HardNox Ultra Kodi Build: Complete Installation Guide

In this tutorial, we will learn how to install Hardnox Ultra Kodi build. This Hardnox Ultra build installation guide is useful if you use Kodi on Fire TV Stick, Android Box, Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Shield, Windows, iPhone, iPad, or any other supported device.

Both HardNox Ultra and MisFit Mods Kodi builds belong to Misfit Mods Repository. Moreover, HardNox Ultra has super easy navigation, cool graphics, and a clean interface.

HardNox Kodi build is best for watching movies, TV Shows, Sports, Kids, Gaming category videos. The good news is that Hardnox Ultra is among the top Kodi 19 Matrix builds and works perfectly with Kodi 19.

Another important factor for Hardnox Ultra build being in the best Kodi builds list is its small size and well-arranged video streaming content. Even, you can easily integrate the Real-debrid with Hardnox Ultra Kodi build.

It is needless to mention that if you are of 18+ age, you can watch adult on Kodi using Hardnox build. Let’s know how to install the Hardnox ultra Kodi build step by step.


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How to Install Hardnox Ultra Kodi Build

Before starting the Hardnox build installation we need to enable the installation of addons from unknown sources option.

1. To install the Hardnox Kodi build, open the Kodi and go to the Settings.

Misfit Mods Settings

2. Thereafter, click System.

HardNox System

3. Go to the Add-ons.


4. Click on the radio button to enable unknown sources.

Unknown Sources

5. Click on the Yes button when a warning popup appears. Before installing any build or addon, make sure the addon repository is safe to use and does not perform any malicious activity.

Hardnox warning

6. Once you click on the Yes option, the dialogue box will disappear.

Hardnox settings

7. Then, go to the File manager.

File Manager

HardNox Ultra Build Installation Source

8. Click on Add source option to add the Hardnox build source.

Add source

9. Click on <None> option.

Add Hardnox File Source

10. Enter the Hardnox media location in the text box.

Media Location Path

11. Hardnox Kodi Build media location path is http://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo, as Hardnox belongs to the misfit mods repository.


12. Now, enter the media source name for the Hardnox build. The text field will have repo as a default value.


13. Enter the media source as “misfitmods“.


14. Click OK and go back.

Add Hardnox Source

15. Then click on the Add-ons option.


Install HardNox Ultra Build From Zip File

16. Next click on “Install from zip file“.

Install Hardnox from zip file

17. Click Yes when a warning popup appears. (Note:- You should manually update the build when any update is available.)


18. Click on the misfitmods option.

misfitmods zip

19. Many options appear named as eternal, files, zips, plugin.program.misfitmods-x.x.zip (Here x is the version of build/addon zip file).


HardNox Ultra Installation From Misfitmods Repository

20. Thereafter, click on the Install from repository option.

Install from repository

21. Then, click on misfit mods Repository.

misfit mods Repository

22. Next, click on Program add-ons.

Program Hardnox Ultra add-ons

23. Finally, you will get the Misfit Mods Wizard 19 option.

Misfit Mods Wizard 19

24. On the bottom-right, you have a button named “Install“.

Install Misfit Mods Wizard

25. Click the OK button.

Hardnox ultra additional addons

26. Installation of Misfit Mods Wizard 19 starts and you can see the progress on the right side.

Misfit Mods Wizard 19

27. After some time, on top, a message appears as “Misfit Mods Wizard 19 Add-on installed“.

Misfit Mods Installed

28. Click on Continue.

Program add-ons Continue

29. Then, you will have two options “Build Menu” and Ignore. Click on Build Menu.

Build menu

30. A list of Misfit Mods Builds appears where version wise list is available. Now, under Matrix Builds option select the Hardnox ultra build option.

Misfit Mods

31. Click on the “Misfit Mods Wizard Install” option.

Hardnox Ultra 19

32. Then, a message appears as “Would you like to Download and Install: HARDNOX ULTRA 19 v1.x“. So, click on “Yes, Install“.

Download and Install Hardnox Ultra Build

33. Soon after clicking on the Yes button, the installation will start.

Hardnox Ultra Installation Progress

34. Once the installation is complete, force close the Kodi and start Kodi.

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