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YouTube TV Not Working on Firestick : Fix it Quickly

In this post, we will show you some ways to fix YouTube TV not working on Firestick. These ways are also useful for the FireTV Cube, FireStick 4K Max, and Fire TV Lite.

YouTube TV is the most widely used streaming app for entertainment, music, TV shows, and movies. If you have used YouTube TV on your Firestick, then it might be possible that you may have faced various problems while accessing YouTube TV. Here, we provide some of the common ways to fix YouTube TV not working on Firestick.

Ways to Fix YouTube TV not Working on Firestick

Unable to Open YouTubeTV

In most cases, you will see that whenever you open YouTube TV, it immediately shuts down. This problem occurs due to a service outage. At that time, it is good to visit YouTube TV’s online pages to see if there is the latest information about a service outage. Contrarily, if there is no update about a service outage, you can try the following ways to fix it:

Update the YouTube TV app

First, if you haven’t updated the YouTube TV app yet, update it. Because of an outdated app, you face various problems regarding display and launch. So to overcome it, update the app and relaunch it.

Enable Location Permissions

YouTube TV tracks your location to ensure that no one can access your login details. In that case, if you disable the location of the app, it may not work properly. To resolve the issue, just check if your YouTube TV location is enabled or not.

Check the Connection Limit

Generally, YouTube TV supports only three connections at once. If you exceed its connection limit, there is a possibility that YouTube TV will fail to launch. During that, it is viable to set the connection according to the app rules and start your work.

Update Firestick device

Many times, outdated Firestick software is also the reason that your YouTube TV stopped working. To get rid of the problem, check for a Firestick update first; if it is not updated, use the below steps to update it.

Go to Firestick Settings.

Click on Settings

Open the My Fire TV tab.

Choose My Fire TV

Click on About from the available list.

Tap on About option

Here, click on the Check for Updates option.

Select Check for Updates

Wait for downloading updates.

Wait for downloading process

After following the steps, you can successfully update your Firestick device.

YouTube TV Keeps Buffering

Buffering is also the case when your YouTube TV is not working on the Firestick. Here, we will tell you the reasons to fix the YouTube TV buffering issue.

Check the Internet Connection

YouTube TV requires a proper internet connection to stream movies and TV shows. If your connection is poor, YouTube TV immediately stops working. Here are some minimum speed requirements for YouTube TV:

3 Mbps: minimum internet speed for streaming apps

7 Mbps: minimum speed for high-definition content

13 Mbps: maximum speed for streaming high-quality videos

Reduce Device Connections

If your device contains maximum connections, it works with high bandwidth and slows down the internet speed, and YouTube TV keeps buffering. The best solution for that is to log out of YouTube TV from unnecessary devices and check for buffering problems. I hope it works.

Restart your Router

If you face a problem due to internet connectivity, then restarting the router may stop buffering. For that, switch off the router, then wait around 10 minutes until it turns on. After that, open YouTube TV and watch videos. Now, it might run without buffering.

YouTube TV Application Errors

Sometimes, you also find a YouTube TV application error that results in your YouTube TV not working on Firestick properly.

Force Stop YouTube TV

Force-stopping the YouTube TV app clears your background process and helps the app run smoothly. The steps to force stop the YouTube TV app are as shown below:

On your Firestick, open Settings.

Go to Settings

Tap on Applications.

Select Applications

Choose Manage Installed Applications.

Click on Manage Installed Applications

Click on YouTube TV from the available app list.

Select YouTube TV

Click on Force Stop.

Hit Force stop

Clear Cache

Sometimes clearing the cache is also an option when your YouTube TV is not working. Because there are various unnecessarily installed files with the YouTube TV cache that cause insufficient storage, you get an error. Here are the steps to clear the cache on YouTube TV.

Redirect to the Firestick Settings tab.

Select Firestick Settings

Choose the Applications icon.

Tap on Applications

Hit the Manage Installed Applications tab.

Choose Manage Installed Applications

Select YouTube TV as it shows on the screen.

Hit YouTube TV

At last, click on Clear cache.

Tap on Clear cache

After you’re done with it, reboot your Firestick device and launch the YouTube TV app.

Reinstall the YouTube TV app

If you have not found a YouTube TV app error on your device as mentioned above, the only option is to uninstall YouTube TV and install it again. Following are the steps to reinstall YouTube TV.

Open Firestick Settings.

Choose Settings

Here, select Applications.

Tap on Applications tab

Click on Manage Installed Applications.

Select Manage Installed Applications

Select YouTube TV.

Choose YouTube TV

On the next screen, hit the Uninstall tab to uninstall the app from the device.

Click on Uninstall tab

When it gets uninstalled, go to the Amazon App Store and install YouTube TV again.

Final Words

In the post, we told you all about the fix for YouTube TV not working on Firestick. It can happen due to outdated software, buffering, app errors, exceeding connection limits, etc. So, try to resolve the issue using the above methods and write in the comment section if the post is helpful for you.

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