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Kodi 20 Nexus Version: Release Date, Features, and Downloading Links

Kodi 20 Nexus is the latest version after the successful launch of the Kodi 19 Matrix. Here, Nexus is the codename of the Kodi 20, like the earlier Kodi versions, Kodi 16 Jarvis, 17 Krypton, 18 Leia, and 19 Matrix.

All codenames are in alphabetical order. So, after the Matrix version, the next will start with N. So, developers decided to name it Nexus after the voting.

Here, we have discussed Kodi 20 Nexus release date, features, platforms, and download links.

Kodi Versions History

Kodi 20 Alpha Version

As of now, Kodi 20 is in the Alpha stage, where users can download its prerelease version and find the bugs of the developers. This phase is released every week with an upgrade version.

After getting its reviews, the developers release its Beta version. The Beta version is the last step before the final release of the Kodi 20 Nexus. We can expect the Kodi 20 Nexus to release in the summer of 2023.

Kodi 20 Alpha 1

The first Alpha version of the Kodi 20, Alpha 1, was launched on 16th May 2022. So, let us know its exciting features:-


  • AV1 hardware decoding for Android and Linux via VAAPI
  • Bump to FFMPEG 4.4


  • Change text alignment for closed caption subtitles
  • Apply the latest font style settings like background type/color, border size/color, shadow color, and blur
  • Override subtitles metadata like position and style
  • Set font size with point/pixel proportion
  • Arrange subtitles with dynamic positions through position tags
  • Set underlined and strikethrough text style support
  • Set the new wide color palette in color settings
  • SAMI format to support multiple languages
  • TX3G format to support colors, multiple styles, and alpha channel
  • Change Subtitle settings in playback without applying side effects
  • Display correct subtitle in windowed mode
  • Latest VPlayer for multiline text
  • Better font list setting where the actual names of the fonts are shown
  • Support for OpenType font type (OTF)
  • Calibration window to reset the calibration settings
  • Display ASS/SSA subtitles without flickering
  • Image-based subtitle rendering to maintain a better aspect ratio
  • Support for WebVTT subtitle format


  • Fix Blu-Rays and DVD ISOs in file mode
  • Fix playback of some optical discs on Linux (incorrect mapping of mount points)
  • Code cleanup and platform split of disc handling
  • Skin cosmetics
  • duplicated context menu items in fixed mode

EDL (Edit Decision List )

  • Fix EDL mute sections
  • EDL cuts


  • Fix wrap lists and hitrect on auto-sized buttons
  • Fix context menu options not triggering the respective built-in action
  • Volume setting option for GUI sounds
  • Password reveal button in keyboard dialog

So, the changes mentioned above/enhancements are available in Kodi 20 Alpha 1. We will update here once the new features are released in subsequent Kodi versions.

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