crime, film, news, etc.

Additionally, it provides a Search option to find the desired section inside the addon. Moreover, the main page of the addon includes 4 sections to browse content like My Channels, Live TV, Search, and Settings.

Repository Name: SlyGuy Repository
Source URL: https://slyguy.uk


Fork-Q is a free live TV addon from the UK and USA that belongs to the cMaN’s Wizard repository. It is an all-in-one addon to stream live TV channels in two areas.

It is a user-friendly add-on compatible with most Kodi-supported devices, like Firestick and Android. The noted point about the addon is that it is not safe and legal to use; you must exercise caution while using it.

Repository Name: cMaN’s Wizard Repository
Source URL: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo


Halcyon is another on-demand Kodi addon of the cMan Wizard Repository. It offers a traditional user interface to quickly search for your favorite content.

Additionally, the Home page of the addon contains different sections to navigate i.e., TV Shows, Comedy Shows, Documentaries, Movies, Jukebox Videos, Live Webcams, and, 4k Movies.

Moreover, the add-ons also provide the option to link with a Real Debrid account for additional features and high-quality videos.

Repository Name: cMaN’s Wizard Repository
Source URL: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo


Ghost is the third-party Kodi addon available on The Crew Repository. It offers different types of streaming options like sports, entertainment, live TV, replays, movies, etc.

Additionally, the Ghost dashboard contains different sections to browse i.e., Live TV, Movies, Replays, TV Shows, Search, Trakt, and Settings.

Also, the add-on enables you to integrate into the Real Debrid service for an advanced streaming experience. Overall, the add-ons contain a quick, easy, and, helpful user interface to navigate different pages easily.

Repository Name: The Crew Repo
Source URL: https://team-crew.github.io

Rising Tides

Rising Tides is Kodi’s live TV sports addon on the Mullafabz Repository. Also, one of the benefits is that you can find channels per the country section. Besides that, it follows many sports categories like

  • Live Football
  • Extra Live Content
  • Live PPV Events
  • IPTV Heaven

How to install Rising Tides Kodi Add-on

Repository URL: http://mullafabz.xyz/Repository


Fetch is one of the best Kodi Live TV add-ons that allows you to stream channels from different countries, including the USA, UK, and Canada. In addition, the channel has many streaming categories like Entertainment, Comedy, Sports, News, Travel, Business, and Lifestyle.

Besides that, you have many personalized options like adding to favorites, searching using keywords, recently played channels, etc. The add-on belongs to the well-known Doomzday Repository.

Repository URL: https://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday


RBTV is another Live TV addon to stream unlimited movies and TV shows online. Here, you can find channels from different countries like the USA, India, the UK, and Canada.

By using the RBTV Kodi add-on, you can stream content from genres like Science, Weather, Sports, News, Local, and Kids.

You can install an addon from the WareHouse Repository. Some of its best alternatives are The Promise, LNTV, and Elementum.

Repository URL: https://warehousecrates.github.io/TheWareHouse/


Stirr is an unofficial Live TV addon that offers a variety of live TV channels, on-demand content, and local news broadcasts. In addition, it is a free streaming service that is also available as an app on the Amazon Store, Apple Store, Roku, and Google Play Store.

Though the addon is not available on the official Kodi repository, you can download it safely from the Sly Guy Repository.

Repository URL: http://k.slyguy.xyz


LNTV is one of the best live TV streaming add-ons that provides various live TV channels from the US, France, and the UK. These channels belong to different streaming categories, including, sports, news, entertainment, cooking, kids, music, etc.

Moreover, the add-ons contain a user-friendly interface for easy access. Besides that, the add-ons are available on the WareHouse repository, which also contains top add-ons like RBTV and The Promise.

Repository URL: https://warehousecrates.github.io/TheWareHouse/

UK Turks Playlists

UK Turks Playlists is a popular Kodi addon that provides access to a wide range of streaming content, including movies, live TV channels, sports, cartoons, and documentaries.

Here, all streaming content is organized in a good manner which is easy to find the desired content. You can find the addon on the popular UK Turks Addon Repository.

Repository URL: https://addapp.club/ukturk

iPlayer WWW

The iPlayer WWW addon is a popular Live TV addon from the BBC iPlayer site. It provides a wide collection of BBC TV shows, movies, and documentaries.

The add-on is available on the official Kodi addon repository. Some of its alternatives are Irish TV, iTBN, Jupiter Broadcasting, iSpot TV adverts, etc.

