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How to Set up a Firestick: Beginner to Advanced Level

In this article, I will show you how to set up a Firestick in an easy way. These methods will work on Fire TV Cube, Firestick Lite, Firestick 4K Max, Firestick 4K, Firestick 2nd/3rd Gen, New Firestick 4K Max, etc.

To leverage the power of Firestick, you should not forget to install apps like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. Once you have bought a Firestick, it is easy to set up. Just relax and follow this guide step by step. Let’s start.

Steps to Setup the Firestick

Following are the steps to set up the firestick:

1. Connect the Hardware

Plug the Firestick into an HDMI port on your TV. Power it by plugging the USB cable into a power outlet or a USB port on your TV.

2. Select Input Source

On your TV, select the Input source. Before this, make sure you have inserted batteries in your Firestick remote correctly. After that, use your TV remote to select the HDMI input where the Firestick is connected.

3. Turn on the Firestick

Once you select the correct HDMI slot, the Firestick should start automatically and you will see a Firestick screen. If you do not see the screen, just press the Home button for 10 seconds on the remote.

Once the Firestick remote is paired, press the play/pause button to start the Firestick home screen.

Open Firestick

Thereafter, choose your preferred language. Here, I selected English (United States) and pressed the OK button.

Choose English Langauge

4. Follow on-screen Instructions

Now, choose your Wi-Fi network from the available networks and press enter.

Firestick starts scanning network

Once you click, you will see two options: Have an account, Sign In, and New to Amazon? Create a Free Account. Click on the first option to sign in to your Amazon account.

Click on Sign in account

Here, choose the Sign In Online option to sign in through a mobile device.

Tap on Sign in using remote

On your smartphone, go to amazon.com/code, enter the same code as shown, and press enter.

Enter the code in your phone and hit enter

The Firestick will start automatically; wait a few seconds.

Wait for Firestick registration

Click the Continue button.

Setup and Use Firestick Files

In the next step, Firestick asks you to save wifi password to an Amazon account. Click Yes to save it.

Click Yes to save WiFi password

In the next step, click on No Parental Controls and move ahead. If your kids use Firestick frequently, you may enable parental controls.

Tap on No Parent Controls

5. Pair With Firestick Remote

After registering an account on Firestick, the next step is to pair it with Firestick Remote, which includes the following steps:

A message says “We will be playing music during the next step. Please make sure the volume is turned up, then continue”. So, just check the volume and click on the Next option available on the screen.

Choose Next

Press both the volume up and down controls.

Tap Yes if you hear a sound in Firestick.

Press Volume up and down button

After successfully setting up the remote, click on the OK button.

Click OK

After that, tap on the No, Thanks option if you don’t want to choose streaming services.

Click on No, Thanks

You may choose the Apps that you want to download. Or you may click on No, Thanks, if you do not want to download the apps.

Again, tap on No Thanks

Finally, the Firestick shows the Welcome to Fire TV screen, where you can click on the Got It button.

Click on Got it button

Here, select your Firestick profile and press enter.

Select your profile

Now, you are on the Firestick Home page, which has lots of navigating sections.

Firestick Home screen appears

Easy to Setup VPNs for Firestick

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Use Your Firestick Efficiently

Firestick contains a lot of navigating sections, including Home, Application, and Settings. Let’s learn using a Firestick step by step.

1. Navigate the Interface

  • Use the directional buttons on the remote for navigation
  • The Home button takes you to the main menu
  • The back button helps you return to the previous screen
  • The Options button (three lines) gives context-specific options

2. Install Apps

Go to the Firestick Home page.

Click on the Firestick Home page

Select Applications section to download and install various streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, etc.

Again, tap on Applications

After scrolling down, you can find two sections: My Apps and Get More Apps.

It shows My Apps and Get More Apps option

Click on Get More Apps.

Select Get More Apps

Now, you are in the App Store section, where you can search for and install new apps.

It redirects to App store page

3. Search and Watch Content

Use the magnifying glass (Find) icon to search for movies, shows, or apps.

Tap on Find section

Once you find movies, TV shows, or sports content, select them to start streaming.

4. Settings and Customization

Click on the Settings icon to adjust preferences like display, audio, network, account, etc.

Click on Firestick Settings

Customize the interface by rearranging apps or changing the theme.

Here, you can find different navigating sections

5. Use Alexa Command

You can also use Alexa commands if your Firestick supports them. Just press and hold the microphone button and give your command. Alternatively, you can click on Alexa from Firestick Settings.

Select Alexa from Settings

Then, click on the Alexa app.

Choose Alexa App

Now, download the Alexa app and use it on your Firestick.

Download Alexa app and enjoy streaming

Wrap up

Overall, we have discussed the process to set up and use a Firestick. If you need help in choosing the best apps for Firestick, you may follow this guide. Moreover, if you have any questions regarding the post, let us know in the comment section.

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