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Best Tips For Playing Warzone 2.0 (And DMZ) Solo

In this guide, we will discuss some important tips you should remember while playing the Warzone 2.0 game.

Warzone 2 (And DMZ) are popular online games that simulate warfare in multiple environments. Players take on the role of soldiers and battle it out for control of exciting virtual battlefields, competing with enemies, objectives, and terrain. 

Players can test their tactical abilities while fighting to victory against opponents and allies. The game has various weapons and vehicles, allowing players to upgrade their arsenal as they progress through the ranks. 

With intense team-based multiplayer action plus an immersive single-player campaign mode, Warzone 2 DMZ provides a unique experience that promises hours of gripping warfare fun.

Tips For Playing Warzone 2 And DMZ Solo

Though playing with others is the most popular choice, you can also play these games solo. Here are some tips for how to play Warzone 2 and DMZ solo. 

Plan Ahead 

In both Warzone 2 and DMZ, planning is essential when playing solo. Before you start each game, devise a strategy that will increase your chances of getting success.

Think about what objectives need to be completed to win, and then ensure you have enough resources to achieve them. 

Also, consider your position on the map; if possible, choose a spot far away from enemy players so they don’t easily spot your movements or attacks.

Use Your Surroundings 

The key to success in either game is taking advantage of your surroundings. In Warzone 2, this means watching out for enemies and using buildings for cover when reloading or moving around the map. 

In DMZ, it also means being aware of where your allies are located so that you can help them if needed. Knowing the terrain can help you anticipate enemy movements and give you an edge over other players who may not be as familiar with it. 

Stay Focused 

Playing solo requires intense focus and concentration because there aren’t any teammates to rely on if things go wrong or mistakes are made. 

This means staying focused on your objectives and avoiding getting distracted by things like incoming messages or alerts from other players in the match is essential.

You should always pay attention to the environment around you; in-game events can happen quickly, so you must catch everything! 

Keep Moving

Your main goal when playing solo should be staying alive. The best way to do that is by keeping mobile. When enemies try to take you out, the last thing you want is for them to easily predict where you’ll be next—so don’t stay put in one spot too long. 

The longer you stand still, the more exposed you are. Plus, staying on the move will help you avoid getting cornered or boxed in by enemies with superior firepower or better positioning. 

Make Use of Cover and Concealment

Cover and concealment can be your best friends when playing solo; they’re perfect for evading enemy fire while providing a safe place to launch attacks. 

If there’s some structure—like a building or wall—around, use it as cover so that enemies won’t see you until it’s too late. In addition to protecting from enemy fire, the protection also blocks line-of-sight so that your opponents won’t know where exactly you’re located. 

Concealment works similarly, but instead of blocking line-of-sight, it obscures your location by hiding your silhouette against the environment (e.g., using foliage). 

Know Your Weapons and Equipment 

Knowing how each weapon behaves is vital if you want to survive in Warzone 2 and DMZ—especially when going solo. 

Ensure you understand how far each weapon can shoot accurately, how much recoil it has, what attachments work best, etc. So that when faced with an enemy head-on, all those stats will come naturally to mind rather than stalling while frantically searching through menus or settings screens mid-game. 

Also, familiarize yourself with equipment such as grenades and smoke bombs; they might save your life one day!  

Know Your Enemy

Before you start shooting your way through each level, it’s essential to take the time to study your enemies and their tactics. 

Knowing how they move, where they hide, and what weapons they use will give you an advantage in combat. It will also help you avoid unnecessary risks that could cost you valuable lives or damage your equipment. 

Take Advantage Of Upgrades

One of the great things about Warzone 2 and DMZ is the variety of upgrades available between levels that can give players a competitive edge in combat scenarios. 

Many options are available for customizing your character’s abilities, from armor enhancements to weapon modifications, so take advantage of them! 


Matches in Warzone 2.0 (and DMZ) can be hectic and dangerous, even if you’re trying to play through the game’s new story content. 

Luckily, there are ways to survive and even thrive playing by yourself. By following these tips, you can take on anything the world of Warzone 2.0 throws at you – solo or otherwise. 

And as a bonus tip, we recommend you go through warzone 2 hacks to gain some edge over other players. Do you have any other suggestions for players trying Warzone 2.0 solo? Let us know in the comments!

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