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Best Applinked Codes 2023: Working Codes

This article will discuss the best Applinked codes in 2023 based on user reviews and the best Apps available in different codes. Also, we have an extensive guide on the best downloader codes for Firestick in 2023.

What is an Applinked Code?

An Applinked code is a code you enter to download any app in the Applinked app. An Applinked code may contain one or more apps; download any app from the list on your Firestick or Android device, and you can start using that particular app.

Using the Applinked app is risky; some apps may contain malware or malicious code. Hence, you should always scan your device before and after installing the app from Applinked and use a highly secured VPN like IPVanish VPN.

Is Applinked Safe to Use?

A few Antivirus databases reported that Applinked is unsafe to use, but recently we checked the Applinked .apk file hosted on the applinked.org website, and the results were the following.

In other words, Virustotal did not find any malicious activity in the app. However, the apps downloaded from Applinked may contain malware, so do a scan before using any app.

Applinked Codes

The applinked app looks like the FileLinked app. The Applinked code is one type of clone to hit the streaming community.

To Access the app, you need to download it. After that, enter any code from the list of Applinked codes. Then, select an app and download its APK file.

Applinked contains many apps related to sports, TV shows, movies, anime, etc. , Some of the important apps installed using Applinked are Kodi, Cinema APK, Stremio, MX Player, and ES File Explorer.

Here, I will tell you the best Applinked codes for Firestick and Android devices. It is important to mention that a few top Applinked codes in this article are suggested by electrical MD.

Applinked Code 5555

The Free Tech YouTuber developed the Applinked code 5555 to download and install the different APK files. You can stream different categories of videos like movies, TV series, Live TV, anime, sports, documentaries, etc. 

Apps available:

  • Bee TV
  • Bee TV Mod
  • Cinema HD
  • Cinema HD Mod
  • Cyberflix
  • Cuco TV
  • Coconut TV Mod
  • Film Plus
  • Film Plus Mod
  • Nova TV
  • Nova TV Mod
  • Tea TV
  • Tea TV Mod
  • Stremio
  • Viva TV
  • Viva TV Mod
  • AOS TV Mod
  • Dofusports
  • HD Streamz Mod
  • HDTV Ultimate
  • La Deportes
  • LiveNet TV
  • Ola TV
  • Oreo TV
  • MediaLounge
  • MediaLonge Mod
  • Thop TV
  • TV Tap Pro
  • Tivimate
  • RedBox TV
  • IPTV Smarters Pro
  • STB Emulator
  • Swift Streamz
  • Crunchy Roll
  • Flixoid
  • Movie HD
  • UK Turks

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Applinked Code 7777 

7777 is a “Doc Squiffy” YouTube code comprising more than ten apps. 7777 Applinked is an Applinked code for adults watching movies. It mainly offers apps related to adult content and streaming categories like movies, news, live sports, etc.

Apps available:

  • Jizztagram
  • Cinema HD
  • CucoTV
  • Bee TV
  • Free Flix HQ
  • Aston Cine

Applinked Code 8888

8888 is a great Applinked code with dozens of best streaming apps. Apps in the 8888 code have many streaming categories like sports, anime, live TV, live news, web series, documentaries, movies, etc.

Apps available:

  • BBC iPlayer – Nvidia Shield TV
  • BBC iPlayer – Android TV
  • My5
  • All4
  • FreeView
  • Pluto TV
  • S Sport Plus
  • Zattoo
  • Tubi TV
  • Sling TV
  • ShowTime
  • Showtime – Anytime
  • ShowMax
  • Philo TV
  • Peacock TV
  • IMDb TV
  • HULU
  • HBO
  • Fubo (For FireTV)
  • ESPN
  • EPIX
  • VRV
  • WOT Box TV
  • Discovery +
  • Discovery + UK
  • CBS
  • VUDU
  • DAZN

Applinked Code 3333

Code 3333 has APKs of many categories like documentaries, movies, sports, and TV shows.

Apps available:

  • Smart Tube
  • Ostora TV
  • Fast Task Killer
  • Xumo
  • Xumo For Mobile
  • Mushahid Tv
  • Tivimate
  • Magellan TV Ad Free Android TV
  • Magellan TV Mobile phones and tablets
  • Tea Sport Live
  • RedBox TV
  • Yassine TV
  • HD Streamz

Applinked Code 727272

The best Applinked code for live sports streaming, movies, and anime streaming contains around 100+ popular apps, including security apps like Malwarebytes, IPVanish VPN, ExpressVPN, etc.

