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Best Kodi Sports Addons in 2024 {New Addons Added}

Kodi sports add-ons allow you to watch the latest sports streams of Boxing, Football, WWE, Fighting, and Hockey. In addition, you can stream different sports replays, Live sports, live PPV events, and sports channels.

Some sports add-ons also offer entertainment, movies, music, and news content. There are top Kodi Sports Builds with different streaming categories like movies and TV shows apart from Sports content.

We all know that to watch live sports on Kodi, we should download the add-on from its official repository.

After that, we can follow the step-by-step installation process for installing the add-on on Kodi.

Here, we have discussed some working sports add-ons that are best for streaming.

Best Sports Kodi Addons February 2024

Full Match TV

Full Match TV is the best Kodi sports addon available on the Diggz Repository. Here, you can find different sports to stream, including the NHL, motorsports, MLB, AFL, NFL, NBA, WWE, rugby, and MMA. In addition, it enables you to stream both live sports options and IPTV-free channels.

Repo Name: Diggz Repository
Repo URL: http://diggz1.me/diggzrepo

Torque Lite

Torque Lite is a great add-on from the Narcacist repository and has a variety of navigating sections like Drive-in Theater, Super Cars, Live Zone, 1 Off Event, Today’s Motorsport Schedule, Super Bikes, Race Archives, etc.

Repo Name: Narcacist Repository
Repo URL: https://mylostsoulspace.co.uk/repo

Fights on Demand

Fights on Demand is a Kodi addon that provides access to a wide range of sports content including on-demand access to various fights, including boxing, MMA, wrestling, etc.

In addition, it enables you to browse through a collection of fights, watch replays of past matches, and enjoy highlights from different sports leagues.

Moreover, it offers a diverse selection of fights from various promotions to easily explore content based on different categories or search for specific fights.

Repo Name: Narcacist Repo
Repo URL: http://www.narcacist.com/repo

Centry Sports

Centry Sports is a Kodi addon that offers live sports streams and sports-related content. Here, you can watch live sports events from various categories, including football (soccer), basketball, tennis, rugby, etc.

Additionally, it offers multiple sources for each event, giving users better streaming options.

Repo Name: Centry
Repo URL: https://centry7.github.io


The tvOne addon is an all-in-one sports addon that allows you to stream live and on-demand content from the tvOne networks. It is an Indonesian television network where you can look for lots of streaming categories, including news, entertainment, drama, reality shows, and more.

One of the benefits of the addon is that you can watch live TV channels and catch up on episodes or programs that you may have missed.

Repo Name: Narcacist Repo
Repo URL: http://www.narcacist.com/repo

Purely Wrestling

Purely Wrestling is a new live sport addon mainly focused on providing wrestling-related content, such as live wrestling events, wrestling shows, and, highlights.

In addition, its main page is featured with different categories like Purely Wrestling features categories like Live, Archives, Pay Per Views, Shows, Network Collections, Documentaries, etc. 

Repo Name: The Crew Repo
Repo URL: https://team-crew.github.io

Apex Sports

Apex Sports is an on-demand Kodi addon to stream live sports events in high quality. Apart from sports, it also includes different types of movies, and, TV show categories.

Some of its best sports events are football (soccer), basketball, baseball, cricket, boxing, and more. In addition, the addon provides access to both international and regional sports channels, ensuring coverage of various leagues and tournaments.

Repo Name: Arxtic-ape Repository
Repo URL: https://arxtic-ape.github.io

Sportowa TV

Sportowa TV is a Live Sports addon that includes popular sports such as football (soccer), basketball, tennis, boxing, etc.

For that, it offers a wide range of channels and sources for watching live sports events across the globe.

Besides that, it also provides a list of available sports channels or categories, allowing you to browse and select the specific event or match you want to watch quickly.

Repo Name: Mbebe Repository
Repo URL: https://mbebe.github.io/blomqvist

Rising Tides

Rising Tides is another best Live Sports addon available on the Rising Tides Repository. It offers various sports categories to stream, like football, soccer, tennis, baseball, and basketball.

Using it, you can watch live sports games, events, and highlights from various sports leagues and competitions globally.

Moreover, the add-on typically categorizes sports content by sport type, making it easy to navigate and find desired live streams.

Repo Name: Rising Tides Repository
Repo URL: http://mullafabz.xyz/Repository

The Crew

The Crew is a popular Kodi addon to stream content related to movies, TV shows, live TV, and sports. It contains a user-friendly interface and a vast library of media options that give you a good Kodi experience.

Here, you can browse and stream content from various sources, including popular streaming platforms, on-demand services, and IPTV channels.

Furthermore, it supports both on-demand streaming and live streaming of TV channels, making it a versatile addon for entertainment purposes.

