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Stop Buffering on Firestick: Complete Solution Guide

It frustrates you when your Firestick keeps on buffering while you are streaming your favorite movie or sports event. There are various reasons for Firestick buffering like poor internet connection, overheating, ISP throttling, etc.

The quick solution to fix buffering on Firestick is to use a good VPN. IPVanish is my personal choice. You can test IPVanish yourself, and you can claim your refund if not satisfied with the quality.

On the other hand, when you set up your Firestick for the first time, it downloads a lot of content in the background and stores it on your device. It consumes a lot of space on your device, and you may face buffering issues.

Why is My Firestick Buffering?

The following are the reasons why Firestick keeps on buffering.

1. Poor Internet Connection

Generally, internet connection speed rests somewhere between 10MBPS to 100 MBPS. If you stream 4K/full HD content with a slow-speed internet connection, you will get buffering issues. So, first, check your internet speed and contact your ISP if there is a slow internet speed.

2. ISP Throttling

ISP throttling also causes buffering issues when you exhaustively stream on Firestick. So, using a VPN resolves this problem, or you may upgrade your internet plan.

3. Hardware Limitations

Another buffering reason may be your device’s streaming speed. Sometimes, your router or cable may not be capable of streaming HD content. So, check the limitations of your devices viz. Router, Cable, or Wi-Fi modem.

Another reason may be the long distance between Firestick and WiFi router. So, keep them closer and try again.

4. Less Storage

If your Firestick is full of unnecessary apps, uninstall them and keep only the required apps because apps occupy a lot of space in the form of their installation files and cached data.

Regularly check whether unnecessary space is occupied by an app and clean apk and cached files on your device.

5. Old Firestick Operating System

Keep your Firestick operating system updated all the time. This has two benefits, one, it reduces the chances of buffering and protects your device from external cyber threats. Because older operating systems have more vulnerabilities and are more prone to be compromised.

6. Devices Overheating

Continuously switching on Firestick may cause Firestick overheating and that may lower your internet speed and result in buffering problems. It is important to mention that this applies to all devices like Wi-Fi routers and Modems. So, have a healthy habit of powering off all devices regularly when not in use.

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How to Stop Buffering on Firestick

I have personally tried and found that the following ways work when you have buffering issues on your Firestick.

1. Restart Firestick

The first and fastest way to stop buffering is to power off your Firestick for some time and then restart it. It may seem very basic, but trust me it works. If you do not know how to restart a firestick, these are the steps.

Open Firestick and go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon.

Click on Settings

Choose the My Fire TV option.

Open My Fire TV

Click on the Restart tab.

Tap on Restart

Tap the Restart button to confirm.

Click on Restart to confirm

Wait for some time till the restart of the Firestick/FireTV device.

Firestick restarts automatically

2. Check Wi-Fi Speed

Check for the Signal strength on your device, if the Wi-Fi device is placed at a long distance, consider placing it near Firestick. To check the Signal strength on our Firestick follow these steps.

Go to the Firestick Settings.

Go to Firestick Settings

Click on the Network option available on the screen.

Choose Network

Here, you can find your network device; tap on it.

Select the connected network

As you click on it, you can see the Connection Status of your network.

Check the Connection status

3. Clear Cache Data

Clearing the cache on Firestick resolves buffering issues up to some extent. As discussed earlier, regularly keep an eye on unused apps and space occupied by them.

I have personally observed that top streaming apps like BeeTV, TeaTV, and Cinema HD work smoothly when you have ample storage on your Firestick. Here are the steps to clear the cache on Firestick.

Choose Settings from the Firestick home page.

Open Settings

Open Applications.

Choose Applications

Click on the Manage Installed Applications tab.

Choose Manage Installed Applications

Here, you can find various installed applications.

Applications list will appears

Click on any app, for example, I have chosen Amazon Kids.

Click on Amazon Kids

Now, click on the second option, Clear cache.

Tap on Clear cache

Hit the Confirm button to clear the Amazon Kids cache. In my case, it does not have any cache stored. You may find some storage in MB or TB.

Hit Confirm key

You will see that the Amazon Kids cache is automatically reduced to 0 Bytes.

Amazon Kids cache cleared successfully

4. Clear Firestick RAM

Generally, Firestick Lite to Firestick Max 4K has a RAM size between 1 GB and 2 GB. That is sufficient to stream high HD content but you should keep Firestick RAM free from the background process and apps that are not in use. So, follow these steps to stop the background apps and processes.

Go to the Firestick Home screen and tap on the Find icon.

Click on Find key

Tap on the Search tab.

Tap on Search tab

Here, type Background apps and process list and select the appropriate option from the list.

Type Background apps and process list

Select the Background Apps & Process List app from the App and Games section.

Click on Background Apps and Process list

Click on the Get tab to download the app.

Click on Get button to download the app

The app starts downloading; wait for its completion.