The popular categories on these apps are TV shows, movies, documentaries, anime, etc.

Apps available:

  • FilmPlus
  • Nova TV
  • TeaTV
  • Syncler-Installer
  • BeeTV
  • VivaTV
  • Film (Spanish Movies)
  • Mouse Toggle
  • Screen Recorder
  • Cyberflix
  • Media-Player
  • Ludio Player
  • TiviMate Firestick
  • Purple-IPTV
  • Perfect-Player
  • VLC
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Firefox
  • Puffin
  • Airy TV
  • I Heart Radio
  • VirusTotal
  • Wuffy Player
  • TPlayer
  • Aptiode
  • Rotation – a tool for Android to control the device orientation
  • Set-Orientation
  • Smart Tube Next
  • AdGuard VPN Premium
  • Xtream Player
  • Apktime
  • Old Movies
  • Cyrose HD
  • Flixoid
  • Blokada
  • SD Maid
  • BPB Pro VPN
  • Downloader
  • IPTV Pro
  • Shuttle-VPN
  • Nova7
  • Wiseplay
  • Weyd
  • Tea Sport Live
  • USTV
  • Mouse-Toggle
  • Moviesy
  • SeriesGuide
  • FilmPlus
  • TeaTV
  • Lifesum
  • Runkeeper
  • Seven
  • AZ Screen Recorder
  • Moviesy
  • SnapTube
  • NetSpeed
  • Football TV
  • Lepto Sports (Firestick)
  • SoundHound
  • OneFootball
  • SD-Maid
  • IPTV Smarters Pro
  • Adblocker
  • SnapTube
  • Roku Channel
  • NewPipe
  • Power Director
  • Lumosity
  • Football Plus
  • NFL Live Streaming
  • Baseball Live Streaming
  • FilmoraGo
  • OsmAnd+
  • Aqua Mail
  • Stb Emu
  • Old Movies
  • Insta-IPTV
  • NCAA Football Live
  • Duolingo
  • Smart Launcher
  • MediaBox HD
  • BeeTV
  • Happy Kids
  • TPlayer
  • Red Bull
  • SpeedTest
  • KODI 20.2
  • AVG Cleaner
  • Malwarebytes
  • Flixella
  • Anime-World Lite
  • Bozi Sports Live Stream
  • ExpressVPN
  • IPVanish VPN
  • TV Mob
  • APKPure
  • Peacock
  • 365 Scores
  • Action Director
  • Squid-HD
  • Sofa-Player
  • MovieBoxPro

Applinked Code 4554

Another great Applinked code with hundreds of premium apk files related to sports, anime, live TV, movies, news, etc.

Apps available:

  • 1234 Movie
  • Ace Stream Media
  • Acorn TV
  • AdGuard
  • Air Screen
  • Airy TV
  • All4
  • Amazing Classic
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Analiti
  • AOS
  • APK Time
  • Apps2Fire
  • AppStarter
  • Aptoide
  • Aston Cine
  • ATV Launcher
  • AVG Cleaner
  • AZ Screen Recorder
  • Bee TV
  • Berg TV
  • Blokada
  • CineHub
  • Cinemax HD
  • Clean Master
  • ComicBox
  • Cuco TV
  • Cyberflix
  • Cyrose HD Movies
  • Dofu Live Streaming
  • Downloader
  • Dream TV
  • elMubashir
  • ES File Explorer
  • Fast
  • Fawesome
  • FilmRise For Firesticks and Android
  • Fire Anime
  • Flixhouse
  • FreeFlix
  • HALuncher
  • Happy Chick
  • HD Streamz
  • HDTV Ultimate
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Hulu
  • Lepto Sports
  • Live Net TV
  • LiveSports
  • Morpheus TV
  • Mouse Toggle For Android TV
  • Newest Movies HD
  • MX Player
  • Peacock
  • Pocket TV
  • Popcorn Time
  • SnappyStreamz
  • Sofa TV
  • Startup Show
  • Stremio
  • Strix
  • SwiftStreamz
  • Teleboy TV Mobile Device
  • TiviMate
  • Turbo VPN
  • TV Tap ( Firestick )
  • Typhoon
  • UK Turks
  • Virus Total
  • Vola Sports Live ( Streams ) Firestick & Android
  • Vudu
  • Windscribe VPN
  • Wolf Launcher
  • USTV Pro
  • Sideload Channel Launcher
  • Navix Sports
  • Web Video Caster
  • Yes Movies
  • Real Debrid
  • BubbleUp
  • Pluto TV
  • UK TV & Radio
  • Pandora
  • Podcast Republic Premium
  • MemSports
  • EpicSports
  • Sports HD
  • Football TV HD
  • Ten Sports Live

