How to Install Any Kodi Add-on {2 Minutes}

In this article, we are going to describe how you can install any Kodi add-on on your device without any major hassle. First of all, we need to understand what are Kodi addons and how Kodi add-on works on your device viz. Firetvstick, FiretvCube, Kodi Boxes, etc.

Install Any Kodi Addon

After going through the complete article thoroughly, you will be able to install any Kodi add-on quickly.

What Are Kodi Addons?

Add-ons are kind of small tool packages that come with Kodi. These allow you to stream online content on Firetvstick, iOS, Android, Kodi Boxes, PC, Firetv Cube, etc.

Kodi offers various kinds of add-ons viz. Video addons, Music addons, Live TV addons, etc. On the other side, we have Program add-ons and Service add-ons that offer a wide range of helpful tools. Also, you can control your Kodi software using the web interface add-on.


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How to Install Any Kodi Add-on

There are three common processes that you need to follow to install any Kodi add-on.

  • First, Add source 
  • Second, Install Repository
  • Install the Add-on

We have to cover this in three different parts as mentioned in the following steps.

#1. Add Source

To start installing any Kodi addon, you should first add the source. To add the Kodi addon source, follow these steps:-

  1. First, you have to run Kodi and open the Settings.
  2. Then click on file manager.
  3. Click on Add Source.
  4. When you either see enter the paths or browse for the media location on-screen, you have to click simply on none.
  5. Then you have to enter the source URL in the designated empty field on the top and click Ok.

Note: You have to enter the exact URL in the box. You can get the source URL from our best Kodi addons list.

  1. You have to type the name of the source in the field and then enter a name for this media source and then click ok.

Note: You can choose any name which you like. But the intention is to make the name identified with the source.

#2. Add Repository

Move on to the next part where you need to install the repository.

  1. Go to the Kodi home screen and click on add-ons.
  2. It is also referred to as a package installer click the open-box icon on the top left.
  3. Now, click on install from the zip file.
  4. You have to remember the name which you chose in earlier step 6 and click on it.
  5. When you open the repository, you should see the zip file corresponding to the addon you want to install.

Note: when you click on the zip file you may not find any source name. In some folders, it contains repositories inside it with the source. Once you know the repository name, you will not find it too hard to find it inside the folders. These naming conventions are usually used by the zip files.

  1. Wait for a while, you will get a installation notification on the top-right corner.

#3. Install the Kodi Addon

After some time, you can move on to the third and final part because up to now, you have completed two parts i.e. Adding a source and adding a repository.

  1. Click on install from the repository.
  2. Then, click on the repository you have installed.
  3. Moving ahead, click on Video add-ons. (In some cases you need to click on Program addons, Music addons, etc. This depends on the kind of addon you want to install).
  4.  Next, click on addon and install from the repository.
  5. Finally, click on Install button.
  6. Please wait for a while for the add-on installed notification to appear on the upper-right of the window.

That’s it! You have successfully installed the Kodi addon.

How to Open a Kodi Addon

Once you have installed any Kodi addon, then follow these steps to open Kodi addons:-

  • Go to the Kodi Home Screen.
  • Click on Add-ons.
  • Select the Add-ons type viz. Program Add-ons, Video Add-ons, Music Addons, etc.

Are Kodi Add-ons and Builds Same? 

Well, no! Kodi addons and Kodi builds are two different things. We have gone through what add-ons are already above in the article. Below, we will be going through what a Kodi build is and how it works. 

In simple words, a Kodi build is nothing but a pre-packaged version of Kodi addons. This version of Kodi comes with a number of selected pre-installed add-ons. In this version, the repository is already linked and it comes with a completely new look and feels as well. Apart from having the classy look from the new skin, it also has many other settings configured in the software already.

Kodi builds are especially more popular among new users for several reasons. We have mentioned some of the major reasons below. 

  • The very first reason why Kodi builds are much more popular among new users is because they are much more easier to use. 
  • Kodi builds come with many pre-configured settings that allow people with minimum technical knowledge to use the platforms as well. 
  • When you get a build installed on your Kodi, it automatically brings a number of amazing add-ons that provide you with great entertainment all the time. 

Disadvantages of Kodi Builds & Addons

Well, getting a Kodi build looks so good, doesn’t it? But have you looked at the other side? Installing Kodi builds might have a number of issues that you may have skipped. Especially, if you are a new Kodi user, the importance increases significantly. 

Some of the most frequent issues as reported by the users include the following. 

  • Kodi keeps crashing all the time
  • Streaming issues
  • Constantly rebooting issues

If you face Kodi not working issues during installation of any Kodi addon, you should refer to our guide for troubleshooting.

Final Kodi Addon Thoughts

Installing any Kodi add-on is a simple task. But before installing any Kodi addon, you should verify the legality and authenticity of that addon. So, that you do not get into any legal trouble.

Bonus Tip:– Always use the best VPN with Kodi before starting streaming.

So, wrapping up, we have described how you can install your favorite add-on Kodi quickly in two minutes.

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