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Best Kodi Gaming Addons in December 2022

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After sifting through a large number of them, we have found the best Kodi gaming addons for gaming in 2022.

A few things before we start, you need to know about Kodi Including the fact that Kodi games are much simpler and a great wake-up call for Kodi lovers will be to play counterstrike after reading this blog! Here are some of our top recommendations for Kodi game add-ons.

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5 Best Kodi Gaming Addons to Try

You can get a lot out of the platform if you use the more game-friendly gadgets and the best part about Kodi build game add-ons is that they are sure to bring your childhood memories back which will now take a turn to nostalgia check out the list of 5 best Kodi game add-ons.


Mentioning the Kodi add-on as the first item on our list of the top Kodi gaming add-ons. The first game in the Kodi add-on has to be RetroMania. It has a great reputation for being the best Kodi game add-on.

Install RetroMania if you truly want to play a lot of games on Kodi. This gaming setup is loaded with video applications, emulators, and Kodi game add-ons.

Repository Name: Retromania Repo
Repository URL:

Netwalk Game

In this Kodi add-on, the Netwalk game connects Kodi to your PC and enables Kodi gaming on any device. The good news for Kodi users is that any device can run Netwalk.

However, touchscreen devices are where you’ll really appreciate it one of the official Kodi repositories includes Netwalk Game.

This Kodi game has been compulsive and in actuality, Netwalk Game is your best add-on because there aren’t many game add-ons for Kodi.

Repository Name: Netwalk Repo
Repository URL:

Duck Shot

An intriguing Kodi game add-on is called Duck Shot. You shoot ducks on the screen to get points, as the name of the game already makes clear.

It draws inspiration from the venerable NES game Duck Hunt. The strength of this game lies in how straightforward it is. You need to have a mouse to play Duck-shot, which is a drawback here.

You can play Duck Shot on certain devices. Not every Kodi device supports Duck shot. A third-party Kodi game add-on called Duck Shot is available for download from the SuperRepo repository.

Repository Name: SuperRepo
Repository URL:

Connect 4

Connect 4 Kodi game is quite easy to be seen as the best Kodi game add-on.

Similarly, The fact that it can be played by two people makes it special, It is a fun game because of the rivalry as its Kodi add-on is available in the SuperRepo repository.

Repository Name: SuperRepo
Repository URL:

Tank Warfare

The game Tank Warfare is quite captivating Kodi war game. In this game, your job is to obliterate the approaching free-floating cars.

A mouse or touch-screen device is suitable for tank warfare. The SuperRepo repository is where you may find the game where the Tank warfare game aesthetics are equally unpretentious as its premise.

Repository Name: SuperRepo
Repository URL:

Install a Kodi VPN for Games

Above all, for Kodi users, It’s time to reiterate to you guys the importance of always utilizing Kodi VPNs with Kodi, even while you’re playing games.

In addition, Kodi is one of the great platforms, but still without a VPN is a chance you should not take.

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Finally, as a privacy advocate, I strongly recommend using ExpressVPN always while streaming online.

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