Applinked Code 719778818

The widely used code 719778818 has more than 15 apps. Most of the apps in this code offer ad-free video streams.

Apps available:

  • Cinema HD Ad Free
  • Cinema HD Original
  • FilmPlus Original
  • TeaTV Ad Free
  • Typhoon TV Original
  • UK Turks Ad Free
  • Viva Original
  • Media lounge
  • Redbox Original
  • Fast Task Killer
  • Cyberflix
  • Media Lounge
  • Swiftstreamz Official
  • FX File Explorer
  • Fildo
  • Filepursuit
  • Puffin Browers
  • Smart YouTube
  • IPSecrete VPN
  • Proton VPN
  • ViewTV
  • Total Commander
  • Analiti Speed Test
  • XUMO (US) Firestick
  • TUBI (US)
  • 9Now
  • Ocean Streamz
  • Wolf Launcher
  • DarkBox Mod/Light
  • Filesynced
  • Apktime

Applinked Code 2021

This code is for downloading the Kodi Forks. These Kodi Forks work well on streaming devices like Firestick, Android TV, Google Chromecast, etc.

If you face any issues while downloading the app, you can choose an alternative fork, like the Funsterbe Kodi fork, The Crew, or The Green Monster.

Apps available:

  • Kodi 20.2 Fork 64 bit
  • Kodi 20.2 Fork 32 bit
  • The Crew Kodi 20.2 Fork 32 bit
  • The Crew Kodi 20.2 Fork 64 bit
  • Kodi 20.2 Fork 64 bit
  • Funsterbe Kodi Fork 20.2
  • The Boys Kodi 20.2 Fork
  • The Green Monster Kodi 20.2 Fork
  • The Crew Kodi 20.2 Fork 32 bit
  • The Crew Kodi 20.2 Fork 64 bit

Applinked Code 301851852

This code contains only two applications, i.e., Mouse Toggle for Fire TV and Tubi TV. You can quickly download these two applications using this code.

There are many categories in Mouse Toggle and Tubi TV apps, such as live TV, games, video players, news, sports, etc. Mouse Toggle and Tubi TV alternatives for streaming are Flixoid, SmartTube Next, MX Player, Nova, TVTap, etc.

Apps available:

  • Tubi TV
  • Mouse Toggle For Fire TV

Applinked Code 000111

Applinked code 000111 has great apps like Downloader, Kodi, Swift Streamz, Cyberflix, Live Net, Bee TV, Mx Player, Cinema HD, Cinehub, etc. These apps can stream movies, web series, TV shows, and live news.

Apps available:

  • Xfinity_Stream
  • CatMouse
  • LiveNet
  • IPTV Smarters Pro
  • Downloader
  • Cinema HD
  • TVBro
  • Popcorn Time
  • ZiniTevi
  • Media Lounge
  • TeaTV
  • FilmPlus
  • Cyberflix
  • Cartoon HD
  • Oreo-TV
  • TiviMate IPTV Player
  • APKTime

Applinked Code 2323

If you want to watch HD movies and live TV shows, you may try the code 000111. This code contains various apps like Xfinity Stream, TV Bro, Oreo TV, Cartoon HD, TiviMate IPTV, Popcorn Time, TV Bro, Live TV, IPTV Smarters Pro, etc.

Apps available:

  • Kodi
  • Live net
  • Mx player pro
  • SD Maid
  • Swift streamz
  • STB EMU Pro
  • AOS tv
  • Bee tv
  • Cinehub
  • Cinema HD
  • Cyberflix
  • Film plus
  • Unlock my tv
  • APK Time
  • Morpheus
  • Strix
  • Media lounge
  • Syncler app installer
  • Rokkr
  • CCleaner premium

Applinked Code 1234

1234 is a great Applinked code with the highest number of apps (1000+) for streaming live TV, anime, movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc.

