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ExpressVPN Keeps Crashing? 100% Right Solution

If ExpressVPN keeps crashing on your device, this article will help you to overcome the problem. Here, we will discuss the possible reasons why ExpressVPN frequently crashes on your device.

ExpressVPN Crash

ExpressVPN crashes and gets disconnected due to a slow internet connection, compatibility issues, older App version, DNS settings, and maximum resource consumption of your device. To overcome these problems, you should follow the steps mentioned here.

ExpressVPN Crash Reasons

#1. Older Version

First, check your ExpressVPN app’s version; if the version is older, update it to the latest one because the new ExpressVPN app is always optimized, and older bugs are fixed that prevent the smooth functioning of the ExpressVPN app. To install the latest version, follow the steps:

#2. Server Location Problem

Another reason for the ExpressVPN crash is the location that you selected. So, connect through a nearby geo-located server from another country to get better speed.

#3. Network Issue

You must check your internet speed or connectivity with your Wi-Fi device because sometimes ExpressVPN tries to connect to the server, but due to the unavailability of network connectivity, it does not connect and sometimes crashes.

#4. Connecting With Different Protocols

At some locations, the ExpressVPN app is connected with the OpenVPN-UDP protocol. On the other hand, some regions don’t support the OpenVPN-UDP protocol. So, using protocols like OpenVPN-TCP, Lightway-UDP, and Lightway-TCP should prevent ExpressVPN from crashing.

#5. Change Antivirus Settings

Various antivirus software blocks ExpressVPN connection to secure your device from malware, worms, and spyware. So, enable the ExpressVPN ports like 5000, 5060, and 5600, in the antivirus firewall setting.

#6. Change DNS Settings

Another reason for the ExpressVPN crash may be your device’s DNS settings. To fix the problem, flush the DNS settings using the command prompt. After that, start your ExpressVPN app. To change the ExpressVPN DNS settings, use the following steps:

  • Right-click on the “Command Prompt” and click the “Run as Administrator” option. It may ask for the Administrator password if you are a normal user, so enter the Administrator password in that case; then run the following commands one by one and press Enter
  •  ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ 
  •  ‘ipconfig /registerdns’ 
  •  ‘ipconfig /release’
  •  ‘ipconfig /renew’ 
  •  ‘netsh winsock reset’ 
  •  At last, restart the PC and connect to ExpressVPN


Wrap up

Why can’t I delete ExpressVPN?

To delete the ExpressVPN from your device, you should be logged on as an Administrator or have sufficient privilege to delete the ExpressVPN app. So, run the ExpressVPN uninstaller file with Administrator privileges to delete the ExpressVPN app.

Is ExpressVPN dangerous? 

No, ExpressVPN is not dangerous, rather ExpressVPN is a safe and secure VPN service that protects us from Man-in-the-middle attacks launched by attackers and third parties. Additional protection of antivirus protects us from spyware, malware, and worms.

Is ExpressVPN a virus? 

ExpressVPN is not a virus; it is a great VPN service with many additional benefits like eliminating geo-restrictions, bandwidth-throttling, protecting privacy, etc.

Has ExpressVPN been hacked? 

No, ExpressVPN has never been hacked because ExpressVPN has an AES 256-bit encryption technology. Hackers cannot hack ExpressVPN unless they find and exploit any vulnerability in ExpressVPN servers.

Which is the best alternative to ExpressVPN?

IPVanish is the number one VPN in terms of encryption and privacy. So, it is a good alternative to ExpressVPN.

Finally, we have discussed the reasons for the ExpressVPN crash and the solutions to stop ExpressVPN from crashing. Try the solutions mentioned above and inform us through the comment section if any error occurs.

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