Best Torrent Sites in September 2021: {Tested & Working}

Are you looking for the best torrent sites there in the world? If Yes, In this article, I have shortlisted the 35 best torrent sites in September 2021 that are working and most useful. So, just stay with me for the next few minutes and you are all done.

I have tested around 100 websites and shortlisted the top 35 torrent sites. Factors I have studied are Downloading Speed, Safety, Availability, etc. These are the main features that everyone generally looks for. You want Seeding and Leeching to be fast as much as possible. In other words, we need faster torrent speed for movies, videos, songs, and games.

There are two kinds of torrent sites one is publicly available another is available by membership. You will have access to private sites when an existing member approves your request. Existing members can approve your request through email or invitation links.


Downloading and redistributing copyrighted content is illegal. If you get caught downloading and redistributing copyrighted content, you may face legal proceedings and penalties.

Undoubtedly, Government agencies actively monitor your online activities. They can easily reach you through your IP Address and Location.

We always advise you to use PrivateInternetAccess VPN. Because PrivateInternetAccess VPN hides you from Governments, Internet Service Providers, and Hackers. Also, it bypasses Geo-restrictions, Bandwidth Throttling, etc.

Moreover, it has unbreakable 256-bit military-grade encryption that encrypts your internet connection and protects your privacy. So, the overall best VPN is the PrivateInternetAccess VPN.

DISCLAIMER: Online downloading and redistributing copyrighted material online is an illegal activity. VPNHACKS.COM does not condone any illegal activity.

Best Torrent Sites in September 2021

People find the number of torrenting sites useful as per their needs. Actually, there are many top torrenting sites. But in September 2021, The Pirate Bay tops the list of top torrenting sites.

1. The Pirate Bay

Currently, The Pirate Bay is the top torrent site. Pirate Bay is developed using HTML, PHP & Javascript language. Moreover, it is known as the best torrent site for Movies and TV shows. The Pirate Bay is known as the best site for torrents in September 2021 and is efficient for searching magnet links.

Moreover, the website is hosted on Linux Servers. It uses a Varnish HTTP accelerator for caching static content. Also, The Pirate Bay has Lighttpd for optimizing website speed and Memcached for optimizing SQL queries, making it one of the best torrenting sites in 2021. Surprisingly, The Pirate Bay has 50+ dedicated servers worldwide that store almost 4,100,000 torrent files.

In addition, the torrent site has a user-friendly web interface and is simple and easy to understand. People say it is a top torrenting site because it exploits peer-to-peer file transfer protocol.

Website: The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay - Best torrent Website

2. Rutracker

Rutracker is a torrent site based in Russia. The torrent site is the best torrent site for software, music, audiobooks, and movies. The beauty of this site is that It allows anonymous registration and provides a free trial.

In addition, Rutracker supports Android, iOS, Windows operating systems. Furthermore, over 16 million users are registered on the top torrent site i.e. Rutracker. However, Rutracker is officially blocked in Russia by Moscow City Court.

Website Link: Rutracker

Rutracker - Popular Torrent Site

3. ETTVTorrents

ETTVTorrents is a popular torrent website. Because it covers almost every TV show category viz. Comedy, Drama, Reality, Mystery, Science-fiction, Thriller, etc. ETTVTorrents accepts donations through Bitcoin. Moreover, it has more than 200,000 files.

Visit: ETTVTorrents

ETTV - best torrent website

4. 1337X

The 1337X torrent site was launched in 2007. It uses the BitTorrent protocol for sharing files. Though the website is the top torrent site in 2021 it is banned by Google from indexing. Likewise, the website can be accessed using a VPN or Proxy. Similarly, it has content for almost all categories including Documentaries, Anime, and applications.

1337X is a torrent site best known for downloading movies with over 300,000 torrent files. Moreover, a popular torrent site because of a close rival of The Pirate Bay and KickAss torrents. The torrent site has a well-managed content UI but on the other hand, it shows more ads that annoy visitors.

Visit: 1337X

1337X - top torrent website

5. TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk is a secure torrent site as it is served by Cloudflare using the Nginx server. Most importantly, it does not route to untrusted websites or links. Even it does not store your personal information like IP address, location, service provider, etc. TorrentFunk is the best torrent site for registered users as it does not shows adverts to them. On the other hand, it shows adverts to unregistered users.

The TorrentFunk’s server is hosted in San Francisco in California.

Visit: TorrentFunk

torrent funk - top torrent site

6. Bitport

Bitport torrent site is based in the Czech Republic. The website saves disk space because of being the Best cloud-based torrent site. It is important to mention that Bitport can be used both on the computer and the phone. Moreover, it comes with 30 days money-back promise premium plan and free 1GB cloud storage. Most importantly, it is accessible without installing a download client.

