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Best Filelinked Alternatives for Firestick in 2024

Are you looking for Filelinked alternatives in 2024? Then, the article is for you. Filelinked is known as one of the best downloader tools for Firestick and Android TV Box.

Filelinked’s multi-file download feature lets you download multiple files without typing URLs. You can start downloading your files by creating Filelinked codes.

Therefore, in addition to Filelinked, there are 8 Filelinked Firestick app alternatives for Firestick, Android TV Box, Tablet, Kindle Fire, and Fire TV.

Best Filelinked Alternatives in 2024


Using Applinked codes, you can download Apps and install them on a Firestick or other Android devices. Nowadays, Applinked has entirely replaced the once-popular Filelinked application. However, Applinked works very similarly to Filelinked and does everything that Filelinked could do. In addition, there are hundreds of Applinked alternatives, too, but Applinked is the ultimate one.

Undoubtedly, Applinked has spread like fire and risen as the best alternative to Filelinked. And yes, Applinked is an easy-to-use and straightforward platform.

  • Free to Use
  • Applinked is legal to use
  • Applinked is safe to install


Following the shocking shutdown of FileLinked, another clone has emerged. FileSynced is another alternative to FileLinked. Using it, Android users can easily share files.

Many popular Apps are included here, including movies, TV shows, and sports apps. In addition, users can install the Filesynced app on most Android devices, including Firestick, smartphones, and Android TV boxes.

  • 100% free
  • Easy to navigate
  • Downloaded apps history
  • One of the trending App
  • Popular App


APK-Time allows users to download and install Apps on Fire TV Sticks and Android devices. You have over 50 categories and APKs to choose from, including Top Apps, Android TV, Animation, Entertainment, Sports, etc. To sideload the APK-Time on Firestick, use the downloader app.

Similarly, use a browser to sideload Android TV boxes and smartphones. Then, installing an App is as simple as selecting it by clicking downloads and being ready to use.

  • Updates for the latest versions of the apps in real-time
  • Information about the popularity of third-party Firestick apps and Android applications
  • A variety of Firestick-compatible applications are available

Aptiode TV

The Aptoide TV app allows users to download popular apps outside the big stores, such as movie Apps. It’s a great alternative to Amazon and Google Play Store, enabling users to install apps many companies block.

  • 100% free
  • Easy-to-Use
  • No need to do Mouse Toggling
  • Compatible with the Firestick


There are many ways to sideload apps onto the Firestick, including using the Downloader App to download Apps and other files from the internet. It is one of the well-known and convenient methods to do so.

Firestick has limited web browser functions, so it uses the Downloader app for downloads and installations. Android TV box users can also use the Downloader app instead of a browser.

  • Easy to Install on Firestick, Android devices, Google Chromecast
  • The downloader app is safe to use
  • Amazon’s officially available app
  • Legal to use
  • Easy to use


4Shared app is the best Android app to find files on the internet and is a library of different files. Using 4Shared, you can get and upload files from other sources. However, you cannot upload files larger than 200 MB per file.

  • Compatible with all devices
  • Easy access to files from anywhere
  • Easily create an account
  • Use the app on mobile devices
  • Share multiple files with anyone


Using the APK EXE website, you can easily download different file formats from the internet. With the rapid growth of internet technology, you can easily download apps faster than ever. Moreover, the APK EXE website is a hub of files for Firetvstick that contain open-source apps.

  • APK EXE is 100% Free
  • Open-source software
  • Works on different operating systems
  • Supports Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • Apps for gaming consoles
  • Emulators for devices
  • Available with different editing apps for audio, code, photo, and video
  • Stores converter apps


UnLinked is another alternative to Filelinked. One feature that distinguishes Unlinked from Filelinked is that it is AES-256 encryption.

With encryption, no one will see what is available in a store unless the code is shared.

Store codes are usually shared, so it might be ideal for those who only share files with a few people and want their files to be encrypted.

  • Pleasant UI (User Interface)
  • Libraries displayed on the dashboard
  • Option to create multiple libraries
  • It contains modded and ad-free apps
  • Easy to navigate and use


APKPure is an open-source App for downloading Apps and it is smaller in size, i.e., around 13MB. The APKPure has a simple UI and supports more than 20 languages.

