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TiviMate APK: Complete Guide to Use on Firestick

In this guide, you will get information about how to install the TiviMate apk on Firestick. The steps listed below work for every Firestick version, like FireStick Lite, 4K, Fire TV Cube, and Android TV Boxes. 

TiviMate is the best IPTV player mainly designed to stream all types of TV content online. It contains a very friendly interface that helps you simplify and organize content according to your choices. In addition, the app also offers an EPG (Electronic Program Guide) integration that details the TV program schedule.

Also, it has different playlist options like the Stalker portal, Xtreme codes, and M3U playlists that let you stream different video-quality content in one place. Let’s go ahead with the downloading and installation steps of the TiviMate apk on Firestick.

Installation Steps

Install Downloader App

TiviMate is the sideloaded app that needs to be downloaded using a third-party app downloader, whose steps are given below:

Open Firestick and select the third icon, Find, as shown on the screen.

Go to Find icon

Tap on the search label text and go ahead.

Click on Search label text

Now, type Downloader using the keyboard and choose it from the available results.

Choose Downloader from the results

Now, choose Downloader from the Apps and Games section.

Select the Downloader app

Click on the Download option and wait for the downloading process.

Wait for downloading process

The Downloader app starts downloading; wait for it to be over.

Downloader app starts downloading

After downloading, it starts installing; wait for some time.

Wait for installation of Downloader

The Downloader app was downloaded successfully.

Downloader downloads successfully

Turn on the Downloader app

Now, press the back button to move to the home screen. After that, click on the last sign, Settings.

Tap on Settings

Here, choose the My Fire TV option, just before Accessibility.

Choose My Fire TV

Click on the Developer Options from the menu list.

Click on Developer Options

Now, hit the Install unknown apps tab.

Choose Install unknown apps

In this step, turn on the Downloader app mode.

Turn on Downloader app

Download TiviMate App

Again, return to the Firestick dashboard, and this time choose the Applications icon.

Choose Firestick Applications

Here, click on the Downloader app.

Click on the available Downloader app

Tap on the Allow button to allow the app to access photos, media, and files on your Firestick.

Tap on the Allow button

Hit the OK button to start the Downloader app screen.

Hit the OK key

The Downloader Home page appears; here, click on the Enter a URL or Search Term label text.

Tap on enter URL text box

Type the downloader code here, 549628.

Type downloader code here

Hit the Go button.

Press the Go key

Wait for connecting with the TiviMate URL.

Wait for connecting with TiviMate URL

Wait for a few minutes until the official TiviMate page appears.

Again, wait for TiviMate official page

The TiviMate official screen appears; here, just tap on the blue Tivimate download button.

Click on TiviMate download toggle

Again, wait for the file-downloading process.

Wait for TiviMate file downloading process

TiviMate file downloading is in progress; wait for a few minutes.

Wait for TiviMate file download completion

Install TiviMate App

After downloading, press the Install key to install TiviMate.

Hit the Install button

Wait for the installation of the TiviMate app.

Wait for installation of TiviMate

Now, it displays the message TiviMate Ready to Launch. Wait until it disappears.

TiviMate ready to launch notification appears

Next, click on the Done key.

Choose the Done button

Now, choose the Delete button to delete the apk file from external storage.

Click on Delete key

Press the Delete button again to confirm.

Again, hit the Delete button

Launch the TiviMate App

Go to the previous Firestick home page and select the Applications sign.

Open the Application icon

Open the recently installed TiviMate app.

Choose TiviMate app

Here, tap on the Add playlist button.

Click on Add playlist key

The page shows different Playlist types, including M3U playlists, Xtream Codes, Stalker Portals, etc. Choose the M3U playlist.

Select M3U playlist

Now, enter the URL for M3U playlist and enjoy the streaming.

Enter URL for playlist

Wrapping Up

Overall, the guide provides all the information related to the TiviMate apk. Like description, installation steps, and how to use it. So, try to install the TiviMate on Firestick using the steps given above and ask your queries in the comment section related to the guide.

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