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

The Promise

The Promise is the best Live TV addon to stream on-demand movies and TV shows because it offers immense content categories like My TV Shows, Retro Cartoons, New Movies, My Movies, The Promise Movie List, Stand-Up Comedy, New Episodes, and, Documentaries. You can install the addon from the WareHouse Repository.

Repository URL: https://warehousecrates.github.io/TheWareHouse/

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free streaming addon that offers a wide range of live TV channels and on-demand content. These channels are of various genres, including news, sports, entertainment, and movies.

However, Pluto TV contains a variety of ads but enables you to access the content without a subscription fee. Moreover, the addon works with various platforms, including web browsers, mobile devices (iOS and Android), smart TVs, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.

Repository URL: Kodi Add-on Repository


News On is a digital streaming addon that provides access to local news broadcasts across the United States. With the addon, you can stream local news content from various television stations and networks.

In addition to the above, you can watch news, weather updates, sports coverage, and other local stories. It has an attractive UI to browse news content by location or station.

Repository: Kodi Addon Repository

Catch-Up TV

Catch-Up TV is also the best live TV Kodi add-on for live streaming. This service is available worldwide, including in the United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, and Italy. 

Furthermore, you can install the Catch-Up TV add-on from the official repository of Kodi, which is called the Kodi Add-ons Repository.

How to install Catch Up TV & More Kodi Add-on

Repository URL:  https://catch-up-tv-and-more.github.io/repo/

The Crew 

The Crew is one of the multi-functional Kodi live TV add-ons with diversified functions. It updates the streaming links regularly. Moreover provides an option to choose the channel using the IPTV option.

Here, you can see a section titled ‘1-Clicks‘ by selecting top shows and channels with just one click on any device like Firestick, Roku, Raspberry Pi, Chromecast, etc.

The Crew is also the best Sports Kodi addon and links to Pluto TV, Stratus, Distro TV, Tubi TV, Flexus TV, Lodge, etc. Along with Live streaming content, it has other categories like Stand-up Comedy, IMDB lists, and Oscar winners.

How to Install The Crew Add-on

Repository URL: https://team-crew.github.io/

How to Install Live Kodi Add-ons

We can install Kodi live TV add-ons on Firestick using two ways listed below:

Through the Official Kodi Repository

Following are the steps to install Kodi live TV add-ons through the official Kodi repository:

  • First, launch the Kodi software
  • Click on the Settings shown in the top left corner of the screen
  • After that, click on Add-ons and select the option Install from the repository
  • Then, click on “Video add-ons
  • Choose the add-on from the channel list and click on the Install button
  • Once installation is complete, go to the Home screen
  • Select the Video add-on and enjoy the streaming

Through Kodi Add-ons From the Unknown Source

Following are the steps to install Kodi live TV add-ons from unknown sources:

  • First, open the Kodi
  • Click on the top-left corner of the home screen and go to File Manager
  • Double-click on the Add source option shown on the screen
  • Click on the <None> option
  • Enter the name of the path or the repository
  • Click on the OK button
  • In the required field, enter the repository URL
  • Again, click on the OK button
  • Go back to the home screen and go to the Settings
  • Then click on Add-ons
  • After that, click on the Install from zip file option
  • Then, select the zip file of the add-on you want to install
  • Wait for the successful installation message


Which is the best Live TV addon for Kodi Nexus?

The Crew is the best Live TV addon for Kodi Nexus. Here, you can stream almost all streaming categories, like Movies, TV Shows, and Sports.

Also, the addon has a separate IPTV section that enables you to watch all kinds of Live TV shows. In addition, you can download it through The Crew Wizard Repository.

What are the best Live TV Kodi repositories?

Some of the best Live TV Kodi repositories are:
The Warehouse Repository
The Crew Wizard Repository
Doomzday Repository
SlyGuy Repository
Kodi Add-on Repository

Which is the best Kodi Live Football addon?

Sport HD is the best Kodi Football addon to stream live sports events. Here, you can find various sections like Live Events, Best Leagues, Settings, Version, and Sports. Now, the addon is available on the Bugatsinho Repository.

Final Note

Finally, we have discussed all the popular Kodi live TV add-ons with their installation process. We tested all sites before writing it here, and they are working fine.

We hope that this article helps you save your time and money. Although, We have updated the article if any new add-ons or services are coming into the market. So, feel free to ask if you have any doubts about it.

Useful Guides:-

Before you start streaming on Firestick Apps/Websites, I would like to warn you once again that we do not know from where these Apps, Websites, Kodi Repositories, Wizards, Builds, and Addons fetch the streams.

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