Apps available:

  • Sideload Launcher
  • TiviMate IPTV Player
  • XCIPTV Player
  • Strix TV
  • OTT Navigator
  • Vivaldi Browser
  • Droid Hardware Info
  • GSE Smart IPTV
  • AOS TV
  • Vellamo Benchmark
  • AnTuTu Benchmark
  • Netflix (Android TV)
  • Brave Private Browser
  • MovieBoxPro
  • AdGuard
  • Blokada
  • Cartoon HD
  • Geekbench
  • Teamviewer Remote Control
  • AnyDesk Remote Control
  • BeeTV
  • FilmPlus
  • Flixoid
  • RedboxTV
  • Live NetTV
  • TvMob
  • Ocean Streamz
  • Kraken TV
  • Fawesome TV
  • FreeFlix HQ
  • MediaBox HD
  • Glewed TV
  • Perfect Player
  • AiryTV
  • Pluto TV
  • Deezer
  • PikaShow
  • AMPlayer
  • Fildo
  • Pocket TV Master
  • HD Streamz
  • Spotify Premium
  • Crunchyroll
  • Max Movies
  • FileSynced
  • Stirr
  • Sofa TV
  • Crackle
  • Freezer
  • FlixHouse
  • OneBox HD
  • FX File Explorer
  • Wuffy Media Player
  • UnlockMyTTV
  • Hulu For Android TV
  • Hulu for Mobile
  • AstonCine
  • Dofu Live Stream Sports
  • Lepto Sports
  • IPTV Smarters
  • La Deportes
  • USTV
  • iMPlayer IPTV Player
  • APKMirror Installer
  • Solid Explorer File Manager
  • ES File Explorer
  • Lepto Sports
  • Ludio Player HD
  • Football Plus+
  • MLB Live Streaming
  • NFL Live Streaming
  • Aurora Store
  • Ninja Player
  • Google Play Store – Shortcut only
  • MediaBox HD – Shortcut only
  • Nox Cleaner
  • SportsTV
  • AVG Cleaner Premium
  • LeanKey Keyboard
  • BMC- Badazz Media Center
  • IPTV Stalker Player
  • Baseball Live Streaming
  • Silk Browser
  • GHD Sports
  • PTV Max – Android TV
  • VuduHD Movies
  • Vola Sports
  • Ten Sports Live
  • Emby
  • App Tray for TV
  • Crackle
  • Live Sports TV
  • Live Football Stream HD
  • MemSports
  • KMPlayer
  • TiviMate Companion
  • Red Bull TV
  • PatoPlayer
  • Anime World


What are Applinked codes?

Applinked codes are a way to access third-party apps on Android TV or Fire TV devices. These codes are a sequence of characters that are used to download and install apps onto your device.

How do I use an Applinked code?

To use an Applinked code, you need to open the Applinked app on your device and enter the code into the search bar. Once you enter the code, the app will display a list of available apps that you can download and install.

Are Applinked codes safe to use?

It depends on the source of the Applinked code. Some codes may be from reputable sources and provide safe and legitimate apps. However, there is also a risk of downloading apps that are malicious or contain malware.

Can I use Applinked codes on all devices?

Applinked codes are typically used on Android TV and Fire TV devices. Some other devices may also be compatible, but it depends on the specific device and operating system.

Can I create my own Applinked code?

Yes, you can create your own Applinked code using a service like FileSynced. This allows you to share your own customized list of apps with others.

Can I use multiple Applinked codes on my device?

Yes, you can use multiple Applinked codes on your device. This allows you to access a wider variety of apps and content.

How do I update apps that were installed using an Applinked code?

To update apps that were installed using an Applinked code, you need to open the app store or app updater that you used to install the app and check for updates. Alternatively, some apps may automatically update in the background.

Wrap Up

So, in the above article, we have mentioned the popular Applinked codes for movies, sports, animes, security, etc. Be sure to check whether these apps are legal because we cannot verify the source of the apps and cannot monitor the activities they carry in the background.

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