Is Kodi Legal and Safe to Use?

In this article, we will resolve a repeatedly asked question i.e. Is Kodi legal and safe to use on Fire TV Stick, Android, Nvidia Shield, Roku or any other Kodi supported device.

Surely, Kodi is easy to use and user-friendly streaming software. However, some Kodi addons and Kodi builds may have a legal issue. Moreover, these add-ons and builds may not be safe for streaming on Kodi.


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Nonetheless, if you use the best Kodi addons which are safe to use, you may not face a legal problem. However, you may compromise with your privacy. For that always use the best Kodi VPN that protects you by making your online activities 100% private.

Kodi is Legal and Safe

Though a number of Kodi alternatives are emerging in the market, Kodi is the best media player that offers unlimited online streaming content.

Coming to the legality of Kodi, if you stream copyrighted content without the consent of the creator, you may get into legal trouble. For example, streaming on Kodi using official addons viz. ABC, Fox, ESPN, HGTV should not create any legal problem.

Due to the popularity of the Kodi software, many third-party developers have created Kodi builds and addons. Those might not be safe to use. For that, I always recommend scanning the Kodi repositories of those addons that you want to use on Virustotal. Additionally, you should always use a Kodi VPN that completely protects you from being your data pilfered.

Is Kodi Legal to Use?

Let us talk in detail, the legality of Kodi depends on the country you reside in. Like in the USA, UK, and Canada, you can stream on Kodi but you should not stream the copyrighted content illegally. To put it in another way, you should have a subscription or legal rights to stream the specific content.

Undoubtedly, Kodi does not perform any illegal activity on your Fire TV Stick, PC, Android, or any device. However, the add-on or the build you install may create a problem.

Many users from the USA, UK, and Canada ask questions like “Is Kodi Legal?”, “Is Kodi Safe?”, “Can I stream copyrighted content on Kodi for free?”. So, I think what we have discussed till now solves these queries.

Moreover, Kodi is a streaming software that is safe to use on any platform. Even, you can install Kodi from play stores from Google and Microsoft. Most of all, all apps on the play store are protected by Playprotect.

To stream the legal content on Kodi, you should use the official addons from the network. Suppose, you want to stream sports on Kodi, then you should install the popular sports addons.

Streaming Legal Content on Kodi

For streaming on Kodi, there does not seem to be any specific rules in any country, but that does not mean that you can stream copyrighted content. In fact, streaming copyrighted content is illegal.

As discussed earlier, you may get into legal trouble, so always use your common sense. Also, identify the copyrighted content on Kodi before starting streaming.

Moreover, many users from USA and UK have reported that they received legal notice for streaming the copyrighted content on Firestick, Android TV, IPTV, Raspberry Pi, etc. The best option to save yourself is to stay away from the addons and builds that promote copyrighted content.

Is Streaming on Kodi Safe & Secure

Yes, Kodi is secure and safe to use. However, installing different types of third-party Kodi add-ons as well as repositories is where problems begin. There are many third-party Kodi add-ons and builds which may steal your personal information stored on your device.  

A malicious addon or build may install malware on your device, which may result in compromise of your privacy. At the same time, the malware can enumerate your personal information and send it to the controlling server.

Personal information is very critical, for example, a malicious add-on steals your browsing history or the passwords stored in your device and can get access to your personal account. Thereafter, that hacker may use your passwords for any financial gains.

MITM Kodi Illegal Attack

MITM stands for Man-in-the-Middle attack. To understand this in reference to Kodi, suppose any third-party Kodi addon developer has developed the Kodi addon, that add-on might not be illegal. However, the developer has done poor programming and has not carried out proper authentication and authorizations.

So, in this case, any hacker will capture all the traffic to his server, thereafter, the hacker will direct the network traffic to your device. This means the hacker will illegally see all your Kodi data i.e. what you stream online on Kodi. In other words, a hacker will intercept your private data. Surely, you would not like that. So, always use a good Kodi VPN while streaming on Kodi.

Illegal Device Access Using Kodi

As discussed before, a malicious Kodi build or addon may install a virus along with the addon or build. You won’t be able to see what that virus is doing in the backend. The add-on may use your device resource for bitcoin mining or torrenting websites for a long time.

Even, some illegal Kodi addons may escalate the privileges and can gain complete access to your device.

Final Words on Legality of Kodi

When you first install the Kodi on your device, it does not come with any pre-installed addons. Therefore, no question of legality. So installing Kodi on any device is completely legal specifically in USA, UK, Austria, and Canada.

You can add the source and repositories in Kodi. Kodi just organizes your local content on a device or any local network of your device. It also scans and adds all related metadata.

Finally, the use of Kodi is legal.

Additional Tip:– Never use a Kodi without a VPN. You may get into a legal problem even if you get caught streaming copyrighted content on Kodi. Moreover, it is hard to determine copyrighted content. Most of all, a VPN protects you from third parties and hackers by making your IP address, ISP, and location private.

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