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Flix-Mx Kodi Build: Complete Guide for Firestick

Within the article, we will discuss the necessary steps to install Flix-Mx Kodi Build on Firestick. These steps are also helpful for other Kodi-supported devices, including Nvidia Shield, Windows, Google Chromecast, Android TV Box, Roku, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Flix-Mx is the popular Kodi Build to stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and entertainment programs in one place. You can easily find the Build on the well-known Doomzday repository.

On its Home page, you can look for different sections like Accounts, My Library, Live TV, Select Live, Home, Free TV, Free Movies, Sports TV, etc.

Additionally, the Build contains very easy navigation, and all sections are arranged in a well-organized manner. Following are the steps to install Flix-Mx Build on Kodi 20 Windows.

Installation Steps

Enables Unknown Sources

Go to the Kodi Home screen and select the Settings tab.

Go to Kodi Settings

Here, tap on the bottom-right corner icon, System.

Select the System icon

Put the cursor on the Add-ons and turn on the Unknown sources slider button.

Turn on Unknown sources button

Hit the Yes key as shown on the warning popup.

Hit the Yes key

As you click on Yes, you can see the Unknown sources button enabled automatically.

Unknown source button on successfully

Add Media Source and Repository URL

Now, open the next File Manager icon from System Settings.

Open FIle manager icon

Here, select Add Source to add a file source for the media repository.

Add source for Doomzday repo

In this step, click on <None> to enter the new path for the media location.

Tap on None

Now, write the repository path as https://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday.

Enter the Doomzday repo URL

Thereafter, put the cursor on Enter a media source label text.

Click on enter a media source name

Here, remain the media source name, doomsday, and click OK.

Enter source name doomzday

Check the entered repository path and media source name carefully, and press the OK button to save the details.

Press the OK button

The doomzday media source is successfully added to the File manager window.

doomzday source added successfully

Install from Zip File

Return to the System page and click on the next icon, Add-ons.

Tap on Add-ons icon

Choose Install from zip file tab.

Click on Install from zip file

Select the doomzday file source.

Choose doomzday source

Click on the repository.doomzday-x.x.x.zip file.

Tap on the doomzday repo zip file

Wait until the Doomzday Repo Add-on installed notification appears on the Add-on browser page.

Wait for the Doomzday repo addon installation

Install from Repository

After installing the Doomzday repository, move ahead and select the option Install from repository.

Select Install from repository

Tap on the Doomzday Repo.

Choose Doomzday repo

Install Doomzday Wizard

Select Program addons.

Choose Program add-ons

Inside it, choose the Doomzday Simple Wizard.

Click on Doomzday Simple Wizard

Hit the Install key.

Hit the Install button

Wait for a few seconds until you see the Doomzday Simple Wizard Add-on installed on the screen.

Wait for the Doomzday Wizard installation

Click on the Close button.

Hit the Close key

Install Flix-Mx Kodi Build

Hit the Yes key to install the new Build on Doomzday Wizard.

Tap on Yes

The Doomzday Wizard shows lots of Builds; here select the FLIX-MX Version x.x.

Choose Flix-Mx Build

Tap on the Continue button to install the Flix-Mx Build on the Kodi screen.

Click on the Continue button

Flix-Mx Build starts downloading; wait for the over.

Wait for downloading of Flix-Mx Build

After downloading the files, the Build starts the file extraction process.

Wait for extracting files of Flix-Mx Build

After some time, the Flix-Mx installation is complete, and the page asks you to click OK to close the Kodi screen.

Hit the OK button

Enjoy your favorite streaming on Flix-Mx Kodi Build.

Enjoy streaming on Flix-Mx Build

Final Words

Overall, the article provides all the information regarding how to install Flix-Mx Build on Kodi. So, read the article carefully, install using the available steps and screenshot, and tell us your experience in the comment section.

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