Bitport has featured plugins, integrations, and API. Also, it offers an affiliate program with a 50% commission. It is important to mention that Bitport directly downloads your torrent to cloud storage. Though 24/7 live chat is not available definitely it is the best torrent site for live streaming and downloading torrents, as it uses NOD32 anti-virus for scanning files which is a great feature.

The great thing is that Bitport has a fully responsive user dashboard design. Being the most secured torrent site, Bitport uses the strongest encryption. Even it provides FTP access to an account i.e. users can connect to the website using an FTP client like OpenFTP or FileZilla.

Bitport is a highly scalable torrent site that has extensions for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera browsers. Even it supports Kodi, VLC, Roku, SmartTV, AppleTV for video streaming.

Visit: Bitport - Best cloud based torrent site

7. Toorgle – Google of Torrenting

Toorgle is based in San Francisco in the United States and is the best torrent search engine hence called google of torrenting. Being the top torrent search engine, Toorgle performs the torrent search in 480+ torrent websites. Also, it enables all kinds of torrent files including Videos, Music, TV Shows, Movies, Games in one place.

Visit Toorgle

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Toorgle - google of torrenting sites

8. DirtyTorrents

DirtyTorrents, hosted in Serbia, is known for downloading the latest and popular torrents, and the best torrent site has an android app developed by Internet Freedom. It extracts torrent file details from sites like LimeTorrents, The Pirate Bay, 1337X, Zooqle, RARBG, etc. DirtyTorrent has a variety of features like a vast database of torrent files, a user-friendly web interface, and a secure and safe platform.

Visit: DirtyTorrents

Best Dirty Torrents Website

9. Katcr

The first thing to remember is that Katcr is the heir of Kickass Torrents. Katcr provides plenty of seeders and leechers making it the best torrent site having huge torrent files and magnet links. The most compelling evidence is that it is a fast and easy torrent site, has a better market reputation with available alternatives like YTS, RARBG, 1337X, etc.

Truly, Katcr is a redesigned best torrent site with a clean database and fresh content. Due to the high traffic on the website, it loads relatively slow. However, it is flooded with genuine torrents and can be used with TOR (The Onion Router) browser.

Visit: Katcr

Kickass torrents - Old Torrent Website

10. Torlock

Torlock is a No fake best torrent site, having an option for users to Sign up and log in. Moreover, the website has category-wise blocks like TV torrents, Movie torrents, Music torrents, Games torrents, etc. Finally, Torlock has 7,478,444 (September 2021) total verified torrents.

Visit: Torlock


11. Nyaa

Nyaa torrent is a torrent meta search engine with a registration option. However, you can use the website without registering on it. Moreover, it is a dedicated website for Anime and TV Series. Even you can download torrents from the recently added list.

Visit: Nyaa


12. BTDigg

BTDigg stands for BitTorrent Digger. It is a distributed hash table-based torrent search engine, provides torrent’s full details like size, name, and magnet links. Similarly, it supports various languages including Russian, Portuguese, English, etc. Neither it stores a list of torrents nor analyzes the content of torrent files. Most importantly, it is open through the I2P network and Tor.

Visit: BTDigg


13. YourBittorrent

Just like the Katcr which is the heir of Kickass torrent, YourBittorent is the heir of the MyBittorent. YourBittorent, popularly known as the best torrent site, started in 2003. In fact, it is known as the best torrenting site for peer-to-peer BitTorrent networks. The website having an option to browse verified torrents, stores only torrent file information, not the file.

YourBittorent has various categories Movies, TV, Music, Games, Software, Anime, eBooks, etc, and has the option to surf both as a guest and registered user. For this reason, the top torrent site is popular even in September 2021. Moreover, the website has three torrent sorting options i.e. Popular, New & Verified, The Best.

Visit: YourBittorrent


14. Monova

Monova, A simple and user-friendly best torrent website where users can search torrents, either by name or file hash. The torrent website is available in three languages i.e. English, Italian, Russian. Monova torrent site’s content includes Audio, Adult, Books, Games, Photos, Software, Video, etc. Another key point is that the Monova torrent site has a registration option, to get the most out of it.

Visit: Monova


15. Idope

Founded in 2016, the Idope torrent site is the hub for magnetic links of torrents with more than 19 million torrents. Mostly the site is known for torrenting video streaming content like TV Shows, Movies, Music, Games, etc. For any torrent website to be popular, the UI of the website plays a vital role. Hence, Idope torrenting website has an impressive UI with a Mobile-Friendly interface. Most of all, Idope is not reportedly ban in any country.

  • URLs:-,,

The only drawback, I found is that Idope has irritating advertisements.

