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Forticlient VPN Review & Rating 2023| Pros & Cons

In this article, we will go through a detailed review of Forticlient VPN. Earlier, we reviewed HotspotShield VPN; Now, we will discuss the major services and features of the VPN. Also, we will go through a brief review of its Pros and Cons at the end of the article.

We sometimes need to access some restricted files. These include certain sites or files that are not allowed in our region or country. For example, a few years back, the Pubg game was banned in India; therefore Game server from India is unavailable.

In such a situation, players still played the game. They connected the game to different servers to get access to that game.

DISCLAIMER: Online downloading and redistributing copyrighted material online is an illegal activity. VPNHACKS.COM does not condone any illegal activity.

Similarly, you can also get access to different files and things even if they are not available on your country’s server. All you have to do is connect yourself to a different server by using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). A VPN allows you to connect to other servers quite easily.

A wide range of VPNs is available worldwide with different features and services. In such hard competition, selecting the best VPN becomes very hard.

But we are here to help you! We have developed this complete review to help you get the perfect VPN according to your requirements. In this article, we will be reviewing a very popular yet complex VPN, Forticlient VPN.

Going through the complete article, you will be familiar with all the aspects and features of the Forticlient VPN properly.

Forticlient VPN

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Forticlient VPN is a brand new and high-power VPN of the Fortinet company. It provides customers all around the world with network security products and services. In addition, the VPN offers both IPSec and SSL VPN solutions.

Forticlient works as part of the endpoint security setup. It seeks to provide customers with an effective option for companies relying on remote working. A US-based technology company created Fortinet VPN.

Since 2000, the company has been exploring many security solutions. Fortinet looks forward to mixing up encryption, threat detection, etc. The company suits all kinds of businesses. Whether it is a small startup or a large multinational corporation, Fortinet has everything for you.

Features of Fortclient VPN

The VPN seeks to provide its customers with plenty of offers. These features help them access the server or region they want without any hurdles. We have mentioned the salient features of the Forticlient VPN. These will help you be secure. Both while you stay private online or look for the things you need.

Security features

#1. SSL or IPSec tunneling protocols

You get SSL or IPSec tunneling protocols in Forticlient VPN. You can use them to create secure and encrypted connections between corporate devices and remote devices.

#2. Anti-Malware and anti-exploits tools

The VPN provides you with multiple anti-malware tools. These tools protect your device from malware and other security harms for your device. Also, there are several anti-exploits tools present in the VPN. These tools come with special web filters for different URL categories.

The tools can also lock down cloud storage systems. A solid firewall system also comes with a VPN. You can toggle between different applications and software.

#3. Fully customizable authentication settings

You will get completely customizable authentication settings with the VPN, especially for your clients and employees. Also, the VPN supports web certification. Only authorized and allowed people can access business assets and strategies.

With these top security features, Forticlient VPN provides customers with a decent foundation. You can install such secure remote working setups here. Unlike ProtonVPN, Fortinet VPN is a corporate VPN and provides users with SSL and IPSec VPN protocols.

Usually, they are not available in most corporate VPNs. However, these protocols make it quite easy to monitor and control speeds and find proper settings that balance both load and security. 

Also, we have noticed that companies and businesses are now focusing on using a mixture of locally held data sources and Cloud resources. Forticlient has provided tools to allow remote access to both locations to make users and businesses comfortable with these things.

Also, the remote accessing methods are secure with advanced certifications and authentication options. These secure online methods prevent intruders and malicious actors from affecting the protected data and stealing it. However, this process should be doable, and the users should have access to it.

When it comes to authentication, the users can use the Forticlient VPN with various forms of 2FA (two-factor authentication). It allows the users to be free from relying on the password to log into the VPN portal.

With all the security features above, Forticlient VPN provides the company with the assurance of keeping their employees anonymous for external observers. In addition, companies can monitor access to endpoints properly. Also, data integrity remains as strong as it was ever before.

Privacy features

Well! Forticlient VPN is not known for its privacy features. However, it claims to provide anonymity and privacy to the network users. Also, to take proper care of them. So, let us examine whether Forticlient delivers what it claims.

We checked the privacy policy of Forticlient VPN from the official site. We did this to get some idea about the privacy policies and security that Forticlient claims to offer its customers. As a result, we got the following major points from the privacy policy of the Forticlient VPN app.

