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GlooM Kodi Build: How to Install on Firestick/Android TV

This guide will discuss Gloom Kodi Build installation steps and related questions and answers. Installation steps mentioned in this guide are the same for all Kodi devices, viz. Firestick, Google Chromecast, Android TV Box, Fire TV, Windows, Mac, and, iOS.

Gloom Kodi Build is a relatively new Kodi Build and works on Kodi Nexus and Matrix both. Undoubtedly, the GlooM Kodi Build is the best Kodi Build that provides HD-quality videos.

This Build belongs to the Funstersplace Repository, which is not an official Kodi repository. On the Gloom Kodi Build, there are many sections, viz. Search, Movies, TV Shows, Sports/Live, Add-ons, Settings, Auth Trakt TMDB, and, Exit.

You can leverage Gloom Build up to the full extent after integrating Real Debrid, AllDebrid, Premiumize, Linksnappy, or Trakt on Kodi; which will amplify the streaming experience.

Other popular alternatives to Gloom Build are No Limits Magic Build, Luxray, Aspire, Green Monster, Dabutcher, and Misfit Mods because these Builds have gained massive popularity.

Installation Steps

First, tap on Kodi Settings from the top left corner.

Open Kodi Settings

Inside the window, choose the System key.

Click on System key

A System page will open, click on the Add-ons and enable the Unknown sources.

On Unknown sources tab

A warning window will display as you turn on the button; hit the Yes button to close it.

Press Yes

Add Media Source and Repository

Now, put the cursor on the File manager icon and open it.

Open File manager

Go to the Add Source tab as shown on the screen.

Select Add source

Click the <None> option to add a new source and repository.

Tap None

Write the source URL as https://funstersplace.net/funs/ and tap an OK key.

Type Funster Wizard URL

Give a name to the source as funs and click OK.

Give the source name funs

In the next step, ensure your details are correct if both your name and URL are correct. Then, go ahead and again click on the OK button.

Hit OK

Press the escape key, and here you will see your newly added folder funs.

Your funs folder appear on the screen

Install from Zip File

Again, go back and choose the Add-ons icon.

Choose Add-ons

Tap over the Install from zip file option.

Select Install from zip file

The Install from zip file page displays a warning popup; tap Yes and go ahead.

Tap Yes

After that, open the funs folder.

Pick the funs directory

Choose the repository.funstersplace19-0.2.zip file.

Tap on the funs wizard URL

Wait for the message “funstersplace 19 Repository Add-on installed” on the screen.

Wait for the funstersplace repo  installation message

Install from Repository

After that, click on the Install from repository option.

Tap on Install from repository

Select the funstersplace 19 Repository tab from the page.

Choose funstersplace 19 Repository

Just above the Video add-ons, you will see Program add-ons; click it.

Open Program add-ons

The page displays Funswizard; click on it.

Choose Funswizard

You will be redirected to the Funswizard dashboard; select the Install button to move ahead.

Tap Install

The Funswizard starts installing on your device. Wait till the installation is completed.

Wait for Funswizard installation

Tap on the OK key if you want to install additional addons with FunsWizard.

Hit OK

The FunstersPlace window will appear on the screen; select Close and proceed further.

Click on Close key

After a few minutes, a small box will pop up that says, “There is currently no build installed. Would you like to install one now?”. Here, tap on the No option.

Select No

Go to the Kodi Home screen and open the Add-ons from the list of menus. Just the right side of the page, you will see your recently installed Funswizard; select it.

Choose right icon Funswizard

Choose the top option, Build Menu.

Open Build Menu

Select the GlooM Version x.x Build by scrolling the cursor.

Select GlooM Build

Click on Continue to install it on your device.

Click Continue

Tap on the Fresh Start option.

Select Fresh Start

Again, select Fresh Start and move forward.

Again, tap on Fresh Start

Wait for the GlooM Build installation on Firestick. A pop box will ask you to close the Kodi; click the OK button. Start the Kodi and enjoy streaming.

Click OK

GlooM Kodi Build Questions

How many Builds do FunsWizard offer?

FunsWizard offers many top Kodi Builds, including Cosmic One, Iconic, XontriX, FunTech, XontriX Grey, LazyNova, Dragon, Franchie, No Build, and Sports Plus.

Can I install the GlooM Build through any other repository?

You can install the GlooM Build using “The Crew Repository” by applying the source URL https://team-crew.github.io.


In this article, we have discussed the installation of Gloom Kodi Build and related questions and answers. If you find any difficulty with the Build, drop us a comment below. We will be happy to resolve the issue.

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