Best Applinked Code List in May 2022

Applinked Codes

AppLinked app is recently coming on the market that looks like the FileLinked app. The Applinked code is one type of clone to hit the streaming community.

To Access the app, you need to download it. After that, enter a shown code. Then, select an app and download its APK file. So, AppLinked installs the app through its APK file.

It includes various categories of apps, including sports apps, TV shows apps, movie apps, anime, etc. Although, Some of the notable apps installed using AppLinked are Kodi, Cinema APK, Stremio, MX Player, and ES File Explorer. Here, I will tell you the best App Link Code compatible with an Amazon Fire TV product and Android device. 

  • 5555 
  • 7777 
  • 8888
  • 3333
  • 4444
  • 6464
  • 911
  • 727272
  • 4554
  • 719778818
  • 2021
  • 301851852
  • 475414651
  • 1234
  • 811
  • 2323
  • 000111

AppLinked Code 5555

The Free Tech YouTuber developed the Applinked code 5555 to download and install the different APK files. It can support more than 30 apps, including IPTV Smarters, Live Net TV, Swift Streamz, Oreo TV, Viva TV, BeeTV, etc. The site follows the categories like movies, TV series, Live TV, anime, sports, documentaries, etc. 

AppLinked Code 7777 

7777 is a “Doc Squiffy” YouTube code that consists of more than ten supportable apps. It mainly provides content related to adults and categories like smart tv, movies, news, sports live, etc. The popular alternative app for this site includes Cinema HD, Jizztagram, CucoTV, Free Flix HQ, BeeTV, UK Turks, etc. 

AppLinked Code 8888

If you want to watch streaming in the best quality, then Applinked code 8888 is the best platform. It follows more than 25 apps, including IMDB TV, HBO, ShowMax, Philo TV, Peacock TV, Hulu, Discovery+, BBC, etc. Some of the site categories are sports, anime, Live TV, live news, web series, documentaries, movies, etc.

AppLinked Code 3333

3333 consists of many categories of APK content like documentaries, movies, Utilities, sports, and TV shows. Although, it supports over ten streaming sites Ostara TV, Mushahid TV, Fast Task Killer, Xumo, Magellan TV, Tea Sports Live, Smart Tube, Tivimate, etc.

AppLinked Code 4444

4444 is mainly designed for international audiences to utilize the app’s quality. There are many categories such as Utilities, music, video players, etc. Moreover, it includes various alternative apps like SmarTube Next, HD VideoBox Plus, Khho HD, vPlay, and OTTplay.

AppLinked Code 6464

6464 is another app code for some quality apps. It is in the category of movies and tv shows. However, it comes up with many extra features like an ad-free, bright look, and easy use. The collection of the app it follows is TVTap Fire Stick, Oreo, Navix Sports, Laptop Sports, Swift Streamz, LA Deportes, Strix, etc.

AppLinked Code 911

This is a TechDoctorUK Code that works well with all devices. It supports various streaming platforms, including Fast Task Killer, DangBei Assistant, Mouse Toggle, Happy Chick, Pluto TV, etc. Although, it contains multiple streaming categories such as music, TV series, latest movies, audio, concerts, etc.

AppLinked Code 727272

This code is all in one that works with more than 50 apps. Also, its popular alternatives are CinemaHD, FilmPlus, Media Player, Live NetTV, Morpheus TV, Smart YouTube, etc. Besides that, its popular categories are TV shows, movies, documentaries, anime, etc.

AppLinked Code 4554

It is one of the best codes containing 130+ streaming apps. Also, it offers different content genres, including movies, TV shows, sports, news, etc.

Although top-rated apps containing the code are UK Turks, Xumo, Popcorn Time, Cinema HD, FilmPlus, Ola TV, Vudu, Pluto TV, Plex, Stremio, etc.

AppLinked Code 719778818

The widely used code 719778818 is compatible with more than 15 apps. These apps are RedBox TV, Bee TV, CinemaHD, FX File Explorer, FilmPlus, TeaTV, UK Turks, Nova TV, etc. On the other hand, most apps develop ad-free services like CinemaHD to enhance the watching experience.

AppLinked Code 2021

Kodi users mainly use this code with a modded version known as Kodi Forks. Although, the Kodi Forks version works well with all devices.

But, if you find difficulties, you can go for a similar alternative like Funsterbe Kodi fork, The Crew, and The Green Monster. Besides that, some code-supported platforms are Mushahid TV, Ostara TV HD Stream, TiviMate, Xumo, Fast Task Kille, Xumo for Mobile, etc.

AppLinked Code 301851852

If you are excited to know about the Mouse Toggle application code, you are at the right place. You can install it through firestick for mouse toggle and Tubi TV applications.

There are many categories of the App, such as live tv, games, video player, news, sports, etc. Apart from that, some other app alternatives are Flixoid, SmartTube Next, MX Player, Nova, TVTap, etc.

AppLinked Code 475414651

The 475414651 code is used for multipurpose and contains various APK to increase the streaming quality. This code is compatible with Kodi 19.4 version. However, some of its running Apk’s are Unlock My TV, Tea TV, Morpheus, Cuco TV, Live Net, Mx Player Pro, etc. 

AppLinked Code 1234

For those mainly looking to watch Live TV, Movies, TV shows, documentaries, and content categories, 1234 is the best code for them. Besides that, it includes various streaming apps like CucoTV, Hulu, Spotify Mod, Roku, Syncler App, Crunchy Roll, CineHub, Cinema HD, BeeTV, etc.

AppLinked Code 811

This code is made for watching entertainment shows with top-rated applications. These apps include Mubi, Ola TV, Free Flix HQ, SS+ Sports, TV Tap, Pluto TV, Viva TV, and Cuco TV. In addition, it follows various categories like Live TV, Browser, Kids Shows, Adult Content, etc.

AppLinked Code 2323

This code is also working well with all categories of apps. These apps are Kodi 19.1, Swift Streamz, Cyberflix, Live Net, Bee TV, Mx Player, Cinema HD, Cinehub, etc. Moreover, it falls into multiple categories like movies, web series, TV shows, and live news, respectively.

AppLinked Code 000111

If you want to watch primarily movies and live TV shows with high quality, you can go for code 000111. However, this code contains various apps like Xfinity Stream, TV Bro, Oreo TV, Cartoon HD, TiviMate IPTV, Popcorn Time, TV Bro, Live TV, IPTV Smarters Pro, etc.


So, now you know about all top Applinked used for all types of devices. Also, we added the description of the code to analyze the application before use. In addition, the app is illegal, but there is no harm in using them in the right way.

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