Background app starts downloading

Once App downloading is complete, wait for the completion of the installation process.

Wait for the app installation

Open the Background app and Process List app on your device.

Open the app

As you click on it, a prompt will appear. Here, uncheck the option to open the app on boot if you don’t want to open the app every time on your device.

The app shows a prompt screen

Now, click on the Got It button.

Hit Got it button

On this page, you will see a list of all apps running in the device’s background. Here, click on any of the apps, like I click on Spotify.

Choose Spotify app

Click on Force Stop.

Click on Force stop

This will stop the Spotify app from running in the background. After that, the Spotify app will be automatically removed from the background apps. Repeat the same process for all the apps running in the background and you do not want to use them.

Spotify app removed from the background screen

5. Use a VPN

You can also avoid buffering issues on your Firestick by using a high-quality VPN like ExpressVPN or IPVanish. Following are the steps to install ExpressVPN on your Firestick.

Open the Firestick screen and click on the Find option.

Click on Find key

Type ExpressVPN and click on ExpressVPN from the available results.

Search for Express VPN

Click on the ExpressVPN app.

Open Express VPN app

Wait for the ExpressVPN app.

ExpressVPN ready to open

Tap the Sign-In button.

Hit the Sign in key

Click on Sign In with Remote.

Click on Sign in with remote button

Enter your sign-in details, like your email and password.

Sign in using ExpressVPN

Wait for Signing in.

Wait for the Signing process

Tap the OK button to set up your VPN.

Tap the OK button

Click OK to accept the VPN connection request.

Click OK to accept connection request

After that, a prompt will appear where click on No Thanks and move ahead. You may share crash reports, speed tests, and usability diagnostics later with ExpressVPN.

Click on No Thanks

Now, Choose the country, I selected the United States.

Choose the location United States

Then from the list, you may choose any country, I selected USA-New Jersey – 1.

Choose the USA - New Jersey

Click on the power button to connect to the USA VPN server.

Tap on the Power button

After a few seconds, you will be connected through the VPN.

VPN connected to USA New Jersey

6. Use an Ethernet Cable or Wired Connection

In my personal opinion, a wired connection has better speed and smooth internet connectivity. Because the Firestick gets internet connectivity directly through a cable and there is no obstacle in between. As a result, you will not have a buffering problem.

However, if you have a higher bandwidth internet connection like 100MBPS or more, there should not be any problem.

7. Tweak Privacy Settings

It is known to everyone that Amazon monitors and collects your streaming data to provide a better streaming experience or for other reasons. Certainly, it affects the performance of your device and may cause buffering issues. So, the solution is to disable data monitoring and data collection on your Firestick. To do this:-

Open the Firestick Homepage and click on Settings.

Choose Settings tab

Choose Preferences from the available screen.

Open Preferences

Select Privacy Settings.

Click on Privacy Settings

Here, turn off the Device Usage Data.

Turn off the Device Usage Data

Thereafter, turn off the Collect App Usage Data options.

Now, turn off the Collect App Usage Data

After that, press the Escape button and click on Data Usage Monitoring.

Click on Data Usage Monitoring

Now, turn off Data Usage Monitoring.

Turn off Data Usage Monitoring

Using these steps, you can successfully disable data monitoring and data collection on your Firestick and prevent it from buffering.

8. Check for Firestick OS Updates

As discussed earlier, regularly updating the Firestick operating system is a good habit because outdated OS is prone to cyber-attacks and causes buffering. To update the Firestick operating system follow these steps:-

Choose Settings from the Firestick screen.

Choose Firestick Settings

Click on the My Fire TV option.

Tap on My Fire TV

Tap on About.

Click on About option

Choose the Check for Updates option.

Tap on Check for Updates

Wait till the System Components are downloaded successfully.

Firestick Download the System components

A message “Finishing updates” will appear, once the updates are complete.

Firestick updated successfully

9. Avoid Firestick Overheating

Firestick starts buffering when it is used for long durations and it results in overheating. So, when you do not use the Firestick, just power it off. It applies to all devices. Even if you use your PC/Laptop/Mobile for a long duration, these get heated and start performing slowly.

So, keep the Firestick powered off for at least 30-60 minutes a day to avoid buffering and increasing Firestick life.

10. Use Real Debrid

If you access content from third-party servers/apps, because the content is free, a lot of people access them at the same time. So, it creates network congestion, and servers and apps respond slowly which results in buffering on Firestick.

So, the solution is to use Real Debrid, a premium link service. It will give you a lot of full HD/Normal streaming links.

11. Factory Reset Firestick

If all attempt fails and still your Firestick has a buffering problem, the last solution is, just to Factory reset the Firestick. It will delete all Apps and settings and release the space occupied by the Apps.

Final Words

Overall, I have discussed personally tested ways to solve the Firestick buffering problem with screenshots. Still, if you face any problems, let me know through the comment section.

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