Repo Name: The Crew Repo
Repo URL: https://team-crew.github.io

cCloud TV

cCloud TV is the Kodi live sports add-on that offers more than hundreds of UK and US satellite channels, viz. ESPN, ABC, Discovery, Sky, Cartoon Network, NBC, and on-demand channels. In addition, you can access radio stations across the globe.

Besides, cCloud TV lets you post links on its official website so users can use them automatically in the Kodi Addon. Moreover, this add-on works with all Kodi-supported devices, viz. Android, iOS, macOS, Firestick, Roku, Chromecast, etc.

Repo Name: Kodil Repo
Repo URL: http://www.lvtvv.com/repo

Sports World

Sports World is one of Kodi users’ best live sports add-ons to watch high-quality on-demand content.

It includes many sports like Golf, UFC, NBA, American Football, Tennis, Football (Soccer), Boxing, Wrestling, Baseball, Rugby, and Cricket.

In addition, you can find all kinds of sports in the menu section and watch them by selecting the desired channel and screen resolution.

This add-on mainly works in the USA if you want to use it in another country. You must connect it through a good VPN like  IPVanish VPN, ExpressVPN, PrivateInternetAccess, or NordVPN.

Repo Name: Kodil Repo
Repo URL: http://lvtvv.com/repo


TvnSports is the live Kodi sports add-on that works well with the Kodi 19 matrix. It offers various categories of streaming content and menus, including Live Sports, Live TV, Replays, and highlights.

Apart from sports, you can also search for other content like Movies, TV Shows, Web Shows, and Docs. TVnsports add-on works well on Android, iOS, macOS, Firestick, FireTV, Roku (Express & Streaming Stick), Chromecast with Google+, etc.

Repo Name: LooNatics Asylum Repo
Repo URL: https://techecoyote.github.io/Install_LooNatics


TvTap is an excellent football add-on that you can easily install on a Kodi device. In addition, it has hundreds of streaming channels in high video resolution free of cost.

These channels include Entertainment, Movies, Docs, Kids, News, Food, Music, and Sports categories.

Moreover, you can access content from regions like Europe, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the USA. Its top sports are Football, WWE, Boxing, NHL, NFL, and NBA.

Repo Name: LooNatics Asylum Repo
Repo URL: https://techecoyote.github.io/Install_LooNatics


Castaway is the NFL Kodi add-on to watch live sports events and on-demand videos. Here, you can watch many types of sports like Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Baseball, Boxing, and, Soccer.

One of the best things about the add-on is that it works with Peer to peer-to-peer technology (PPT). This technique helps users download and upload content online. This add-on works well with Kodi Matrix 19, Kodi Leia 18, and Krypton 17 Versions.

Repo Name: Super Repo
Repo URL: http://srp.nu

Sports Devil

Sports Devil is a well-known Kodi add-on that belongs to various Kodi repositories. You can watch live events, match replays, and their highlights. It offers content in video resolution of 480px, 720px, and 1080px.

On Sports Devil Addon, you can watch top sports channels like NFL, NBA, NHL, Cricket, and Tennis. You can install this add-on directly from the repo link or download a zip file.

Repo Name: Cy4Root Repo
Repo URL: https://cy4root2.github.io/zip


Asgard is the latest UFC Kodi Addon that allows you to explore many content categories like movies, news, sports, and docs, including premium services.

Moreover, the sports section has an inbuilt subfolder for sports genres like Sports Catch-up, Sports Docs, Wrestling, and Boxing.

In addition, it has many features, i.e., Next Up dialog, Trakt support, and subtitles. Apart from Asgard, you can find many other best Kodi sports add-ons to watch live sports events.

How to Install Asgard Kodi Add-on

Repo Name: Narcacist’s Wizard Repo
Repo URL: http://narcacist.com/repo

The Endzone

The Endzone is a lightweight sports add-on that works well with the Kodi 19 matrix. It allows you to watch many sports genres like Football, Baseball, Boxing, Hockey, Basketball, Racing, and Wrestling.

You can stream any sports category here, including live and updated sports. In addition, sports are updated on the Endzone 10-15 minutes before the starting whistle of the game. Another Key Point, it has a friendly interface and an attractive layout. 

Repo Name: Grindhouse Repo
Repo URL: http://grindhousekodi.us/repo

Fight Club

Fight Club is a top sports add-on developed by Nemzzy for watching sports like wrestling and UFC. In addition, users can stream live events, boxing highlights, and martial arts replays. To make the add-on more secure, it uses a PIN code to enter the Fight Club section.

You can generate the pin code using the link https://pinsystem.co.uk. Some other alternatives to Fight Club are EntertainMe and Nemesis AIO. Moreover, the add-on supports Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix versions. 

Repo Name: Stream Army Repo
Repo URL: http://streamarmy.co.uk/repo

Final Thoughts

All Kodi sports add-ons written here are working correctly with the online repo. So, install any add-ons on your device and tell us your experience and opinion. Also, leave your comment below if you have difficulty using it.

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