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Best Kodi Sports Builds: December 2022 {Fresh List}

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Kodi Sports Builds

In this guide, we have shortlisted the best Kodi sports builds in 2022 based on top streaming categories, compatible platforms, pre-installed add-ons, supported Kodi versions, and repository URLs.

By using a sports Build, you can stream sports events like FIFA World Cup, NFL, NBA, Super Bowl, Final Four, etc. In addition, these Builds offer the option to stream movies and TV shows.

Best Kodi Sports Build 2022

Misfit Mods Lite

Misfit Mods Lite Build is the best Build to stream live sports on Kodi. You can stream high-quality Sports, Movies, TV Shows, and Music on this Build.

In addition to the movies and TV show addons, the Build also includes top sports addons, i.e., Rising Tides, Seren, and, The Crew. Moreover, you can install the Build on Kodi platforms like Firestick, Google Chromecast, Windows, Mac, and Android.

How to install Misfit Mods Lite Kodi Build

Repository Name: Misfits Mods Wizard Repository
Repository URL: http://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo/

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DaButcher is another well-known Kodi Build with a smooth user interface and attractive navigation theme. The Build is mainly for online sports event streaming; however, you can stream Movies and TV Shows.

The top add-ons of Dabutcher Builds are The Loop, The Crew, and Mad Titan Sports.

How to install Dabutcher Kodi Build

Repository Name: Da Butcher Repository
Repository URL: http://dabutcher.org/repo

Atomic Matrix

Atomic Matrix is a lightweight Kodi Build with an attractive layout and smooth interface. Here, you can search the videos and TV shows from the available streaming categories.

Some of the Atomic Matrix Build’s top add-ons are Mad Titan, Rising Tides, Seren, The Crew, and Kodi Verse. Atomic Matrix Build works fine on Kodi installed on Firestick, FireTV, Firestick Lite, Firestick 4K, and all android devices.

How to install Atomic Matrix Build

Repository Name: Misfits Mods Wizard Repository
Repository URL: http://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo

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DoomzDay BK19

Doomzday BK19 is a great Kodi sports Build that works well with Android, Firestick, and Fire TV devices.

Here, you can stream all content categories like Sports, Live TV, Documentaries, Music, and TV Shows. In addition, the Build has many sports add-ons like Magic Dragon, Mad Titan Sports, The Crew, and Asgard.

How to install Doomzday BK19 Kodi Build

Repository Name: Doomzday Wizard
Repository URL: https://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday

HardNox Ultra

Hard Nox Ultra is another great Build for streaming sports on Kodi. There are many streaming genres like Sports, Movies, Kids, TV Shows, etc.

Also, all genres are divided into subsections to make the search easy. Like other sports Builds, HardNox Ultra has popular addons like Magic Dragon, Asgard, and, The Crew.

How to install HardNox Ultra Build

Repository Name: Misfits Mods Repository
Repository URL: http://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo/


Luxray is the popular sports Kodi Build with a simple interface and featured content. Some of its best add-ons are Shadow, The Crew, Patriot, and Magic Dragon.

With the Build, you can stream almost all genres as Kids’ Shows, Adult content, Movies, Documentaries, and TV Shows.

Also, Luxray Build work perfectly fine with the Kodi installed on Firestick, PC, Android, Smartphones, Nvidia Shield, and Mac.

How to install Luxray Kodi Build

Repository Name: Stream Digital Wizard Repository
Repository URL: http://sdwteam.com/wiz

Wrap Up

Finally, the sports Builds listed above will help you stream sports events on Kodi. Let us know any other popular sports Build you think we can add to the list.

Happy Streaming!

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