There are many options on the app, viz. Search App, Hot Games, Hot Apps, APK Downloader, Discover App, Game on sales, Topics, iPhone App, etc.

APKPure app works smoothly with streaming devices like Google Chromecast, Roku, Firestick, etc. Another key point is that users can access geo-restricted apps on the APKPure platform.

  • Lightweight App
  • Fast Loading Speed
  • Download .apk and .xapk app files
  • Works on Streaming devices viz. Chromecast, Roku, Firestick


F-Droid is a free, open-source repository for Android apps from which users can browse and install APK files on their devices. The F-Droid has an official website with many options, viz. docs, news, issues, contribute, etc.

Furthermore, users can download the F-Droid APK directly from its official website, i.e., https://f-droid.org/.

  • 3800+ APK Files
  • File Sharing Feature
  • Open Source Software

Aurora Store

Aurora Store is a unique and attractively designed app that looks similar to Google Play Store. You can read descriptions, check updates, take screenshots, and leave comments on the Aurora store app.

In addition, it has a simple interface to download APK with a single click. Moreover, users can revert to previous versions if the latest version creates some problems.

  • Option to download APK files instantly
  • Easy to use
  • Supports Android, Mac, and Windows


Over the past few years, FireDL has been a popular app as the Filelinked alternative. Users can download images, docs, videos, and zip files. You can access the file by simply entering the file URL you want to download. 

Your file will start downloading and automatically be saved in the Download folder. You can access the files from the FireDL app using FTP clients like Filezilla, WinSCP, Smart FTP, etc. Another benefit is installing Apps on FireDL is similar to the Downloader app. 

  • Based on FTP(File Transfer Protocol)
  • Access Multiple Libraries at a time
  • Available Free of Cost
  • Similar to the Downloader app


APKMirror is another Filelinked alternative that is a great source to get Android apps. Using it, you can download multiple Apps at a time. These APK files are either bundled files or regular files.

Bundled files have extensions, viz. .apkm, .xapk, and .apks. One of the disadvantages is that it needs lots of space to store the Apps.

Therefore, you have less space; you have to uninstall some apps that are not in use from your device. In addition, you can run the APKMirror app on smartphones and tablets.

  • Need lots of space
  • Handle Multiple APK Files at a time
  • Open Source Software


1Mobile is the best app with lots of features and smart functionality. You can search the content directly on the home page without entering keywords. Furthermore, with the 1Mobile app, you can track the device’s data usage. 

Users can download images, docs, videos, and games. Surely, the 1Mobile app is the best app to download games and apps. Moreover, the app is compatible with Android, Mac, Windows, and Tablets.

  • Specific for games
  • Easy to navigate
  • Legal to use


What are Filelinked codes?

Filelinked codes are codes that have a unique collection of applications and files. Anyone can access the files and applications by entering the code in the Filelinked application.

How do I use a Filelinked code?

To use a Filelinked code, you need to download and install the Filelinked app on your device, thereafter, enter the code into the app to access the applications.

Is it legal to use Filelinked codes?

Filelinked codes are legal to use when you do not access any copyrighted content or you stream the content for which you have the license.

Can I share Filelinked codes with others?

Yes, anyone can use and share the Filelinked codes. We are highly discouraged from sharing the Filelinked codes for streaming copyrighted content.

How do I create my Filelinked code?

To create your Filelinked code, upload the apps to cloud storage and then generate a code using a Filelinked code generator, and share the code with others.

Are there any risks associated with using Filelinked codes?

Yes, there are some risks associated with using Filelinked codes, such as downloading malicious files or apps, accessing copyrighted material, or violating laws and regulations.

What should I do if I encounter an issue while using a Filelinked code?

If you encounter any issues while using a Filelinked code, you should contact the owner of the code or seek assistance from the Filelinked community forums.

Is Filelinked available for iOS devices?

No, Filelinked is not currently available for iOS devices. It is only compatible with Android devices.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have seen the alternatives to Filelinked. In addition, there are many more alternative methods to share files. On the other hand, you can download APKs from a trusted website or alternative App Store. In addition, it is possible to copy an APK to another Android device with a Flash drive.

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