  • Forticlient never sells the personal data of the users to any third party
  • The Forticlient fan website allows the users and visitors of the site to have control over their data


We understand that speed should not be the only factor when evaluating the overall performance of a VPN. Security plays a vital role too! But still, if high-security VPNs lag behind the competition, it can make them boring and irrelevant. And that’s exactly the problem with the Forticlient VPN here.

The Forticlient team regularly gets complaints of speed dips in the region of 85% and above.

We would suggest customers who are having issues with the speed dips of the VPN get a proper consultation with the customer support team to get the best speed possible.

Forticlient VPN Customer Support

Having a reliable and helpful customer support team becomes very important when you plan to set up a VPN.

To ensure that the customers get what they need, Fortinet gives the following support options.

  • Discussion forums
  • 24×7 phone support for customers across North America
  • Complete technical assistance via the support portal of FortiCare
  • Live chat with customers and video library explaining common installation and usages issues
  • Training and certification processes

Compatibility, Installations, and Deployment

The Forticlient team is keenly looking to improve the users’ experiences with the VPN. To make sure you get the best experience with the VPN on any device, Forticlient has introduced different versions of the VPN that are compatible with a wide range of platforms in the world.

The major platforms to use the Forticlient are;

  • Linux
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Chrome book and Google Chrome
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone

The VPN comes with a very simple and easy-to-use interface. You can set it to either automatically connect mode or can connect it manually via desktop icons. However, there are limited options to customize their connection.

Forticlient Installation

First, users must download and install the Forticlient VPN from the official website or store. Once the VPN is running and is connected, updating it is never an issue for the users. You can get the VPN updated in two ways. Either by enabling the automatic update installer or setting up the EMS installer.

Also, you can manually download the updated version of the VPN. To do that, navigate to the “help -> about” menu.

The manual installation processes of the Forticlient VPN on different platforms are different. Below, we have mentioned the important steps about how you can install the Forticlient VPN on an iPad or iPhone in first paragraph. Secondly, we have provided you with detailed info about installing the VPN for Windows.

How to Install Forticlient VPN on iPad and iPhone?

To easily install the Forticlient VPN on your iPad and iPhone, follow the simple steps below.

  • First, download the Forticlient VPN app from the official app store on your device
  • To download the app, you need to open the search bar of your app store on your iPad or iPhone
  • Enter Forticlient in the search bar and click on search
  • You will see the official Forticlient VPN application on your app store; click on the download

You must sign in to your app store account to download. If you don’t have an account on your iPad or iPhone app store, you can create one. You can do that by entering your email and creating a decent password.

  • After you have downloaded the Forticlient VPN app on your device, open it
  • Once the app opens, you will see a user-friendly interface. Click on connections to configure server settings
  • You will be asked to allow the connection request; click on allow

Now you need to follow the Settings as follows.

  • Name: Any name that you want to give
  • Host: https://XXX.YYY.ZZZ.XXX (IP Address)
  • Port: 10443
  • Conn UserName & Password, Then Save
  • Congo! You have successfully set up your VPN. Just slide the VPN toggle, and your VPN will run at its best.

So, these were the simple steps. Following them, you can download and install the Forticlient VPN on your iPad or iPhone without having any issues.

How to Install Forticlient VPN on Windows?

Most officials and employees use desktops and laptops with windows as their processing units. While using windows to complete your work, Forticlient VPN becomes crucial to access critical resources. We have provided you with the complete process of downloading and configuring the Forticlient VPN on your computer simply.

  • Open your web browser. Search the following web address to download the VPN. Web address: https://www.fortinet.com/support/product-downloads
  • Scroll down the screen to the Forticlient VPN heading. You will see different versions of computers and processing units
  • Check the operating system of your computer. Click on the appropriate icon to download the VPN for that operating system
  • After downloading the file, open it to start the installation process.
  • The official icon of Forticlient VPN will appear on your desktop screen
  • Now, open the VPN by clicking twice on its icon. It will launch the VPN and the one-time setup to configure the VPN. It will connect you to the district-wide network
  • A user agreement will appear on the screen. Click on agree and move forward to the configuration process of the Forticlient VPN
  • The configuration screen will appear after you agree to the terms and policies of the VPN
  • Configure the connection, and
  • Complete the configuration by clicking on the save button

After configuring the VPN, you will see a login screen. You need to enter your work computer password to make a successful login. Once the connection is successful, you will receive a notification. Just minimize that!


