How to install Slamious Kodi Build on Firestick in 2022

In this tutorial, we will learn how to install Slamious Kodi Build. These installation steps are the same for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi devices.

The Slamious is part of the Slamious Wizard catalog. Slamious build is known to be the most popular Kodi build among them. For your streaming needs, this is the top build that you need because it has the best Kodi addons wrapped into it. Most of all, the UI is much much convenient to use. Also, navigating through this build is easy and natural.


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How to Install Slamious Kodi Build

The Slamious is among one of the best Kodi builds in January 2022. Following are the steps to install Slamious Kodi Build.

Slamious Kodi Build

1.            First of all, open the Kodi and go to the Home Screen

2.            Thereafter, follow this path

Add-ons –> Settings –> Enable Unknown Sources

3.            Go to the “File Manager” from the “Settings” menu and click on “Add Source

4.            Enter the URL “” (Currently, Slamious build is not working, we will update when it is up)

5.            Enter any name you want, I entered “Slamious”. Thereafter, click “OK

6.            Then choose the option “Add-on Browser” from the “Add-Ons” menu

7.            Click on “Install from zip file”, you will find an option with the name what you entered earlier as “Slamious”, click on that and choose “Slamious” 

8.            After some time “Add-on enabled” notification appears

9.            Click on “Install from repository” and choose “Slamious Repo

10.          Thereafter click Program add-ons –> Slamious Wizard –> Install

11.          Wait for some time, a notification stating Add-on enabled appears

12.          Go to the Home of the Kodi and click on Add-ons –> Program Add-ons –> Slamious  Wizard

13.          Thereafter choose your build and click on “Fresh Install”

14.          Wait for some time while the Slamious build gets downloaded and installed

15.          Restart the Kodi

16.          Your Slamious Build is ready to use

NOTE: It may take some time to fully update and load the Kodi build.

If you have any problem in installing the Slamious build, follow the screenshots mentioned ahead.

Slamious Build Installation Screenshots

You can follow these screenshots to install Slamious build in place of above-mentioned installation steps.

Slamious Settings
Unknown Slamious Sources
Warning Message
File Manager Kodi
Add Source for Slamious
None Slamious
Media Location for Slamious
Slamious Repository Path
Slamious Media Source
Slamious File Manager
Addons Slamious
Install Slamious from Zip File
Installation Warning
Install slamious from zip
Slamious 19
Slam 19 Repo Add-on installed
Slam 19 Repo
Slamious Program add-ons
Slamious Wizard 19
Wizard Addon Installed
Remind me Later Message
Slamious Continue
Slamious Build Menu
Slamious 19
Fresh Install, Standard Install
Slamious Wizard 19 Continue
Installation Progress Slamious
Install Slamious Theme

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