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Best Torrent Sites That Are Safe and Working {April 2024}

Are you looking for the best torrent sites in the world? If Yes, In this article, I have shortlisted the top 5 torrenting websites and the best torrent sites in 2024 that are working. So, stay with me for the next few minutes, and you are all done.

I have tested around 100 websites and shortlisted the top 15 torrent sites. Factors I have studied are Downloading Speed, Safety, Availability, etc. These are the main features that everyone generally looks for.

You want Seeding and Leeching to be as fast as possible. In other words, we need faster torrent speed for movies, videos, songs, and games. In addition, I suggest using the IPVanish VPN for torrenting.

There are two kinds of torrent sites; one is publicly available another is available by membership. You will access private sites when an existing member approves your request. Existing members can authorize your request through email or invitation links.

Currently, your IP address is visible to everyone.

Torrenting copyrighted content is illegal. You may face legal proceedings and penalties if you unintentionally download and redistribute copyrighted content.

To stay on the safer side, I suggest using the most secure VPN, i.e., IPVanish, because IPVanish has military-grade 256-bit encryption.

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DISCLAIMER: Online downloading and redistributing copyrighted material online is an illegal activity. VPNHACKS.COM does not condone any illegal activity.

Top 5 Best Torrent Sites 2024 – Quick Round-Up

We value your time; here is a quick list of top torrent sites in April 2024. If you are reading this article in leisure, we have included more than 35+ torrenting websites for your reference. Let’s move ahead.

The Pirate Bay is the best overall torrenting site

Rutracker – Among the top 10 torrent sites

ETTVTorrents – Torrenting website for TV shows

1337X – Music, Movies, TV shows torrenting site

TorrentFunk – Popular music torrent website

How to Unblock Best Torrent Sites Safely?

We all have a common question: “Torrent website is not opening” or “How to unblock a torrent site?“. The short answer is to use a VPN. Yes,  You must use a VPN for accessing a torrent site. With a VPN, you can unblock a torrent website. Moreover, you can protect your privacy by remaining anonymous.

Additionally, ISPs and Governments watch your online activity; thus, they can easily track your browsing history, location, and IP address.

So, I firmly advise using IPVanish VPN to unblock a torrenting site. Moreover, IPVanish VPN has solid military-grade encryption, which will keep your online activities secret.

Terms Used on Torrenting Websites

Before learning about torrenting websites, let’s know some basics about torrenting. First, here are some torrent site terms.

  • Seeding: Making a file available for others to download.
  • Leeching: Downloading a file made available by some other person.
  • Peer: Peers are the chunks of a torrent file.
  • Swarm: Computer seeding and leeching a file.
  • Lurker: A person who does not contribute files.

List of Best Torrent Sites Working in 2024

People find the number of torrenting sites useful as per their needs. There are many top torrenting sites. But in April 2024, The Pirate Bay tops the top torrenting sites.

The Pirate Bay

Currently, The Pirate Bay is the top torrent site. Pirate Bay is developed using HTML, PHP & Javascript language. Moreover, it is the best torrent site for Movies and TV shows. The Pirate Bay is the best site for torrents in April 2024 and efficiently searches magnet links.

Moreover, the website is hosted on Linux Servers. It uses a Varnish HTTP accelerator for caching static content.

Also, The Pirate Bay has Lighttpd for optimizing website speed and Memcached for optimizing SQL queries, making it one of the best torrenting sites in 2024. Surprisingly, The Pirate Bay has 50+ dedicated servers worldwide that store almost 4,100,000 torrent files.

In addition, the torrent site has a user-friendly web interface and is simple and easy to understand. People say it is a top torrenting site because it exploits peer-to-peer file transfer protocol.

Website URL: https://thepiratebay.co.com/en

The pirate bay - Best torrent Website


Rutracker is a torrent site based in Russia. The torrent site is the best for software, music, audiobooks, and movies. The beauty of this site is that It allows anonymous registration and provides a free trial.

In addition, Rutracker supports Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. Furthermore, over 16 million registered users are on the top torrent site, i.e., Rutracker. However, Rutracker is officially blocked in Russia by Moscow City Court.

Website URL: https://rutracker.net

Rutracker - Popular Torrent Site


ETTVTorrents is a popular torrent website that covers almost every TV show category. Comedy, Drama, Reality, Mystery, Science-fiction, Thriller, etc. ETTVTorrents accepts donations through Bitcoin. Moreover, it has more than 200,000 files.