Forticlient VPN is designed in such a way that it is compatible with most of the other Fortinet products. Combining multiple Fortinet products surely increases the costs. But, on the other side, it also gives you better network connection security.

For example, you can combine the Forticlient VPN with FortiGuard. It provides you with enhanced perimeter security with the help of sophisticated firewalls. You can even add features like email security and anti-DDOS tools. So as tools to assure you of proper cloud security!

One major thing to note here! The Forticlient team also regularly adds new features and tools to their products if the users are not well aware!

Sometimes, these features and elements tools many users don’t even need. For example, they can transmit plenty of data to Fortinet HQ while running in the background. And guess what! The users are not even aware of them.

If you remove the app from your device, you will have to face ads continuously. It might even make you install the application again. Some people even anti-virus and firewalls are running in the background when using the VPN. But in reality, they are not.

What Data Forticlient Stores?

Usage Data

Forticlient VPN can collect your usage data in certain situations. For example, when you visit the website of Forticlient VPN, it stores several things. These include your ISP name, the website name from where you visited, HTTP references, and the major content parts you visited on the website.

Also, the VPN may store additional information about the device, including the device type, operating system, and screen resolution. It collects the data to provide customers with better services and experiences.

Forticlient uses your personal or device-related data. But only to provide you with better services on the device you are using the VPN. The data also helps the Forticlient team prevent any VPN misuse by the users.

The Forticlient team holds the right to collect, share, and use aggregated data statistical or demographic data for any purposes.


The Forticlient website uses cookies to collect information. It includes standard internet log information, the user ID of the visitor (in case s/he is a registered user), and the details of the visitor’s behavioral patterns after they enter the Forticlient website. The VPN stores this kind of data only to provide better service.

Overall, Forticlient VPN collects information about us. Sharing this much information can be risky and a concern for privacy at the same time. Also, Forticlient is a US-based company and is mandated to comply with the law, project rights, safety, and property. Under this compliance, it can share users’ data with security agencies in an emergency. It looks complex, doesn’t it?

As stated by the official team of Forticlient, much of the gathered information and data is related to services and better network surfing experiences.

However, some users will surely see it as overkill. After going to the complete privacy policy of the website, it seems a big mess. We can tell you that you are not going to be provided with fair privacy by the Forticlient team.

Corporate VPN users might understand the issue. Why? Because it is common. But for the other users, it can be a great concern!

Plans and Pricing

Fortinet looks forward to working via resellers. That’s why it does not allow users to purchase directly from the official website. However, to get an idea of the pricing of the VPN, the users can request a quote from the Fortinet team. It can help them in the future.

The pricing of Forticlient VPN will vary for the Forticlient VPN client. However, we have come up with a lump-sum pricing list. You need to pay around this to the resellers for the Forticlient security package. The average pricing is like the following;

  • $433 per year for around 100 ChromeOS users
  • $693 for general Forticlient Enterprise Management tools  for 100 users
  • $1,298 for three years and 100 ChromeOS users
  • For 5 years and 100 ChromeOS users: $2,164
  • $3,463 for the general EMS tools for five years and 100 users

All the packages come with concerned 24×7 customer support from the reseller.

Here is something you should note! If the resellers provide proper guidance, the pricing is not that costly for small businesses.

Also, you need not buy any additional hardware to install the client. You just need to buy the Fortinet management tools and licenses for X users. The package pricing differs according to the number of tools and features provided to the customer.

In addition, Fortinet offers its customers a convenient trial service. It includes the primary EMS and the capacity for ten client connections. On purchasing the Forticlient VPN, you will not get any money-back offer. So trying the trial service can be a wise move!


Finally, after the complete review, we can say that Forticlient VPN can be a tough contender, even more for small businesses and companies. Also, it offers simple clients and good security features.

You can use them to enable remote working safely and securely. The VPN can also work with other Fortinet products to provide additional benefits to the users.

From the review above, we have found the following Pros and Cons of Forticlient VPN.


  • Easier setup than other corporate VPNs
  • Highly compatible
  • Great customer support
  • IPSec and SSL-based VPN solutions for a proper security
  • Affordable for small and medium businesses


  • Quite poor speed than expectations
  • Clunky Linux clients
  • Complex privacy policy and data gathering
  • Issues with the installation of anti-virus and firewalls

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