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AT&T VPN Service | Settings & Features

AT&T VPN service is a business solution provided by AT&T. The VPN is developed to protect personal information on devices over the internet. Businesses with a huge volume of data need to secure their data.

Although many of the best VPN service providers for Android, iPhone, MAC, and Windows are available, AT&T provides a VPN service bundled with mobile internet service. Most importantly, The VPN is popular because of its two features, i.e., reliability and flexibility.

AT&T provides a VPN service over the AT&T global network. It is necessary to mention that the VPN utilizes Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). Additionally, the VPN provides high performance and connectivity to a single network. Certainly, the VPN ensures that your business always stays connected and growing.

AT&T VPN Service Key Points

  • Network Agility: Flexible MPLS network identifies your needs and changes your bandwidth accordingly.
  • Controlled by Customer-defined policy: Designed to prioritize traffic over a single infrastructure. As a result, the VPN achieves a high level of performance.
  • Management Options: Either you can manage your VPN router or let AT&T work for you.
  • Network Reliability and Flexibility: Lets your customers connect to your application with a consistent performance high-speed network.
  • Faster Response Time: It happens quite often while using a VPN; your network speed slows down. But it will not occur when you use AT&T mobile service with AT&T VPN.
AT&T VPN service function

AT&T VPN Service Features

Network Security

  • Traffic is separated using MPLS networking.
  • Data travels through an encrypted tunnel.
  • Not susceptible to DDoS attacks.


  • It does not let your data co-mingle with the internet.
  • Isolation and protection from other customers’ VPNs.
  • Only customer endpoints can communicate with each other.


  • Bandwidth up to 100GBPS.
  • Faster response time with better application performance.

The above defined are the key features of AT&T’s VPN service. For more information, visit AT&T’s official website.

AT&T VPN Support and Troubleshooting

Everyone is not that tech-savvy to troubleshoot AT&T problems. So, AT&T VPN provides 24X7 support. Even you can receive expert support from their knowledgeable representatives.

In addition, it also guides on configuring & troubleshooting your AT&T VPN. Moreover, AT&T is a giant and known for providing cutting-edge technology solutions. Through their MPLS VPN services, you will receive:

  • Service level agreements and customer-defined policies that lead their industry.
  • Expert assistance from their knowledgeable representatives with the designing and planning stages.
  • Options to choose from for network maintenance, management, and service.

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Program Data Settings for Non-AT&T Android Device

If you are using a non-AT&T device, you must install these settings to use AT&T 4G LTE data services. The non-AT&T device can be an unlocked device from another carrier or a device purchased directly from the manufacturer. Even you may need to configure data settings for a non-AT&T Android device.

Some older Android smartphones use default wap.cingular APN. However this APN does not support smartphone data connectivity anymore.

To program an Android device with the correct settings to connect to AT&T data services, do the following:

  1. Firstly, go to the Settings menu.
  2. After that, find and select any of the Wireless & Networks, More Networks, or Connections menus.
  3. Select Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names.
  4. Further, select the add a new APN option. Also, you can access it by using a + symbol.
  5. Then, program each field using the settings below.
AT&T VPN service android configuration

6. Finally, Save the modification, go to APN’s menu, and select the new APN.

Note: If you can still not program your device by following the steps above, please refer to your device user manual or contact the device manufacturer for assistance.

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