Website URL: https://ettvproxies.com

ETTV - best torrent website


The 1337X torrent site came into existence in 2007. It uses the BitTorrent protocol for sharing files. Though the website was the top torrent site in 2021, Google banned it from indexing.

Likewise, you can access the 1337X website using a VPN or Proxy. Similarly, it has content for almost all categories, including Documentaries, Anime, and applications.

1337X is a torrent site known for downloading movies with over 300,000 torrent files—moreover, a popular torrent site because of a close rival of The Pirate Bay and KickAss torrents.

The torrent site has a well-managed content UI, but on the other hand, it shows more ads that annoy visitors.

Website URL: https://www.1337x.tw

1337X - top torrent website


MagnetDL, founded in 2012, is a lightweight torrent website with magnet links. Moreover, MagnetDL is a trustworthy torrent site; we call it the best torrenting website in 2024 because of these features.

In addition, the MagnetDL website has a fast data transfer rate and is a safe torrent site because it uses a hashing algorithm to hide the file location.

However, this site needs a BitTorrent client for downloading magnet links. Another beautiful feature of this website is that it searches and sorts magnet links based on size, popularity, and date of uploading.

Website URL: https://www.magnetdl.com



TorrentDownloads torrent site has been active since 2007. It has a wide-ranging torrent library, including the best torrent site for software, ebooks, games, etc.

Sadly, TorrentDownloads is blocked in the United Kingdom because it used to be in the top 10 torrent sites in the UK. Additionally, the website offers Documentaries, TV Shows, Music, Games, etc.

You can find verified torrents for games, movies, software, etc. because this torrent website is secured against brute force attacks.

Website URL: https://www.torrentdownloads.me



Limetorrents is the best BitTorrent website, which was started in 2009 and is sadly banned in countries like the UK, France, France, and Australia. The website provides verified torrents of TV Series, Games, Applications, Software, Anime, Movies, and more.

Limetorrents repository has over 11 million torrents as of 2024. Overall, it is the fastest seeding torrent site but has little risk.

Website URL: https://www.limetorrents.cc

Best Limetorrents Site


RARBG torrent site was started in 2008. It has a vast and robust community from countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia. The main attraction of this site is its high-quality torrents and user-friendly web UI.

For a good user experience, the RARBG torrent site provides a list of recommended top 10 torrents. Sadly, RARBG does not open in countries like Portugal, Indonesia, Morocco, Denmark, Bulgaria, etc. However, it is known as a famous porn torrent site.

Website URL: https://proxyrarbg.org



IPTorrents is the most popular torrent website, with an Alexa rank of 2.97K. Currently, it is an invite-only website and allows registration only to donors. You can pay for torrents using a Credit card, Paypal, or Bitcoin.

Website URL: https://iptorrents.com


Why Can I Not Open Torrent Sites?

If you cannot access a torrent site, most probably that is because that website is banned in your country. On instruction from the Government, ISPs block certain torrenting websites. So, you should always look for torrent alternative websites.

Is Using a Torrent Website Safe?

Generally, using a torrent is safe, but some torrents may contain malicious code that may break your device, and you may be a victim of cyber threats. Therefore, always go for the best torrent sites that have verified torrents. Indeed, using verified torrent sites is safe.

In some countries, torrenting is illegal. So, even browsing the best torrent sites is illegal in some countries. However, there are countries where you can browse torrent sites. However, you cannot use copyrighted content for free; that is illegal. Hence, sharing copyrighted content is entirely unlawful in most countries.

Why does a Torrent Site Stop working?

If a Torrent site is not working, there can be two reasons. Either the server of that site is down, or that website is not legal in your country. So, ISPs block illegal torrent sites as per direction from the country’s government.

How Torrent Sites Earn Money?

Torrent sites make huge money. The following are the primary sources of income for torrent sites.

  • Torrent sites earn money from ads.
  • Some torrent sites install malware on your device, and to spread malware; they get money from anti-virus companies.
  • Most torrent sites accept donations in terms of cryptocurrency.
  • Moreover, some torrent sites use your CPU to mine cryptocurrencies.

Why are Torrent Sites Blocked?

Torrent sites may share copyrighted content online. Hence, many governments block them in their country to secure copyright.

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