Visit Idope


16. YTS

Founded in 2011, YTS is a torrent site that is well known for classic movies. YTS is a well-coded website with minimal external libraries which boosts its speed. Hence, the website loads within seconds even on devices having slow internet connections. Currently, the website has an Alexa rank of 70.7K and most of the torrent visitors are from India. Sadly, the website is ban in Ireland.

Another key point is that YTS is also known as YIFY. Undoubtedly, users rate this website among the top torrenting sites for providing high-quality videos and movies. Torrent files are of smaller size, hardly in KBs and MBs. Coming to the resolution part, Users have the option to stream videos up to 2160p quality.

YTS focuses solely on videos, similar to other torrent sites, YTS has Also has annoying ads and popups. We all know that clicking on adware can result in compromise of privacy. However, you have many ways to stop the adware like using a VPN that provides encryption as well as an adware blocker. I strongly advise you not to click on any adware in order to prevent yourself from being trapped. YTS provides updated torrents even in high-definition resolution.

Visit YTS


17. MagnetDL

  • Full of Magnet links
  • Faster downloading and data transfer
  • Developed and went online in 2012
  • Uses Hashing algorithms to hide file location
  • Needs BitTorrent client for downloading magnet links
  • Lightweight torrent website
  • Searching and sorting of magnet links based on size, popularity, and date of uploading

Visit MagnetDL


18. EZTV

  • Established in the year 2005
  • Owned by Ezcloud Limited
  • EZTV Torrents available even on KAT or TPB torrent platforms
  • Blocked in Ireland, UK, and Australia
  • Does not show any paid advertisements
  • Easy-to-use torrent website
  • Various kind of TV Shows available
  • Active and large online community

Visit EZTV


19. Torrent9

  • Known as the best torrent site for verified torrents
  • Best for movies
  • Category wise well-organized content like Games, Music, Software, TV Shows, etc.
  • Almost daily updated website
  • Super easy website navigation
  • Established in 2018

Visit Torrent9


20. Zooqle

  • Established in 2013
  • Various search filters available
  • Has more than 40,500,000 torrents
  • Complete entertainment package
  • Traffic growing rapidly
  • Awesome Web UI
  • Popup-free website
  • User registration option available
  • More than 40,000 Movies  and 1500 TV Shows

Visit Zooqle


21. TorrentDownloads

  • Wide-ranging torrent library
  • Best for old ebooks, software, games, etc.
  • Blocked in the United Kingdom country
  • Established in 2007
  • Offers Documentaries, TV Shows, Music, Games
  • The most popular torrent site in the UK
  • Submits a no-nonsense index
  • Option to search available torrents with various parameters
  • Secured against brute force attacks
  • Easily identifies non-verified torrents

Visit TorrentDownloads


22. TorrentGalaxy

  • Founded in the year 2018
  • Shows featured torrents of the week
  • Title wise torrents searching
  • Option to live stream movies and TV shows
  • Television, Music, Games/Apps, Latest Torrents
  • Has own discussion forum

Visit TorrentGalaxy


23. Seedpeer

  • One of the best torrent sites in Brazil
  • Large library of series, games, TV shows, movies, and software
  • Gives full torrent file information like size, uploaded time, peers, category, whether flagged as a threat
  • Categorywise well-managed torrents
  • Founded in 2008
  • Lightweight and user-friendly torrent site
  • Heir torrent site of Meganova

24. PCGamesTorrents

  • The best torrent site for PC games, that started in 2014
  • Has popular games genres like anime, racing, RPG, sport, strategy, survival, visual novel, etc
  • The website has the Latest update section in the sidebar
  • Option to browse popular games category wise
  • Different sections like Installation, FAQ, VR Games, etc
  • The torrent site for mostly Japanese games
  • One of the best torrent sites in Japan
  • Has a large list of Games

Visit PCGamesTorrents


25. PassThePopCorn

  • Full old and new movies collection
  • Established in 2010
  • Has about 80,000 visitors per day
  • Website accessible using username and password only
  • No option for user registration
  • Existing members can send a link for joining the PassThePopCorn torrent site
  • It is the safe torrent site

Visit PassThePopCorn


26. ArenaBG

  • Started in 2007
  • Top Bulgarian torrent website
  • Around 60,000+ daily visitors
  • Best for gaming
  • Website available in Bulgarian and English language
  • Allows online streaming without downloading a torrent file

Visit ArenaBG


27. TorrentInvites

  • Started in 2008
  • The website has an option to register and login
  • TorrentInvites has an option to trade, buy, sell or find free invites for every private tracker
  • Has Bittorent and Seedbox forum
  • Option to change the username on TorrentInvites
  • Has tutorials and 30 free seedboxes

Visit TorrentInvites


28. Bibliotik

  • Started in 2016
  • Requires username and password to log in
  • Option to recover account through email available
  • Provides only 7 login attempts
  • Super light and secure torrent website for ebooks

Go to Bibliotik


29. GazelleGames

  • Founded in the year 2010
  • Around 50,000+ users per day
  • Top torrent website for gaming
  • Options to apply for login, recover the account, etc.

