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How to Fix Kodi No Stream Available Error

On Kodi “No stream available” error occurs sometimes. Overall it is not an error, but Kodi shows the message when it does not find any stream. We must try the following solutions to fix no stream error on Kodi.

Clear Kodi Addon’s Cache

When you find no stream error in your device, the first step is to clear all cache of Kodi. Many apps improve the cache system performance by loading pages and accessing websites. Following are the steps to clear the cache on different platforms.

On Windows

  • First, go to the Run by pressing the ‘Win+R’ button
  • Enter ‘%temp%’ and click on the OK button
  • At last, delete all the files shown inside the folder

On Android

  • Launch the Kodi app on your Android device
  • Navigate to the Storage page and click on the Clear Cache option
  • After that, Kodi’s cache will clear automatically

On Firestick

  • Navigate to the Settings option and right-click on the App option
  • Go to the Kodi app and select the Clear Cache option

Update Kodi Addon

Try updating the Kodi addons if the previous way cannot fix the ‘No stream available error.

  • Go to Settings and click on Addons
  • Select the Addon from the list and choose the Version tab inside it
  • Select the latest version of the addon and install it on your device

After done with it, go to the previous page and turn on the Auto-update mode so your app will keep taking updates automatically.

Check Internet Speed

Another reason for Kodi’s “No Stream Available” error is low internet speed. But, again, you can try the https://www.speedtest.net/ website to check your internet connection speed.

You should check the downloading and uploading speed. In addition, ping time should be around 1-2 milliseconds. If the internet speed is low, then restart the modem. Even if it does not work, contact your ISP.

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Reinstall Kodi App Addons

If all the above steps don’t work for you, the last way is to delete the Kodi addons and reinstall them. You must delete addons’ data, files, folders, and extensions. The shortest way to delete the Kodi addon is the following:-

  • Launch the Kodi and go to the Addons tab
  • Select the Addon that you want to delete
  • Right-click on the Add-on and click on Information
  • Then, in the bottom-right corner, click on the Uninstall button

Final Words

Above mentioned solutions should solve the Kodi no stream available error. In addition, if you have any other solutions, please let us know through the comment section below.

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