Visit GazelleGames


30. Limetorrents

  • Started in 2009
  • Banned in countries like UK, France, France, Australia, etc.
  • Best BitTorrent website
  • Known for verified torrents of TV Series, Games, Applications, Softwares, Anime, Movies
  • Has more than 11,000,00 torrent files
  • One of the fastest seeding torrent site but has little risk

Visit LimeTorrents

Best Limetorrents Site

31. Torrentz2

  • Heir of Torrentz torrent, best known for music
  • Started in 2016
  • Has over 65 million torrent files
  • A most used torrent website with many mirrors
  • Best torrent site for music lovers
  • Searches torrent files over other torrent sites.
  • Community-based metasearch engine website
Torrentz2 - The Best Torrent Website


  • Started in 2008
  • Huge and strong community
  • Known for high-quality torrents and user-friendly web UI
  • Daily 600,000+ visitors
  • The website shows a list of Recommended and Top 10 torrents
  • Blocked in countries like Portugal, Indonesia, Morocco, Denmark, Bulgaria, etc.



33. SkyTorrents

  • Does not log user’s private information
  • Has a very simple web interface
  • No irritating advertisement on the website
  • A torrent site with a motto of “Maximum Privacy, Minimal Tracking”
  • More than 28,245,356 torrent files in the search engine (as of September 2021 )
  • Option to view top 100 torrents
  • Option to order by Date, Size, Seeders, Leechers
  • Most of the torrent categories available like Doc, Show, Movie, Album, eBook, Video, Audio, Games, Software, Bdrip Dvdrip, Yify, Epub, Mobi, Kindle

Visit Skytorrents

Mirrors –,,,


34. IPTorrents

  • IPTorrents is the most popular torrent website. It’s Alexa rank is 2.97K
  • You can join the website by joining signing up
  • Currently, it is an invite-only website and allowing registration only to donors. You can pay using a Credit card, Paypal, Bitcoin

Visit IPTorrents


35. BTDB

  • BTDB is a free torrent search engine website
  • Best torrent website for searching TV series and Movies

Visit BTDB

Best Torrent Site - BTDB

Terms Used in Torrenting

Seeding: Making a file available for others to download.

Leeching: Downloading a file made available by some other person.

Peer – Peers are the chunks of a torrent file.

Swarm – Computer seeding and leeching a file.

Lurker – A user who does not contribute files.


Why I Cannot Open Some Torrent Sites?

If you are unable to access a torrent site, most probably that is because that website is banned in your country. On instruction from the Government, ISPs block certain torrenting websites. So, you should always look for torrent alternative websites.

Should I Use a VPN for Accessing a Torrent Site?

Yes,  You must use a VPN for accessing a torrent site. Even the best torrent sites may have malware that may steal your secret data, even risk your privacy.

ISPs and Governments watch your online activity, thus they can easily track your browsing history, location, and IP address. Even casually, you download copyrighted content, Government may take legal action against you for copyright breach.

So, I firmly advise you to use PrivateInternetAccess VPN, which has solid military-grade encryption. It will make your online activities secret.

Is Using a Torrent Safe?

Generally, using a torrent is safe but some torrents may contain malicious code that may break your device, and you may be a victim of cyber threats. Always go for the best torrent sites that have verified torrents. Surely, using verified torrent sites is safe.

Is Torrenting Legal?

In some countries torrenting is illegal. So, even browsing the best torrent site is illegal in some countries. Though there are countries where you can browse torrenting sites you cannot use copyrighted content for free, that is illegal. Hence, sharing copyrighted content is fully illegal in most countries.

Why Torrent Sites are Not Working?

If a Torrent site is not working, there can be two reasons. Either server of that site is down or that website is not legal in your country. So, ISP blocks illegal torrent sites as per direction from the own country’s government.

How Torrent Sites Earn Money?

Torrent sites make huge money. The following are the main sources of income for torrent sites.

  • Torrent sites earn money from ads.
  • Some torrent sites install malware on your device, and for spreading malware they get money from anti-virus companies.
  • Most of the torrent sites accept donations in terms of cryptocurrency.
  • Moreover, some torrent sites use your CPU to mine cryptocurrencies.

Why Torrent Sites are Blocked?

Torrent sites may share copyrighted content online. Hence, many governments block them in their country to secure copyright.

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